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Heather E. Brown. My Feelings and Concerns Excited, anxious and fearful Concerned about what I might discover about abilities Primary Learning Interests.

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1 Heather E. Brown

2 My Feelings and Concerns Excited, anxious and fearful Concerned about what I might discover about abilities Primary Learning Interests Develop partnerships Resource development Referral process Older Adult challenges Develop my confidence My Strengths Passionate and eager to learn Likes new challenges Ability to relate to others CHAPTER 1 GETTING STARTED

3 My Weaknesses Second guess myself Fear of making mistakes and of judgment Most Important Issues as I Plan Internship Experience Projects that develop skill sets in area of interest Only designing marketing materials Most Exciting Learning Plan Aspects Networking Helping Center develop marketing templates Most Challenging Getting over my fear of making mistakes CHAPTER 1 GETTING STARTED

4 Elements of Agency Context Most Learned Importance of understanding who agency serves Correlation of socioeconomic status on client health Political effects on nonprofit organizations Agencys Context Most members are from surrounding city neighborhoods African American women High School education Members and clients are economically disadvantaged Older Americans Act helps provide agency funding Services reflect national and local community trends economic stability and Aging-In-Place initiatives How Has View of Agency Context Changed The Center offers more than just bingo CHAPTER 2 GETTING ACQUAINTED

5 Ethical Issue Did not really run into ethical issues Broader prospective Emulate administrators who do it all Insights Great respect for Site-supervisor Talented and seems to do it all Potential issues with Executive Director who does it all Leave agency vulnerable in absence Learned how to not be an administrator My response Discussed potential issues with Site-supervisor Recognizes the potential for issues gave an example of how it had already impacted Center CHAPTER 3 DEVELOPING ETHICAL COMPETENCE

6 What I Want & Need Trustworthy and respectful Empowering, knowledgeable and communicates well Encourages professional growth and gives Feedback Particular Challenges Based on past experiences with Supervisors Untrustworthy Disrespectful and condescending Growing My Supervisory Skills Internship helpful with identifying what is effective and not effective Continue to develop assertiveness Develop supervisory communications skills through course work and practice CHAPTER 4 USING SUPERVISION

7 Gathering Objective Data Discussed transportation and access issues with Site-supervisor Researched and developed report and presentation for Board of Directors Board member asked an unexpected question about referenced data Reflecting Felt unprepared Possibly made a mistake Remained calm and provided a response Identifying Relevant Theory and Knowledge Looked back over the data referenced Realized information used could be more accurate Conducted additional research to answer Board Members question CHAPTER 5 INTEGRATIVE PROCESSING MODEL

8 Examining Dissonance Recognized the validity of the question Uncomfortable with not seeing the data used as incomplete My need provide accurate data to support findings Articulating Learning Discussed validity of the question with Site-supervisor Presented Site-supervisor with new data and asked to address the Board Wrote an e-mail to Board with new findings Developing a Plan Future presentation and report data will be given more scrutiny Prepare for questions during a presentation Everyone doesnt wait for Q &A CHAPTER 5 INTEGRATIVE PROCESSING MODEL

9 My Experiences Interviewed a married couple who are clients Working with groups (committees & collaborations) Community Education – Health Fair & Grandparent Tutoring program How Would I Expand Work to Encompass All Levels of Intervention Work on Committees with agency directors Discuss with agency Executive Director ways to be more involved Strengths Empathy CHAPTER 6 COMMUNICATING WITH CLIENTS

10 Needs Improve Active Listening Evolution of My Communication Methods and Skills Learned to think before speaking Become better at recognizing what NOT to say Most Interesting Areas of Intervention Case Management and conflict resolution CHAPTER 6 COMMUNICATING WITH CLIENTS

11 Encountered Cultural Differences Most members and clients are African American Older Adults Education levels differences Physical ability Members and clients grew up living in the city Agencys culture is different from my employers culture Culture and Social Location Insights Gained insight into power differentials Professionals in higher economic status First name basis to remove power differentials CHAPTER 7 CULTURAL COMPETENCE

12 Greatest Cultural Challenge Friends and family with biases and prejudices Discussed basis of biases and prejudices Assess Current Skill Level More culturally self-aware Still lack knowledge about various cultures My Goals Learn more about cultures and diversity Remain open to understanding similarities as well as differences CHAPTER 7 CULTURAL COMPETENCE

13 Internship Experiences Oral reports about Grandparent Tutoring program Developed a written report and presented to Board of Directors Goals Become a better grant writer Practice and look for opportunities to write grants or fund requests CHAPTER 8 WRITING AND REPORTING

14 Sources of Stress Increase in unwanted responsibilities Multiple deadlines Balancing work, school and family life Self-Imposed Stress Worry about making mistakes Not assertively expressing myself Thinking I shouldnt need help CHAPTER 9 TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF

15 Methods to Manage & Reduce Stress Eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and exercise Spend time with family and friends Set boundaries – know when to say no Pitfalls to Avoid Recognize that someone elses issue isnt mine to solve CHAPTER 9 TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF

16 What I Appreciate Most About Internship Experience Being given an opportunity to learn Having a generous Site-supervisor Being given tasks that aligned with learning plan Supportive Environment Internship Regrets Didnt ask for grant writing opportunities CHAPTER 10 ENDING THE INTERNSHIP

17 Feelings & Wants Just getting started Thankful More confident Continue learning from Site-supervisor Continued Personal & Professional Growth Pursue a mentor CHAPTER 10 ENDING THE INTERNSHIP

18 Short-term Goals Graduate Prepare for Interviews Look for employment opportunities Long-term Goals Nursing Home Administrator license Become an Administrator of an organization that works with older adults What I Need to Learn To Accomplish Goals Complete final two courses Complete Administrator-In-Training program CHAPTER 11 PLANNING MY CAREER

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