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Labour Intensive Asphalt Road Construction & Maintenance.

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1 Labour Intensive Asphalt Road Construction & Maintenance

2 INTRODUCTION: Cold Bond MAINTENANCE & PROJECTS We are a company involved in the supplying of quality products used in the tarring and sealing of roads

3 OUR VISION Set a new standard with regard to the tarring and sealing of roads in a labour intensive way Commitment to the empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities through training and employment creation Commitment to improve the quality of life of the poor by providing a quality product and service

4 OUR MISSION Be at the forefront of labour intensive tarring and sealing of roads The development and manufacture of environmentally friendly, innovative products that lasts To reduce road maintenance cost Create & build partnerships with: –municipalities –local contractors –local communities

5 INVOLVEMENT OF LOCAL COMMUNITY Preference given to: –Unemployed –Unmarried Mothers –Youth –Disabled Persons

6 Local contractors are trained in: Traffic Management Safety Use & maintenance of tools & equipment Job layout & planning Product application (theory & practical) Teamwork & conflict resolution General administration

7 POINT TO REMEMBER The life span of a road is increased dramatically with regular maintenance and proper storm- water management

8 Cold Bond PRODUCTS & SERVICES Cold Bond rejuvenator sealant Cold Bond cold lay asphalt surfaces Cold Bond ready mix bags

9 Cold Bond cold lay asphalt is designed for sealing of medium traffic roads, parking areas, airport aprons, taxi & runways. Cold Bond cold lay asphalt can be applied on new roads or as an overlay on existing roads Cold Bond cold lay asphalt can be safely mixed on site in measured volume batches using hand operated equipment (e.g. mobile concrete mixer). NO HEATING REQUIRED ABOUT THE PRODUCTS

10 Cold Bond cold lay binder is a 60/70 penetration grade bitumen mixed with recycled rubber in liquid form. The Binder adapts to almost all crusher dust and crushed stone sorted at local quarries. The Binder is delivered to site in 200 liter drums and mixed on site with pre-measured aggregates. THE PRODUCTS.

11 Cold Bond coat is a bitumen based rejuvenator / sealant, modified with liquid rubber which can be hand or spray applied. Cold Bond coat is the ideal product for preventative maintenance of deteriorating bituminous surfaces. Cold Bond coat will penetrate the existing bituminous surfaces, filling hairline cracks and replaces lost hydrocarbons preventing water and ultraviolet rays from penetrating the surface. THE PRODUCTS.

12 Cold Bond cold lay ready mix asphalt bags Two part mix supplied in a plastic bag containing the correct mix of aggregates and a second plastic pouch containing the binder. The product is mixed on site at ambient temperature using conventional hand tools (Spades, shovels, wheelbarrow) or mobile concrete mixer. The two parts combined weigh 25Kg.

13 1.Quality surpasses many other products of its kind currently on the market. 2.Compares with a hot premix. 3.Good workability – easy to apply/user friendly and safe 4Labour intensive application. One(1) team of twenty (20) people can complete between 200-300 m 2 per day. Number of teams are determined by the duration of the contract. 5.Ride ability of the finished surface. 6.Drastically reduces maintenance on gravel and tarred roads. 7.Price vs. quality. ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCTS

14 8.No heating required – delivered, mixed and applied at ambient temperatures (product is free of emulsions). 9.Minimal delays due to weather – apply winter and summer, hence earlier start to working day and no wastage. 10.60/70 pen grade bitumen has a much higher melting point than other similar products therefore much more durable in hot areas. 11.The product will dry/cure for the surface to be opened to traffic within 2 - 4 hours after application- without it being picked up by the wheels of passing traffic or streaking. 12.Low capital requirements and set-up costs – compacted by means of a hand compactor or roller (no vibration required).

15 THANK YOU Contact : Head Office:0860 10 52 32Fax: 0866 54 56 35 Trusty Sithole082 306 Wimpie van Zyl082 459 Deon Janse van Rensburg082 373 128 Blyde AvePO Box 14918Reg: 2003/022861/07 SinovilleSinovilleVAT: 4330208242 PretoriaPretoria 01820129

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