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Surat Diamond Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.. please enter all mandatory details & click on submit. Registration.

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1 Surat Diamond Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.


3 please enter all mandatory details & click on submit. Registration

4 please enter your registered mobile number to login to the site. Enter into the Site

5 For product Details, Click on the Swarna Mudra web banner. Product Details

6 Please read all product details of Swarna Mudra carefully & then click on Sign up Product Details

7 Sign Up Fill in all the required fields in every section of the signup page.

8 Generate Signup Id At successful submission of all details, a Signup ID will be generated. Using this Signup ID login to the site and subscribe to the plan

9 Subscription Process If you are an existing distributor /customer, enter your track id /unique id. Enter your sign up id if you are a new customer.

10 Subscription Process Using the Signup ID previously generated login to the site and click on Buy Now

11 Subscription Process Give all reference details like Introducer details, placement details and select Site details

12 Subscription Process Select Swarna Mudra from the drop down & click on Add to Cart

13 Subscription Process Enter height, weight, Id proof, address proof, age proof & product details (Tenure, Monthly Subscription & nominee details in the shopping Cart.

14 Subscription Process Enter health declaration & witness details. Also select response as Yes or No for each question, as applicable.

15 Subscription Process Enter payment and DD details

16 Subscription Process Ensure that referral data is entered correctly for verification purposes.

17 Generate Welcome letter A Welcome letter is generated mentioning track id, unique id & other important details.

18 Along with sign up letter, system will also generate Pre filled application & ECS form taking all the details entered by you, which is shown in next slide.



21 Process Flow Print your application and attach all the required documents along with it. In case of any mismatch on Swarna Mudra Printed Form, you may use the blank application form which is printed along with your Swarna Mudra application form. Alternatively you can download the form from the Downloads Section of the website. Please remember to use ONLY BLACK PEN to fill the form. Your unique ID written in your Welcome Letter is the Swarna Mudra Application No. Required Documents 1. Filled Application Form (Printed or Manually Written with black ink) 2.Affidavit in the Prescribed Format 3.RMP Welcome Letter 4.Customer Identity Proof 5.Customer Address Proof 6.Customer Age Proof 7.Signed Copy of ECS/Direct Debit Mandate 8.Cancelled Copy of Cheque whose A/c number matches the A/c mentioned in the ECS Mandate 9.Initial DD payment wherein DD shall be payable at Par/locally. 10.Signed Copy of Simple Health Declaration Form 11.Customers photograph to be affixed on the application form and signed by the customer across the photograph.

22 Please Submit the complete application at the nearest CAMS location and obtain an acknowledgement, please remember that all the applications are subject to Quality Check. CAMS will do Quality Check of the documents submitted and on successful clearance of Quality Check and realization of funds, CAMS will allocate Gold Grams to you. If the Quality Check fails, CAMS will contact the person who has submitted the documents and ask for the remaining documents. In case the customer/Distributor fails to respond within 07 days from the date of submission, the same shall be couriered to the address of the customer. All Applications submitted before 5pm on every Friday will be considered towards the Weekly cutoff. Process Flow

23 Important Things to Remember: - RMP Online Portal is compatible with Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 Ensure that you enter all the information the application requires ENSURE THAT THE DD IS PAYABLE LOCALLY, I.e if you are submitting in New Delhi branch of CAMS, make a DD payable at New Delhi, if you are submitting in Indore, make a DD payable at Indore.

24 Thank You

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