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Recovery systems for solvents and water

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1 Recovery systems for solvents and water

2 Your expert in Solvent-Recycling

3 Who is OFRU? Scope of business Development Manufacturing Sales Design
Recycling plants for flammable solvents Recycling plants for water based solvents Distillation plants 3

4 OFRU stands for 1978 Oberflächentechnik Russau (Mr.)

5 1978: First distiller from OFRU
Press conference 1978 Distiller Type SC 50 Presentation of the first distillation unit 1978 SC 50 1982 SC 100 in operation

6 1981-1985: From SC to ASC Design 1985 A SC-200 1985 SR 100 1988 SC-750

7 1988 OFRU Technical Laboratory
1988 OFRU Technical Laboratory 1989 SC-200 R with barrel pump 1991 DSC-200 1993 MSC-30 1991 ASC-200

8 Manufacturing site Company site Technical Laboratory Container Loading

9 Manufacturing site Production Production Assembly

10 Certificates TÜV Type Examination Certificate
Certificate of Conformity Russian EX-Certificate Water Management Act Certificate Certificate for CO2 avoidance (clean power user)

11 Location OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG In den Steinaeckern 26 D Babenhausen / Germany Phone: Fax: Internet:


13 Small Solvent Recovery Plants
COMPACT (6 kW) COMPACT (6 kW) with vacuum unit

14 Mid Size Solvent Recovery Plants
ASC-100 (12 kW) ASC-150 (24 kW) ASC-300 (37 kW) ASC-500 (50 kW) ASC (100 kW)

15 Professional Installation
ASC-1500 ASC-4000

16 COMPACT for liquid-liquid separation
Special Application COMPACT for liquid-liquid separation ASC C

17 ASC-150 for Flexible Packaging Industry
Special Application ASC-150 for Flexible Packaging Industry

18 Solvent Recovery Plant ASC-150

19 Solvent Recovery Plant ASC-150
100% Dirty solvent

20 Recycling with high distillation performance
Solvent Recovery Plant ASC-150 ASC-150: l/ hr ASC-300: l/ hr ASC-500: l/ hr ASC-1500: l/ hr Recycling with high distillation performance ASC-100: l/ hr ASC-3000: > 800 l/ hr ASC-6000: > l/ hr

21 Solvent Recovery Plant
90% Clean recycled solvent

22 Solvent Recovery Plant
10% only Residue / Sludge

23 Function: Scheme 100% 90% 10% Condensation Dirty solvent
Evaporation of solvent Electrical Heating (400V) 90% 10% Drainage of Sludge Clean solvent

24 Safety comes first

25 Quality Made in Germany

26 Built for High performance
ASC Series Built for High performance Superior Quality 1 2 3 4 Safe in operation ASC, one of the most modern distillation plants world wide.

27 Your benefits with own recycling
Recycling of valuable raw materials with high yield 95% Recovery Benefit Independence from external reclaiming companies Benefit Keeping your own original solvents in same quality Benefit Always clean high quality solvents available Benefit Reduction of purchase and disposal costs up to 95% Benefit Low running costs Benefit A short pay-back time (ROI), usually < 1 year Benefit Reduction of bound capital due to the reduction of stored solvents Benefit Supports your ISO Environmental Certification


29 References – Printing Industry
ТампоМеханика – TampoMechanika Siegwerk Druckfarben Anton Debatin GmbH Scanapak Pty Ltd. AGFAPhoto GmbH Tetra Pak Produktions GmbH Andrew Kohn Pty Photogravure STEURS N.V. Mondi Packaging Emirates Technopack L.L.C. Integrated Plastics Packaging I.P.P KM Pakkaus Oy Romap Platik San ve Tic AS Wuxi Dehua Printing & Packaging PAGO AG

30 References – Coating Industry
AKZO Nobel Coatings Becker Industrial Coatings Deutsche Amphibolin- Werke (DAW) HEMPEL Paints Kantara Paints (KAPCI Coatings) Karl Bubenhofer AG Marabuwerke GmbH & Co. KG MOTIP DUPLI GmbH Nippon Paint Oasis Ameron Paints Pусские краски – Russkie Kraski PPG Industries – PRC-DeSoto International Emil Frei GmbH & Co. El Obour Pachin Barpimo Paints

31 Branches of Trade Automotive industry Chemical industry
Printing industry Flexo printing Elektronics General industry Plastic industry Paint and Color Ind. Paper industry Navy Mechanical industry Metall working Wood Furniture Aerospace Defense / Military Degreasing Screen printing Cosmetic industry Pharma industry Hand work shops Optic industry Environmental Professional disposal Textile Packaging Raw materials

32 We are experienced 30 years of experience in different branches and applications

33 Worldwide presence World wide references in various industries
Great experience in export business Representations (extract) Australia Austria Belgium Brasil China Croatia Egypt Finland Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa Syria Taiwan Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Greece Indonesia Israel South Korea Malaysia Netherlands Norway Poland

34 OFRU Core competence Most modern distillation plants worldwide Quick and competent support Excellent world-wide reputation 6 1 Reliable and safe products 5 2 4 3 Great professional competence Remarkable price performance ratio

35 Goods of quality Only from Only OFRU offers a 36 months guarantee – we stand to our quality and are convinced of our products

36 Help to protect our Environment

37 Thank you ! ? Do you have any questions ? ? ?

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