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FTTB Fiber Optics to Building Presentation

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1 FTTB Fiber Optics to Building Presentation
خدمة توصيل كيبل الألياف الضوئية للمباني FTTB مؤسسة إتقان الدولية التقنية للتجارة ITQAN International Trading Est. قسم التسويق – وتطوير الخدمات م. محمد نعيم عويضة

2 Since 2005 About ITQAN ITQAN International Trading Is Saudi Arabian Establishment has made a significant leap forward in technology growth. Technology plays a vital role in our aspirations for local and global leadership. Our commitment as a leader goes beyond the business. Our corporate social responsibilities are just as important to us as financial success. With all of our departments we strive to move closer to our customers and improve the support we are offer. We under stand our valuable role and our responsibilities as a key Telecommunication agent and technical support staff. ITQAN commitment to move closer to our customers with acquisition of several Technology fields with Networking And Security Systems fields. Through our line of business Direct Contractor for Several Leader Saudi Arabian companies. ITQAN International started in 2005 in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Eastern Province operated by group of Certified and qualified Engineers, with professional Technicians in field of networking (UTP & Fiber Optics) ,and security system. We continue to look for additional opportunities in other KSA regions, then accordingly outside Saudi Arabia. ITQAN is a direct contractor with mobily company for fiber optic Internal wiring with Splicing and testing . And Subcontractor for Many of Main contractor to STC, ARAMCO, SABIC, MARAFIQ ITQAN is ready for preparing and implementing networking and security system proposals with enterprise Medium and small size solution

3 Documents & Registrations
ITQAN is legal SAUDI company ,achieved all official Governmental documents requirements ,Which lead ITQAN to become partner to any leader company in Saudi Arabia: Documents are ready upon request. - Valid Commercial Registration on same filed of Networking and telecommunications. - Valid Zakat Certificate. - Valid GOSI Certificate. - Valid Chamber of commerce Certificate . Valid Saudization letter. MOBILY Contractor . Certificates and Experienced litters for ITQAN Engineers Certificates for Trained Technicians. List of Big Customers Database. Certificate of Job Warranty.

4 Customers List Telecommunications Companies:
Mobily (ITIHAD ITISALAT Company) Contractor No. 041/2009 ITQAN. (Fiber To Building FTTB Project) Zain Co. ( LAN UTP installations for all EP Point of sales shops) STC (Saudi Telecommunication Company: Subcontractor through AWALNET, (Fiber To Building FTTB Project) Baud Telecommunications co. : (Fiber To Building FTTB Project). Internet Service Providers (ISP): AWALNET ISP. (Fiber To Building FTTB Project) & (LAN) NESMA ISP (LAN) ZAJOUL ISP (Fiber To Building FTTB Project) & (LAN) SAHARA ISP (Fiber To Building FTTB Project). Enterprise size companies: ARAMCO : subcontractor Through FMC (LAN UTP Installation) SABIC: (Fiber To Building FTTB Project). Shlumberger: (LAN UTP Installation). SCECO EP: (Fiber To Building FTTB Project).

5 Customers List Governmental & Simi Governmental Organizations:
EP Chamber Of commerce. (LAN UTP Installation) Saudi Railways (Fiber To Building FTTB Project) Saudi Airlines (Fiber To Building FTTB Project) Dammam Municipality: (Fiber To Building FTTB Project). Hospitals Dammam central Hospital (LAN UTP Installation). King Fahad Hospital Khobar (LAN UTP Installation). Security forces Hospital (LAN UTP Installation). King Fahad Military Complex KFMMC (LAN UTP Installation) Private Companies, Hotels and Banks: Cisco systems company (Fiber To Building FTTB Project). SIMENS Company (Fiber To Building FTTB Project). SAMBA: (LAN UTP Installation). Tulip INN Hotel: (Fiber To Building FTTB Project).

6 Installation Stages ITQAN is following specific procedure before starting any installation, these stages are enhancing quality of installation , to provide sole and distinct service in field of fiber optics and telecommunications in general . To be able to : Reach professional level of installation to our clients, Able to do technical support, Complete every site documentations and registrations. Giving Job Warranty. Getting Completion certificates from our customers. Stages as follow: Stage 1: Getting customer Contact , name and address by GPS coordinate or Google earth, to assign location map. Stage 2: Doing Site Survey to implement proposed vertical and horizontal design plan for the site. Stage3: Checking the type , In fiber multimode or single mode, type of connectors and patch cables. In LAN indoor FTP STP or UTP

7 Technical Specs Stage4:
Calculating bill of materials and duration of implementation period. Stage5: Sending Installation Team which consist of Two Professional technicians with Supervisor Engineer. Stage6: Labeling ,Testing, commissioning, with documentation Stage , with submitting certified test result. For fiber and UTP Stage 7: 24/7 Technical support and warranty stage, to cover all technical problems by fix or replace all manufacturer fault problem which is under warranty. Stage 8: After Warranty ITQAN have 24/7 on call engineers, and ready to sign annual maintenance contract or per call technical support.

8 Technical Specs ITQAN, is Designing Vertical and Horizontal Drawing plan for Installation upon site survey . ITQAN Assign Team of two trained and professional Installers for every site, pulling, splicing, testing, and commissioning with one engineer supervisor can supervise three to four sites per day. ITQAN Team are retracted to follow all site work safety rules required on every site. ITQAN is using protection for indoor fiber cable like flexible hose , EMT PIPE , Plastic trunks, HDPE Pipe, Steel flexible hose, and cable tray, upon site situation. ITQAN is following rules of International standard during pulling cable (horizontal and Vertical), Splicing and Testing. ITQAN is using valid and calibrated fujikura Splicing machine for mechanical splicing with excellent connectivity situations and low range data loss.

9 Technical Specs 7. ITQAN is using Light Source and Power meter from AFL –NOYES part of Fujikura, to give testing certificate for fiber connector for Multimode and Single mode side. And Using OTDR for Long Distance for single mode only. And we are using DTX-1800 Fluke test Valid calibrated to test UTP points. 8. ITQAN is using International original brands, warranted fiber and UTP peripherals to enhance installation performance ITQAN is making labeling for all connectors patch cords UTP points with professional arrangement for patch fiber & UTP cable. ITQAN is using wall mount , floor mount Racks for UTP and fiber with Fiber Outdoor wall mounted ODF between vertical to vertical and Rackmounted fiber patch panels from server room Cabinet to horizontal floor building. ITQAN is using all related Installation accessories and materials to make wring easier and performance better, like Greece, cable runner, cable tie, C clamp, etc.. ITQAN is giving warranty for all fiber and UTP peripherals and installation against any manufacturer fault. With on call engineer 24/7. 13. All required document can be submitted upon customer request.

10 SAMPLE Site Drawing 1 Example: Dammam University (from Fiber ODB to Building)

11 SAMPLE Site Drawing 2 Site Drawing : Dammam University (IT Server Room)

12 ITQAN Technical Crews

13 Sample Pictures ZAIN Co. Dammam University

14 Sample Pictures Cisco Systems ALQUSAIBI Co.

15 Sample Pictures SAMBA AL BILAD Arabia Saudi Airline

16 Sample Pictures Mobily SIEMENS

17 Sample Pictures JACAM Arabia Factory AL DOSSARY Hospital

18 SAMPLE Fiber Testing Report

19 SAMPLE UTP Testing Report

20 How To Contact Us ITQAN International Trading for Techniques
Eastern Province -Khobar- King Fahad Street Cross 2 PO Box 20415 Khobar 31952 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T: +966 (3) F: +966 (3)  WEBSITE: Sales Department: Technical Department: Projects & Sales Manager: Eng. Mohammed Ewidah Mobile/

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