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Riley Riley Park South Cambie City Plan Visions Group rk South CambiRe City Plan Visions Group Community Forum on Little Mountain Redevelopment.

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1 Riley Riley Park South Cambie City Plan Visions Group rk South CambiRe City Plan Visions Group Community Forum on Little Mountain Redevelopment

2 Who is Riley Park South Cambie Riley Park South Cambie Visions Implementation City Plan Visions Group? Volunteer group of local residentsopen to everyone Created by City of Vancouver in 2005 Work with Planning Department in identifying community priorities–Visions Surveyed all area residents about including transportation, parks, services and housing

3 Little M Little Mountain & Riley Park South Cambie ountain & Riley Park South Cambie

4 Little MountainFirst of Many Large Sites Proposed for RPSC RPSC home of several large developments Planning for Re-development of Cambie Corridor now started

5 Purpose of Community Forum 1965 Next?

6 Purpose of Tonights meeting 1.Update you on progress of Little Mountain Redevelopment process 2.Provide information 3.Pose important questions 4.Encourage you to become involved

7 Update on Process … Q&A Density and height of project..Q&A Affordability…. Q&A Performance… Q&A Amenities and Impacts … Q&A Your Goals for this Project… Q&A Agenda

8 Time Line of Project 2007 …. MOU between City and Ministry of Housing 2008…. Developer selected for project Holborn Group 2009….. Most residents re-located 2009… Decemberpublic consultation process begins

9 Time Line of Project 2010 Januarypublic advisory group formed.. meetings in January, April and May 2010 June 12 & 15public open houses planned for input on site concepts 2010 late summer final concept for site 2010 fallsubmission of application to city for re-zoning 2011 ? start of construction in phases

10 2007..Minister of Housing Coleman announces project and proposes 2000 + units of housing….. 2008…Ministry of Housing chooses developer …Holborn Group. Terms of deal still not yet revealed…….. Unknown Factors in Process

11 Spring 2008 To: Minister Coleman re status of LM Spring 2008 To: Auditor General of BC re sale of LM site 2008--- Several meetings with Finance Minister Taylor April 2008 To: Premier Campbell re status of tenants on site Correspondence

12 Spring 2009 To BC Housing re terms of agreement with developer March 2009 To: Premier Campbell re terms of agreement with developer of site Nov. 2009 To Mayor Robertson re status of Riley Park CC March 2010 To Mayor regarding sale of land Correspondence

13 City endorses development as means to providing social housing (20% or 224 units) City staff to explore ways to provide more family housing City requests Holborn and BC Housing to disclose key elements of sale Citys Response to RPSC

14 Province announces 1000 new social housing units for homeless in Vancouver ( May 26) Financed by sale of Little Mountain site (May 26, Vancouver Sun & Courier May 28 th ) Update as of June 2

15 Vital Questions for Community Who will be able to afford to live at new complex?...$ How big will development be?...# of units How will this site impact our community?


17 Riley Par Density of Population and Height of New Buildings at Little Mountain k South Cambie City Plan Visions Group Turn to your neighbour and ask.. How many units of housing should the new development have?

18 Density at Little Mountain Congratulations… You are the first members of the public to be asked how dense the development at Little Mountain should be.

19 Density Definition Little Mountain Housing Site = 15 acres One residential lot 33 x 110 One acre = 12 residential lots Little Mountain Housing Site = 180 lots 3 people/house = 540 residents Little Mountain Housing (old) = 224 x 3 = 672 Density Definition

20 1.Advisory Group process does not address this issue directly. 2.Development density informed by consultants hired by developer as required by Citycriteria are subjective 3.No direct public input requested yet How is Density Determined?

21 For the Record….Density at LM Housing Minister Coleman………. 2000+ units of housing Bob Rennie, Condo Marketer…..2500+ Housing Minister Coleman………. 2000+ units of housing Bob Rennie, Condo Marketer…..2500+

22 Density Examples Recent Residential Projects in Vancouver ProjectArea in Acres No. of Housing Units Average units per Acre Forms Arbutus Walk 25 2000 80 Mixed….. 4-7 stories Quilchena Park 12 680 56.6 Mixed.. Townhouses.. 7 stories Portico 10 482 48.2 Mixed.. Townhouses and towers Olympic Village 9.2 1124 125 Condos to 13 stories

23 New Little Mountain Based on Examplesin ProjectArea in Acres No. of UnitsAverage/AcreForms (If Per Quilchena) 15 855 57 ? (If per Arbutus Walk) 15 1200 80 Mixed Townhouses 7 stories (If per Portico) 15 723 48.2 Mixed Townhouses, and towers (per Olympic Village) 15 1875 125 Condos to 13 stories

24 133 units/ acre (according to Rich Coleman) 166 (according to Bob Rennie) How Dense at New Little Mountain?

25 Average Density? Average number of units of Arbutus Walk, Quilchena & Portico … 62 units per acre

26 Number of Density of Little Mountain as Average of Quilchena, Arbutus and Portico? 15 acres x 62 units = 930 units If based on Olympic Village = 1875

27 Height of Buildings at Little Mountain? Turn to your neighbour and ask.. How high should the new buildings be? Turn to your neighbour and ask.. How high should the new buildings be?

28 Community Input re Building Height 2005 and 2009 Buildings over four stories.. 64% against Source RPSC Visionsfor Little Mountain 2005 Public Input to LM SiteDecember 2009 24% ……. 2-3 stories 25%....... 4 stories = Low Orientation 13%........ 5 stories 17% …….. 6 stories 11% ……… 7-10 stories = Mid-height 2% ………. 12 stories 8% ……… No restriction = High rise Source: CoV Planning Dept.

29 Vital Questions for Us to Answer How dense should development be? How high should buildings reach? What will this new development bring to our community?............ and leave behind?


31 Affordable Housing at Little Mountain Affordable Housing... Housing that provides cost options for residents of Vancouver, for example: affordable rental, seniors housing, cooperative housing in addition to market priced homes

32 Income Level of Vancouver Family Median Vancouver Family Income: $47,000 (Stats Canada 2006) 50 % of families earn less Who earns median income? Service, retail & clerical workers Entry level public safety workers Entry level educators & nurses City employees

33 Who has below median income? Those on fixed incomes (elderly, ill, disabled) Single Income families Single parent families Recent immigrants to Canada

34 Current Affordability Formula DEFINITION OF HOUSING AFFORDABILITY: The cost of adequate shelter should not exceed 30% of household income. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

35 Can Median Income Families Afford Little Mountain? Keep LITTE MOUNTAIN affordable for our families Homes for families earning less than $50,000/year (half of our population) Homes that cost significantly less than $1200/month

36 Key Questions Will development provide housing options for median and below median income earners? Will development provide ownership options for median income earners?

37 Final Question As a community member how important is affordable housing in the new Little Mountain housing mix?

38 Housing Costs in Vancouver Renting: Two Bedroom suite in a private home: $1170/month (Vancouver Courier March 2010) Two Bedroom suite in a condominium: $1638/month (CMHC Fall 2009) Owning: Average Home Price in Riley Park Area: $1,000,0000 Condominium Prices: $300,000 up to $1,000,000

39 Who earns median income? Service, retail & clerical workers Entry level public safety workers Entry level educators & nurses City employees


41 Performance of LM Redevelopment Performance How housing developments impact the community internal and external side effects

42 Performance of LM Redevelopment Five Potential Destructive Elements Noise Bad smells and pollution Heavy automotive traffic Impacts on parks, views & access to sun and sky Inharmonious building scale

43 Potential Destructive Performance Mechanical Noise Bad smells and pollution How many additional vehicles should the neighbourhood accommodate?

44 Heavy Automotive Traffic Potential of 2000 autos in small area What are the effective limits on traffic calming measures needed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for walking and cycling?

45 Impacts on parks, views and access to sun and sky Views from Q.E. Park Transitions to park and residential environment View corridors of local residents Shadowing of homes and yards

46 Inharmonious Building Scale Horizontal street frontage that discourages walking but encourages automotive use Impacts of height and mass on access of streets and neighbouring buildings to sun, sky and views

47 Finance and Performance Will the secret deal between Holborn and Govt. be an obstacle to livability and affordability?


49 Community Amenity Facilities and services for Vancouver residents derived from: Community Amenity Contributions Development Cost Levies

50 Paid by developers to provide: Replacement of social housing New parks Day care facilities Utilities Transportation improvements Development Cost Levies

51 Collected when re-zoning takes place. Developer pays $ per sq. ft. of new space for: Community centre improvements Amenities as per Development Cost Levies Community Amenity Contributions

52 Little Mountain Neighbourhood House to be included in new housing complex Replacement of 224 social housing units at LM site or 20% or total units Community Amenity Situation

53 2000 to 5000 more people at Little Mountain Cambie Corridor to add 10,000 or more Heather to Manitoba to become denser Oakridge to add 12-1500 new housing units Other large sites to come in area Population Pressures on Amenities

54 1.Will amenities (like community centres and parks) be adequate for increased population in area? 2.How will increased demand for services be met? 3.What plan does City have to maintain quality of life in RPSC when thousands of additional people take up residence here? Key Questions

55 New Hillcrest CC New facility with larger pool, outdoor pool and rinks 31,000 s.f. Com. Centre Library (7000 s.f.) Riley Park Centre becomes green space Old curling centre becomes green space Mt. Pleasant CC moved Douglas Park CC limited

56 Pressures on Hillcrest Ice Rink already over subscribed Dedicated space for Seniors not identified Destination centrerinks and pools and parks attract users city Pressures on New Hillcrest CC

57 Day care requests increasing Pre-school requests increasing Seniors leisure facilities limited Arts facilities very limited Public meeting spaces limited Pressures on Community Amenities

58 1.Retain existing Riley Park CC in part or whole to provide amenities for new population 2. Fund Little Mountain Neighbourhood House to meet increased demands for services 3.Require developers to pay for additional amenity improvements (Woodwards example) Options for Community Amenities


60 Public input has suggested the following: Affordable.... People from a variety of life situations can afford to live in the development Goals for LM Project

61 Promotes Community - enhances the feeling of belonging - promotes social exchange - healthy mix of residents like Riley Park Goals for Project

62 Liveable - environmentally sustainable - friendly to those with limitations - walk-able (residents and public) Goals for Project

63 Integrated The LM redevelopment fits physically, environmentally and socially with existing neighbourhoods. Goals for Project

64 What goal (s) do you suggest for this project?.... Goals for Project

65 2010 June 12 open house at Riley Park 11-2pm June 15 open house RPCC 5:30-8:30 2010 Open House late summer project concept for site presentation 2010 Novembersubmission of proposed project framework to Mayor and Council Project Timeline

66 Participate…. June 12 & 15 in the public consultations at Riley Park CC Let Planning Dept. or Mayor know what you think is appropriate for Little Mountain. Send us your thoughts and we will direct them to the people in Planning, Developer or Office Holders. Your Voice is Vital! What can YOU do?

67 this project is being built on an historic site on public lands. The community deserves to have this recognized through full Community Amenity contributions, DCL's, a minimum of 20% social housing and a recognition of the community that made Little Mountain famous for the strong stands they have made for a full social safety net to make Vancouver the number one city for everyone not just the wealthy. Little Mountain has fought for social housing, public lands in public hands, welfare rights, seniors subsidies and strong neighbourhoods. I congratulate all of you in your continued fight for what is right. I stand with you and am sorry I cannot join you tonight. Ellen Woodsworth Message from Councillor Woodsworth

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