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CNMHC regional website as a self help, recovery, advocacy and overcoming stigma tool. PowerPoint presented With some time for Q&A90 minutes long.

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1 CNMHC regional website as a self help, recovery, advocacy and overcoming stigma tool. PowerPoint presented With some time for Q&A90 minutes long

2 Target audiences of this presentation Are individual consumers, consumer-run businesses and consumer advocates. Attendees do not need any special knowledge of internet but should be familiar with the computer and using email.

3 About the presenter: Chuck Hughes is a consumer activist based in Santa Barbra. He has served consumers on MH, MHSA as well as Community based organizations panels and committees. He is also the current web manager of the CNMHC South Region, CNMHC Far South Region and CNMHC Far North websites and the web master of a number of consumer Yahoo Groups. At South Region meeting 08 At protest and rally in Los Angeles, January 16, 2009

4 After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to Understand reasons and benefits of using the CNMHC regional sites as advocacy and recovery tools. Have the skills to orchestrate and strategize your advocacy efforts as well as networking with an audience of your peers on the CNMHC interactive web site.

5 Be able to quickly and easily: find CNMHC Regional sites on search engines. navigate and find useful information on CNMHC Regional sites. enter content on CNMHC Regional sites use Far North discussion forums add events to calendar suggest page content and corrections

6 How to find CNMHC Far North site Using the term cnmhc On Google add the term south Will place SR on the top 3 returns Will also place SR on the top 3 returns On Search CNMHC south region

7 Bookmark it! Once on your site depress key F-6 Then click on down arrow for a drop down bookmark menu

8 HOME PAGE First line is our organization name The network of care header is on most Far North Region pages. There is a row of links to all the pages on the site There is a description of who we There is the CNMHC logo The most Important News Alerts are posted on this page There is a Google search box on most South Region pages There are also links to county information Second line boldly proclaims our region There is a link on all pages to the Clients network main site Notes of last years Far North Regional Training and Elections

9 Navigating the pages On the left hand side of each page are rows of links leading to more informative pages packed full of useful information. A MH news aggregator With link to braking news Links to current local and national Consumer advocacy article and issues Information about national forums that you need to know

10 Message Boards page Link to Far North Region Message boards on Network of Care Link to State wide Yahoo! Groups A participant button Any one that lands on this South Region sit can participate on this NC message board Links to CNMHC social networking sites CNMHC on Facebook Twitter

11 Each Topic has its own page Message board on FN Website The first message is on top Replies are indented & listed below the original message New subjects are listed below in chronological order & are un-indented

12 You can get there by linking from Far Rorth Region site or by use the search term cnmhc on Yahoo! Groups CNMHC on Yahoo Groups You can read informative messages that other have posted with out joining. However to send messages you must first Join Y!Gs and FOV group. You join by clicking on the join button.

13 How to enter content on the Far Northregion site! Look for this bottom on some of the pages. It allows you to inter events on the sits calendar section and participate on South region Discussion boards. This is a participate button After clicking on the participate you get a sigh in box New users click New User tab

14 New user registration form New users to a Network of Care are required to fill out and submitting a registration form only once. If you forget your pass word a new one will be emailed to you by Network of Care. You may create a personal profile that others can see. (Optional) This form should take less than 2 minuets to fill out and submit

15 After joining Network of Care you can participate on the South Region website members must fill out one more form before you can add content on the South region site. This form should take less than 30 secants to fill out

16 Policy Settings The South Region website is currently set so consumer leaders, after being approved by regional Coordinator, may publish content directly to pages. Leaders also have the ability to approve content that is suggested by other regional members. In response FN uses a remote hosted colander where all members can access and enter events on. On Network of care websites only site administrators are allowed to add events to calendars. Additionally FN utilizes Yahoo! Groups discussion boards that are limited to consumers. Anyone who lands on any NoC Message Boards are allowed to post messages

17 To add content to a page click on Edit this page The same page will come up in editing format

18 Say you want to add to the Empowerment Alerts on the home page Then you decide where you want the post to paper First you click on Then you click on edit this page Click where you want the posting to appear Then click the done button it will take you to a layout page

19 Click on a Layout you want to use for your posting Once you have clicked on the layout you want for your posting, the Publish Content page will appear. Here you can publish your information to your layout, thus to your posting and your web site. This page guides you through publishing your content through text entry fields.

20 Fill out the publishing form. Based on the layout you have chosen, a publishing form will be crated to allow you to type in text or upload images and files. Enter text for your posting Attach a fill to your posting Enter a posting name Enter a caption for your file Enter a title Click continue to view the posting you just made Click done to take you to the page that you just entered a now posting on

21 The importance of CNMHC using the internet…. just why does SR need a web site? Information is key to empowerment… Most expect to find information online…. Information that consumers seek…. Many now turn to the Internet first…

22 More consumers now have access to computers than ever before Retail markets are becoming saturated with old desktop and laptop computers, many Wellness Centers and Recovery Centers are providing computers to their clients. Advocacy support centers funded through MHSA also provide computer access. Most states now have consumer Empowerment web sites. Soon, CNMHC will have consumer interactive websites for each region.

23 Who uses the Internet More MH Clients are online all the time…… With over 60% of Wellness Centers now having Internet access and 40% of Consumers having been online for more than three years, the Internet has become a mainstream Advocacy and information tool. Consumers, Activists and Advocates Van, Consumer at large in Santa Barbaras Peer Recovery Center

24 About Trilogy; hosting company for our web site CNMHC Far North Regional Internet site is a highly interactive, single information place where Mental Health consumers, can go to easily access a wide variety of important information. The resources in this "virtual community" include a fast, comprehensive Consumer/Survivor Resource Directory; links to pertinent Web sites from across the nation; comprehensive, easy-to-use consumer message boards; a political advocacy tool; and many others. Network of Care is sponsored by an innovation grant from the State of California in partnership with county governments and Trilogy Integrated Resources Inc

25 Reaching Consumer/Survivors When thinking about reaching people, we cant ignore the computer. Regional interactive web sites like the Far Norths can be global meeting place where clients from all parts of the region can come together.Far Norths

26 Connecting with other CNMHC Members in your area…. When an event comes up in your county or region, any member can share that information online in minutes… California Network of Mental Health Clients have developed regional interactive web sites. The Far North Region site is at:

27 This is an interactive web site. If you are a consumer or past consumer of MH services in California Far North Region you may add text that you want to appear on some of our web site: First click on the "Participate" button. Sign in or create a user name and pass word. A form will open. Now choose the "Edit Posting" button just underneath the text you want your posting to appear. Click here for Click here for tutorialClick here for tutorial To the left is the center and bottom of the Far North interactive web site

28 news aggregator that scans thousands of newspapers and journals every hour for articles with the search terms: Mental Health Advocacy in them. It posts the four most recent articles on the to the Far North web site. Top articles of interest nationally are posted to the Commentaries page Then can be voted in by FN members Keeping the content to the members preferences Commentaries page

29 Two FN message boards… 1. FN General discussions… 2. FN Speak out Forum…. links to CNMHC official Y!G… and to State wide clients Y!G… as well as to a National Clients Message board… Also there is a link to California Network of Mental Health Clients (CNMHC) On facebook Social networking platform California Network of Mental Health Clients (CNMHC) On facebook Social networking platform Discussions page Follow us on Twitter

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