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Agenda Review position responsibilities

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0 Club Secretary Training

1 Agenda Review position responsibilities
Identify the benefits "MyLCI" provides club secretaries Review role specific "MyLCI" features and functions We know that our club officers are some of the busiest people in their communities. Through this virtual training session we hope to help you quickly learn to use a new tool designed to make it easy to fulfill your role as a club secretary. Today we are going to: * Perform a high level review of your responsibilities as club secretary * Identify the benefits of using "MyLCI" * And show you the "MyLCI" functions and features that will assist you in fulfilling your role.

2 Club Goals Club Leadership Team
Before we begin discussing your responsibilities and how you will perform some of your duties, I want to remind you that you are a part of a team, the club leadership team. It is the responsibility of the club leadership team to * guide members toward reaching the club’s goals. Incoming International President Wayne Madden encourages all clubs to include achieving the Club Excellence award as a goal, and this can easily be accomplished when everyone embraces * the dynamic of teamwork. Each officer has a piece of the puzzle that will complete the bigger picture of achieving club excellence. By working together, your club will be able to meet its full potential and serve a vital role in your community.

3 Club Secretary Responsibilities
Keep and maintain general club records Submit regular monthly reports to the international office Submit reports to the district governor's cabinet Arrange for the issuance of quarterly or semi-annual statements Cooperate with and be an active member of your zone Deliver club records to your successor The club secretary has numerous duties, as you serve as the liaison between the club and district, and the association. As you are aware, while serving as club secretary some of your primary responsibilities will be to: * Keep and maintain club records such as club and board meeting minutes, attendance, committee appointments, elections, member information, and club member accounts * Submit regular and monthly reports to headquarters (online or on the appropriate forms) * Submit copies of reports, such as the membership and activity reports, to the district governor’s cabinet * In cooperation with the treasurer, arrange for the issuance of quarterly or semi-annual statements to each member for dues and other financial obligations. You will also collect and turn the funds over to the club treasurer and obtain a receipt. * You will also be expected to cooperate with, and be an active member of, the district governor's advisory committee in your zone * And deliver, in a timely manner, at the conclusion of your term in office, the general records of the club to your successor. I encourage you to take the Club Secretary self-study course that is available on the Leadership Resource Center. It dives deeper into the responsibilities and tasks associated with your role that we will not have the opportunity to cover during this session.

4 "MyLCI" WMMR MyLCI You have heard the term "MyLCI" a few times thus far in our session, but may be wondering “what is it exactly”?! As club secretary, you have access to the association’s membership website WMMR, which stands for Web Monthly Membership Reporting, to fulfill some of your reporting responsibilities via the Internet. * This site has a new name and is now called “MyLCI.” We changed the name because it is now so much more than a membership reporting tool. * With “MyLCI,” WMMR and LeoMMR (the site that Leo’s use), are being combined into a single site “. The design of the new site is based on suggestions from club secretaries, district governors, and international directors. On the website you will find: A consistent look and feel that matches the Lions Clubs International site The use of common user controls that are currently used on the web today and supported across browsers No need for a user guide Informative and understandable error notifications and transaction acknowledgements And Support for internet browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome I think you will find that the new design makes the site easier to use and better meets the needs of club and district officers around the world. The design includes multi-cultural dates, times, phone numbers and addresses. There are also several features of the site that are intended to help clubs promote themselves.

5 "MyLCI" and the Club Secretary
Online reporting On-demand membership access and management Service activity reporting and viewing While many of the features of "MyLCI" remain the same, I want to identify some of the benefits registering with the site will provide you. * A key benefit to using "MyLCI" is being able to fulfill your reporting responsibilities online versus using paper forms, such as the PU-101 form. Instead of completing the monthly membership and officer reporting forms and sending them to headquarters, you can enter/report this information within “MyLCI.” This includes identifying the club’s official officers and dropping or adding members for membership status reporting. This functionality is not only convenient for you, but you will also be helping the environment! * Having on demand access to membership information is another plus to using “MyLCI.” "MyLCI" is your one stop shop for managing your club’s membership; allowing you to view, update, and download club member information whenever it is needed. Printing a roster to take attendance at a club meeting or downloading a directory can all be done with a few simple steps! * Lastly, "MyLCI" allows you to log the club’s service activities, which can be used as a form of promotion for your club! You can also view the activities other clubs have performed, for new ideas on what is working in your geographic area. With these great benefits, we hope to see all of you registered with and using the site. I am now going to turn it over to Gayle who will give you a preview of the new site and how to perform some of your tasks.

6 "MyLCI" Preview Training Site “MyLCI” Access and Login Site Overview
Member Data Functions Add, drop, edit members Create a family unit Access reports “MyLCI” Extras This information is not going to be that much different for our returning officers that are joining us today. The steps may have changed and you may recognize that some buttons and/or fields are in different locations, but for the most part it should be an easy transition for you. To our new officers, these steps should prove easy for you to follow as well. * So let’s start by talking about the training site.

7 Training Site Access "MyLCI" Access
"MyLCI" Training Site Training Site Access June 15, 2012 "MyLCI" Access In the past, there was a WMMR training web site that could be used by club officers to practice various transactions. The training web site contained “mocked up” member records. With “MyLCI” we have taken a new approach. The new “MyLCI” training web site will contain a copy of each club’s membership and service activity records. To safeguard the privacy of member data, the training web site now requires you to be logged in. * This year, 2012 – 2013 club officers will be able access the training site two weeks before the start of their term. You will be able to access the main “MyLCI” web site on July 1st, when your term begins. July 1, 2012

8 "MyLCI" Preview Training Site “MyLCI” Access and Login Site Overview
Member Data Functions Add, drop, edit members Create a family unit Access reports “MyLCI” Extras We are now going to move on to * accessing and logging into “MyLCI.”

9 To access “MyLCI,” click on
To access “MyLCI,” click on * the “Submit Reports” link at the top of the associations main page. 13

10 If you used WMMR in the past, you will be able to use your previous WMMR * username and password to access MyLCI. If you have forgotten your password, simply * click the “Forgot your User Name or Password?” link, where you will be prompted to answer one of your security questions. If you are a new officer, you will need to create your username and password by * clicking the “New User? Click here to register now” link and following the screen prompts. Let’s assume that everyone is a first-time officer and have never used either WMMR or MyLCI before and click this link to create an account. 14

11 On the next page you are prompted to. enter your member number,
On the next page you are prompted to * enter your member number, * type the letters displayed in the word verification box, and * click submit. If you don’t know your member number, look at the letter/ that was sent to you when the 2012 – 2013 officers were reported. Your previous club secretary, president, or the district office can also provide you with your member number. 15

12 Next you will see the registration screen
Next you will see the registration screen. In the first section, you will be prompted to enter your first and last name, street address, and club name. If you receive the Lion magazine, the mailing label contains what our system has as your first and last name and street address. The letter you received with your member number contains your club’s official club name if you need it. * In the next section you are prompted to enter the user name and password you will use to access “MyLCI”. Passwords ARE case sensitive. You will also enter your address, which must be unique to our system, twice. Both of these requirements help to protect the privacy of your club member’s data. * Next you will select two security questions from the pre-defined list, or type your own, and enter their answers. These questions will be used to help you if you forget your user name or password. The answers are also case sensitive. * You will then need to agree to the terms and conditions associated with the site, review the privacy policy and click Submit; * after which you will receive your confirmation of registration. * The next time you want to login to “MyLCI”, you will simply enter your * user name and password on the “MyLCI” logon page. 16

13 "MyLCI" Preview Training Site “MyLCI” Access and Login Site Overview
Member Data Functions Add, drop, edit members Create a family unit Access reports “MyLCI” Extras Thus far, we started at the website and navigated to the “MyLCI” logon page. Then because we hadn’t previously registered a user name and password we went through the registration process. Remember you only need to perform the registration process once if you have never accessed the site before. In the future, you will simply type your user name and password in the “MyLCI” logon page. * Now I going to review the site’s layout.

14 Once your term has started, after logging in you will see the Club Officer Home page. * The officer or chairperson roles that are active in our database for you will be displayed. On this page, you will also see * what we call the Support Panel on the right side. This section contains information to help you use the web site.* Click on this blue Support Center bar to maximize the Support Center so you can see more of its assistance features. Here you will see the link to access * the Training Area. When you want to see less of the Support Center and more of your main page, * click on the minimize icon * . * The menu at the top of your page may not look like this one, for the menu options displayed vary according to role. So district governors will see different menu options than club presidents. * You will see a “My Leo Club” menu option if your club sponsors one or more Leo clubs. * Select “My Lions Club” for links pertaining to the Lions club where your primary membership is. * The “My District/My Multiple District” links contain information about your district or multiple district and the officers and chairpersons. 19

15 In the middle of the page you will see some small subsections or panels with information specific to your club. * The “My Tasks” section shows a list of tasks customized to your role and your club. To take action on a task in this section, you can simply * click on the red arrow and the web page you need to take care of that task will be displayed. * The “My Members” section shows your club’s membership reporting status and the count of members by member type. * We can see that this club has reported their membership status every month except May. * The “My Club” section displays the information on your club meetings that is the data base. This is the same information that users of the / Find a club will see. You can click on the * “Edit” link to update your meeting information. * The “My Service Activities” panel displays your club’s most recent service activity and a summary of your club’s service activity for the year. The “More Service Activities” link will take you to the main service activity page where you can add, update and search for service activities. * The “My Info” section displays your own contact information. You can click the Edit link to update your contact information. * The “My Officers” section shows your Region and Zone officers as well as the other members of your club’s leadership team. What I like about this section is the ability to quickly send an to any of these officers using the * envelop icon on the right side of the section. 20

16 "MyLCI" Preview Training Site “MyLCI” Access and Login Site Overview
Member Data Functions Add, drop, edit members Create a family unit Access reports “MyLCI” Extras Now that you have logged on and know how to navigate “MyLCI” using menus and the support center panel, * you are ready to take care of your membership reporting and update your membership.

17 To begin your membership reporting, from the
To begin your membership reporting, from the * My Lions Club menu, select Members. * If you do NOT have any membership changes to report for the month, click the Report No Changes for Month drop down arrow and select the month you are reporting on. You will then receive a confirmation message and you’re done! If you DO have membership changes to report, such as a new member, * click the Add Member drop down arrow and select either New Member or Prior Member of this Club. If we select New Member, * the Add Member page is displayed. What you are seeing now is only showing the top half of the page. From here you would tab from field to field to fill out the information. If the software finds any errors, a message will be displayed in red below the entry field. 22

18 The bottom portion of the Add Member page displays where you will enter the new member’s mailing address. * Once you select the country for the member, the rest of the address entry fields will be displayed. After entering the complete address, a preview of a mailing label will be displayed. If you find that mailing label is not properly formatted, you can go back and re-enter the mailing address. With Lions in 206 countries and geographical locations we want to ensure that each member’s mailing address is correctly formatted for their area. * The rest of the member information is straightforward. Phone numbers and address are optional. Enter this information based on the member’s preference for being contacted by fellow club members. * You will then click Save to save your new member’s information. If you missed any information that is required, a message will display below the entry field. If there are any general errors on the page, the error message will be displayed as well. 23

19 We’ve just added a new member, now let’s look at editing an existing member’s information or dropping a member. No matter what type of change I need to make, the first thing I need to do is find the member. On the Members page I see the names and member numbers of club members. To view more information about a particular member, I click on the row with the member’s name *. The row expands and displays more information about that member. To edit the member’s information click the * Edit Details link. Dropping the member is as easy as * selecting the reason for the drop after clicking the “Drop Member” link. If after seeing viewing information about that member you realize this is not the member you were interested in, you can collapse the row by * clicking on the row again. . 24

20 Keith Anderson Now let’s discuss how to create a family unit. The easiest way to do that is to start with the person who will be considered the head of the household. * With this member selected and expanded, you will click * Create Family Unit. You can see that we are on the Family Unit page and * that Harold Anderson has already been assigned as a member of this Family Unit since he was the member selected on the previous page. Since I selected Harold first, the software is also assuming that I want him to be the full-paying member or what we call the Head of Household. Now I also see that his year of birth is missing from his record. If click on * Edit to fix this error, I am prompted to select his year of birth, followed by OK. After doing so * I am returned to the previous screen where I am ready to select a *club member to add to the family unit. * Notice that although you see the entire list of members, you cannot select some of the club members to be a part of the family unit ,because they don’t qualify; for they may be an Honorary Member or a Student Member. To add a member to the family unit, you click the name of the member * and specify the documents you reviewed to confirm that member is qualified to be a part of the family unit. Once you click OK, * you are returned to the Family Unit screen, which will show that you now have two members in the Family Unit and be prompted to click Save, if the family will only have these two members. After clicking Save, * a confirmation page is displayed so you know the family unit was successfully created. 25

21 Let’s talk about how to access the pre-formatted membership reports that are available in MyLCI.
From the “My Lions Club” menu, simply select * the Report option. From there you will see the list of reports available to you such as the club roster and a copy of the monthly membership report that is submitted to your zone chairperson and district governor. You can also export or download membership data from this section as well. 26

22 "MyLCI" Preview Training Site “MyLCI” Access and Login Site Overview
Member Data Functions Add, drop, edit members Create a family unit Access reports “MyLCI” Extras Now we are going to wrap up our preview of “MyLCI” by providing you with some bits and pieces of nice to know information that you will want to keep in mind.

23 "MyLCI" Extras Access Click “Member Center”
Save your work! Support Center Service activity reports Access Click “Member Center” 3. Click “Planning Projects” 4. Click “The Lions Clubs Service Activity Report” link It is very important that you save your work when working within “MyLCI”. The system will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity, so be sure to click the Save button periodically to prevent you from losing your information if you are logged off. * You should also note that the support center panel is context sensitive. What that means is the information displayed within it will change depending on the page you are on; providing specific assistance and guidance on the tasks that can be performed on that specific page. * The Service Activity Reporting functions that were used within WMMR remain the same, which is why we have not covered it during this session. For our new officers, or any returning officers that may need a refresher, feel free to view a previously recorded a webinar about Service Activities that is posted on the associations website. To access that recording you can follow the steps displayed on the screen or enter Service Activity Report in the search menu.

24 ? That completes our review of "MyLCI".

25 Agenda Review position responsibilities
Identify the benefits "MyLCI" provides club secretaries Review role specific "MyLCI" features and functions So during this training we have: Reviewed the responsibilities associated with your position * Identified the benefits "MyLCI" provides you * And viewed some club secretary specific "MyLCI" features * This session provided you with a lot of information on the changes that have been made to what we previously knew as WMMR. While you may not be an expert on all of “MyLCI’s” features, this first look of the new system and how to perform your associated tasks will allow to you help your club be effective and in compliance.

26 Support Center 630-468-6900
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Chicago time If you have questions about "MyLCI", please contact the support center at LCI Headquarters, which is open from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Chicago time, Monday thru Friday.

27 Club Officers – Teamwork webinar
Club Secretary Resources Club Officers – Teamwork webinar CLUB SECRETARY SELF-STUDY MODULE I would like to take this time to encourage you to register for and take part in the * upcoming Club Officers – Teamwork webinar. During this session we will cover the responsibilities of each officer and discuss ways everyone will work together as a team. * The Club Constitution & Bylaws and the Club Officer Manual, both available on the LCI website, are the primary resources for you to reference as club secretary. * As mentioned earlier, the Leadership Resource Center has a Club Secretary Self-Study module that you can view at your leisure. Lastly, regarding anything displayed by Gayle, don’t forget to reference the Support Center section of "MyLCI" that was mentioned during the Site Overview section.

28 Thank You!!

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