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World Class Solution Providers The Home of OPERATION SMART

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1 World Class Solution Providers The Home of OPERATION SMART

2 A one stop solution for all business operations
Automating the business administration process to an unbelievable level Efficiency improvements by more than 2000% in just a few months Auto reporting, auto triggering, auto ing, auto informing, auto warning, auto escalations, auto scheduling, auto macro execution, auto document revision/version control, auto times, dates and value calculations A one stop solution for all business operations

3 A level 3 empowered company
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Facilities Management (FM) Maintenance Management (CMMS) Stock/Inventory Management Product Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Document Management Project Management (PM) Human Resource Management (HRM) Vendor Management Meeting Management Contract Management SLA Management Property Management Warehouse Management Cellular Site Development Module Mobile Applications Special Features Special Services Economical Development (ED) and BEE-BBBEE Contact Details A level 3 empowered company

4 Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Comprehensive Asset Management Module to Suit Any Organisations Requirements To name a few Depreciation and book value. Asset movement management and auto tracking abilities with RFID and chip technology. Warranty management, supplier linking, end user linking, client linking, part linking. Asset movement with barcode and chip technology manageable from smartphone mobile devices. 4-hierarchies: Internal, municipal, regional and mobile comms. Specification auto population. Maintenance costing automated with mean-time-to-repair and mean-time-to-fail. Select maintenance profile: Maintain (schedules will run), Replace (Schedules will run and inform the maintenance personal that it is a replacement item), Replace if maintenance costs > book value (Schedules will run and inform the maintenance personal that the maintenance value is greater than the book value and therefore it needs to be replace), Out of Service (Schedules do not run), In Service But Do Not Maintain (Schedules do not run but will still be able to work the asset).

5 Facilities Management (FM)
We can manage your entire facilities in both soft and hard service. Software Complete facilities management module for multi-company management, multi-site management, multi-division management. Manage your own facilities or manage the clients facilities or manage your facilities and the client(s) all linked to the same database. Software customisation to totally suit any clients requirements. Assistance to linking to AutoCAD for space planning. Total resource management.

6 Maintenance Management (CMMS)
Provide accurate data for maintenance. Powerful scheduling for maintenance and SHEQ audits. Schedule to multi-equipment on the same schedule and service type. Schedule to asset/equipment groups and in turn link unlimited assets to each group – unlimited to one or several schedules and services. Big paper saver. Identify maintenance needs. Prioritize maintenance scheduling. Record keeping of down time and frequency of repairs to equipment. Monitor and document corrective actions, project expenditures, and accomplishments. Project oriented database that houses deferred maintenance, capital improvement, and equipment replacement needs. Work order up to 22 levels, thus alleviating over population of the asset/equipment register. Multi hierarchical structure for brilliant data configuration. Auto maintenance reporting in several file formats, either auto open or auto . Maintenance approval trigger setting based on service type and/or priority. Approval escalations, auto informing, auto warning. Work Orders – Task and activities, special instructions, linked documents, multi-resource entries per service type. work orders in PDF format. Work Order feedback via mobile devices (smartphones). Version/Revision controlled document linking and paper clipping

7 Stock/Inventory Management
Maintaining a balance of your stock levels. Min stock qty, max stock qty, safety stock level, re-order level, re-order qty, reserved qty. Tracking inventory between locations and quantity used per equipment etc. Auto trigger warning when stock levels have reached re-order levels. Auto ing. Auto trigger when critical items have been received and/or issued. Auto approvals and/or informing s when certain stock items have been issued or received. Asset amendments auto recorded and variance auto reporting based on user defined percentage. Warranty management of received items and goods returned etc. Issuing to work order(s) or project(s) with auto cost roll ups. Allows previous issued goods to be returned to the same record entry and records all movements for historical reporting. Cutting down on product obsolescence and spoilage. Document paper clipping with reference to each part or related transactions etc. Version/Revision controlled document linking. Preferred vendor linking and price monitoring based on quantities received over past periods. Asset/equipment cross referencing and stock-to-stock cross referencing. Auto specification population and free user-defined specification entries. Part write-off Material and stock part specification testing and referencing.

8 Product Management Product registration with total vast referencing entries to best present the product. Product manufacturing with work order management. Quality control framework register and management Specification and recipe registers. Warehouse management Product packaging management Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Parts x-referencing, asset x-referencing and product-to-product x-referencing Issuing and receiving management. Preferred vendors.

9 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Company entries with administration defaults (bank details, addresses, VAT No., VAT percentage, Longitude and latitude coordinates). Site entries unlimited per company with defaults as above but with many more entries as and when needed. Some of these fields are Quote Terms, Invoice Terms, CAD coordinates, web address, sales members, project members, property management linking etc. Site contact entries: List all the contacts you want under each site that you require with all their major details such as profile, contact details, birthdays, anniversaries etc. directly from the site contacts table. Training register link to monitor all training giving to contacts per site. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. SLA and contract management. Document batch creation and auto filing. Staff Call Report and work order management. Sales prospect management. Call login register for quick and yet detailed call in capturing. Good for external work requests and managing associated work orders. Help Desk linked to MSI’s (maintainable significant items) for call capturing, time to solve issues with historical links of previous failures, causes and corrective actions.

10 Document Management Document template register: Links to any template and any document type for document creation. Document registration using a template: Auto copies the document to the document server, auto renames the document, auto creates the directories based on the company it is linked to, (or) the project it is linked to and the categories that best describe the document purpose. Open the document from the document register or from any of the main screens where the document has been linked. If the document has been altered the system will auto revise the document as follows: When the document is opened it makes a copy for comparison purposes. The file is compared with the copied one and if altered it will move the initial document to the revision folder and list it in the revision register. Then the file is partially renamed by changing the revision number that makes up part of the file name. The document register is updated with the latest details and if required can auto inform people of any alterations made via . Work flow execution for checking, redlining, approving etc. Confidential functionality by either the document originator or a group of people. Like all the main register user defined triggers can be setup for any entry or action. Example, when a document is opened a person or group of people may want to be notified and so they will be via . Total document management and smart configuration management.

11 Project Management (PM)
Project registration and complete management thereof. Project tasks, activities, special instructions and activity resource entries. Batch document creation or single document creation and linking to each project respectfully. Associated material entries and additional expense capturing. Full project budget management and total cost monitoring. SLA and contract management. Meeting management. Feasibility study functionality. Variation requesting and capturing. Snag capturing. Competency review, constraint entries, failures, causes and corrective action entries. Training register association. Project office and content capturing. Unlimited work order entries linked to a task or several tasks. When the work order feedback is done the project is auto updated with times and costs. Risk flag marker with auto warning via function. Monitor all linked documents and open with ease (if allowed). Also paper clipping function. Estimations versus actual monitoring and reporting. Complete project planning, administration and management.

12 Human Resource Management (HRM)
Register employees with all their information that will be required by any company. employee directly from the register or the employee menu. Set defaults such as working hours, payment type, payment rates, PO approval limits (if applicable), leave days etc. Setup employee number and link to security badge and any goods the employee has been allocated to by the company. Enter job descriptions, employment history, qualifications, main profession and sub professions, reference checks and credibility checks. Enter race, gender and disability for BEE score carding. Capture all training. Location entries and default start up screen selection. Also management hierarchy entries. Sub form setup – All datasheet entries have child subforms that can be setup per user. This means that each user can see an associated subform that is most applicable to them. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Includes document batch creation. Awareness and acceptance register for company laws, rules and regulations, business ethics or any legal association that has to be adhered to. Performance monitoring, hearing management and leave management. Asset X-Referencing and Spares X-Referencing.

13 Vendor Management Full vendor register to manage your vendors in it’s entirety. Enter vendor company and all associated sites. Enter vendor contacts per site and directly from the contact register. Allows for BEE scorecard evaluation. Service evaluation register with auto reporting on outcome. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Monitor quotes and orders. Report on services and stock received. Allocate work orders to vendors and manage the outcome to an in-depth level. Action register and call reports. Compliance register. Products and service entries with quick search features.

14 Meeting Management Manage meetings in one central system with powerful traceability of all past meetings. Enter Agenda and Minutes in the same register and to the members on the distribution list in PDF format. Sends calendar to invitees without any interaction to your Outlook (or other) calendar. Invitees and distribution list, members present, members absent and approval requesting. Invite clients, vendors and employees that are entered in the system with auto population. Link meetings to the CRM, Vendor Register, Employee Register, Work Orders, Projects and Mobile Comms. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Turn your meeting into a legal binding contract with the minute approval function.

15 Client and Vendor Contract Management
Manage contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. Includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions. Systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution and analysis. Links to the Tender register for total tender management. Links to project and work orders. Links to KPI’s and SLA’s. Contract renewal warning date and auto ing the responsible parties. Contract approval and specification approval functionality. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping.

16 SLA Management Manages service levels agreements for both the delivery and support of business services. Better visibility of whether you are meeting the needs of your customers or if your vendors are meeting your needs. Auto trigger can be set to start and end SLA’s. Set default penalty and reward calculations. User defined penalty and reward finalisation. Auto penalty and reward calculations. Links to work orders, projects, contracts, clients, vendors and mobile comms. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Attach to a contract clause or the complete contract.

17 Property Management Hierarchy contains: Buildings, building units, district, suburb, extension, stand and tenant. Full lessee and lessor detail capturing. Lease contract management and renewals and expiry auto warning ing. Rental management with auto rental escalations. Deposit management. Inspection management with work order and scheduling manual and/or auto execution. Budget management for incoming and/or outgoing expenses. Work flow entries jointly with 3rd parties and consultants as and when required. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping.

18 Warehouse Management Control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, and receiving. Receipt, storage and movement of goods, (normally finished goods), to intermediate storage locations or to a final customer. Automatic identification and data capture technology, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers. Efficiently monitor the flow of products. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Product location easy identification.

19 Cellular Site Development Module
From the start of mobile tower site scouting, throughout the complete build process, site testing, acceptance and testing. Initial site survey, technical site survey, property management, build process, site quality assessment, functional quality assessment, on air, penalty management, financial process capturing and invoicing process capturing. Manages user securities and the mandatory process for data capturing. Auto trigger execution (user defined) for more than 30 functions such as: Start & end of a status and stage, start and end of a SLA, informing, warning, approval requesting, rejecting, escalating, open report, report(s), must approve before continuing, run macro(s), open document, document. All of these triggers can be set to auto groups jointly with report(s) and/or documents. Version/revision document linking and paper clipping. Entry process can be set by site type such as Green Fields, Roof Top etc. Quick site finding and linked asset identification. Asset movement and maintenance tracking with barcode scanners and/or mobile smartphones (Android). Auto image (or file) capturing when dumped in a user defined directory. Auto file renaming to site name with unique number association. Paperclips automatically to the comm site for asset build document compiling or just plain asset identification.

20 Mobile and Web Applications
Asset movement capturing and management. Work order feedback. Work requesting. We will develop any mobile or web application that the clients requires with real time linking to any database.

21 Special Features 100% customisable applications.
Auto reporting from a one page report to several thousand page report. ed by the system without needing human interaction. Auto macro execution. Can be use for data collection and transferring into other systems. Server instance to execute calculations, triggers, ing of warning, informing, approvals, reports due, contracts expiry warning, document revising, data cleaning & managing, and many more functions. Total business operational management system that can easily and vastly increase any company’s efficiency and quality. Powerful searching and filtering functions from all screens for any related information. Vast amounts of the application is automated to minimise human intervention, minimise hectic and time consuming administration, highly increase the quality of information, keep data, documents and files in a well configured environment. Powerful securities linked to user profiles that can block a user from any screen, disable entries and hide/lock and control on any screen, also, powerful password management Sub menu’s are tabular (datasheet) views and user definable for quick and almost unlimited data presentation. Manufacture reports without a 3rd party and link to any screen under any category name that best suits the end-user. Powerful report filtering or auto filtering using queries.

22 Special Service In-house developers for any development using VB, VB.Net, C#, Java, HTML and Android. System design and architecture. Mobile technology development. Asset tracking chip installation and interfacing to databases. Also for vibration feedback, temperature feedback, pressure feedback etc. Barcode scanner application development and interfacing to databases. Database implementation and maintenance. Interfacing applications. Data management. Report writing. Facilities management. Business management and system consulting. Project management for facilities and system implementations (or development). Mobile Communication Tower development management.

23 Economical Development (ED) and BEE-BBBEE
Create New Projects with all relevant project information. Set Configuration Settings for weightings and thresholds to be used within the Construction and Operating phases. Configure who is considered youth, as well as the required average hours worked required as a weighting. Configure the Construction and Operating EDPC actual values. Specify construction duration for use within the project process flow within the construction phase. Configure the quarterly targets for both the construction and the operational phases. Populate the Shareholders within the project company (This allows for Excel spreadsheet import as well as manual entries). Populate the project/operating Employees hours, ID numbers, location specific information, gender, ethnicity, and other relevant information. Some information in this section such as Gender, Age, Birthday, and Citizenship status are automatically populated (This allows for Excel spreadsheet import as well as manual entries). Populate the procurement information per vendor with localness, total procurement spend, Invoice Number, local content, BEE compliance, and other relevant information. Some information in this section such as Women-Owned procurement, Local content spend, BEE Procurement, and QSE/EME Procurement are automatically populated (This allows for Excel spreadsheet import as well as manual entries). Populate the Enterprise and Socio-Economic Development information (This allows for Excel spreadsheet import as well as manual entries). Follow a month to month process (wrapped in a quarterly indicator) which allows you to upload or modify new information on section specific details. Review the complete project details as the process steps through the corresponding phases, quarters and/or months. Draw monthly, quarterly, and bi-quarterly reports at any point within the process. View project history and previously generated reports. Store documentation and reports within the document manager available to Operation Smart at any point throughout the application solution.

24 (Business Development Manager)
Contact Details Brian Watson (Director) Mark Thompson (Operations Manager) Gary Rickson (Business Development Manager)

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