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SoloHealth Advertising Specifications August 18, 2011.

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1 SoloHealth Advertising Specifications August 18, 2011

2 Ad TargetsTotal Impressions Imp. Distribution Specific Health Screening1,400,00035% -Blood Pressure, BMI, Vision, HRA Option to target impressions to specific health screenings Demographic Targets550,00014% -M/F-65+ -18-24-Caucasian -25-34-African AmericanOption to choose gender, age segments or ethnicities to target impressions -35-54-Hispanic -55-64-Other Lifestyle/Family History Questions450,00011% How healthy is your overall diet? How many days each week are you active? Choose 4-5 Lifestyle/Family History Questions – Have you been told you have a heart problem in the past (See slide 5 for all Health Screening questions) Health Screening Results500,00013% -Results Screen, Detailed Results, Emailed Results All Diagnostic Screenings Rotation800,00020% Monthly Newsletter300,0008% Targeted Campaign Impressions

3 Health Screening Questions P2 P3 1.Are you currently taking medication to control high blood pressure? 2.Do you have a blood relative who was told they have diabetes? 3.Do you have a blood relative who was told they have high blood pressure? 4.How healthy is your overall diet? 5.How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat per day? 6.Do you eat packaged food on a regular basis? 7.In the past month, how often did you feel nervous and/or stressed? 8.In the past month, how many days did you use tobacco products? 9.In the past 7 days, how many days were you physically active for at least 30 minutes? 10.Do you eat breakfast most mornings? 11.Have you had a prostate exam within the past year? 12.Have you had a pap test within the past year? 13.Have you had a breast cancer exam from a health professional in the past year? 14.During the past 30 days, for about how many days have you felt sad or depressed? 15.How often do you feel like you can not control the important things in your life?

4 Kiosk Touch Screen Position on ScreenAd DimensionsSupported Media Leaderboard468 x 60, left justified.jpg,.gif,.png Skyscraper120 x 600.jpg,.gif,.png

5 Emailed Results Position on Screen Ad Dimensions Supported Media Leaderboard 468x60, left justified.jpg,.gif,.png Position on Screen Ad Dimensions Supported Media Skyscraper 120x600.jpg,.gif,.png Position on Screen Ad Dimensions Supported Media Coupon 400 x 140.jpg,.gif,.png

6 One Touch Microsite Erase Click here to learn more on the banner and put a text line under it that says touch here to learn more Replace word Click with touch

7 Listerine Microsite

8 Microsite - Template & Specifications Erase Click Here to Learn More from the banner ads

9 Microsite - Template & Specifications

10 Email Results Coupon Ad Concepts Coupon Dimensions Supported Media 400 x 140 jpg,.gif,.png Site Specific URL Link embedded in email

11 Launch Requirements Approximate Timeline Pharmavite Sponsorship commitment: 7/29/11 Pharamvite Signed Contract: 8/15/11 Program kick-off call: 8/18/11 -Provide specs for banners & microsite -Discuss objectives of microsite Pharmavites decision on target segments: 8/23/11 -Diagnostic paths, demos, lifestyle questions Pharmavites decision on microsite objectives: 8/29/11 Pharmavite assets requirements for microsite: 9/2/11 SoloHealth begins microsite development: 9/6/11 SoloHealth to provide first version of microsite for review: 9/9/11 Pharamvite Banner creatives due: 9/1/11 Pharmavite to provide microsite revision requirements: 9/12/11 SoloHealth to provide revised microsite version: 9/14/11 Anticipated Campaign Launch: 9/15/11-10/15/11 timeframe


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