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Costa Brava Watersports 25th May – 3rd June 2012.

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1 Costa Brava Watersports 25th May – 3rd June 2012

2 Miss Alison Reid Miss Samia Anderson Mr Darren Gibb Mr Matt Grier Mr Paul Mathers


4 depart 11.00 pm Friday 25 th May from Banchory Academy bus bay Please arrive at 10.30 pm to allow for loading luggage and handing over medication.

5 Outward Depart Banchory Academy Bus Bay Friday 25 th May 11 pm Please arrive there 30 minutes beforehand Arrive La Fosca Sunday 27 th May9 am Return Depart La Fosca Sat 2nd June p.m. Arrive Banchory Academy Bus Bay Sun 3rd June between 10pm and midnight

6 Coach We are travelling by luxury coach supplied by Earnside Coach Company The coach will be equipped with DVD and audio systems. We will be on the coach for approximately 35 hours and we would advise pupils to take books, puzzles etc. to help pass the time.

7 On the return journey we will post our estimated time of arrival on the Costa Brava 2012 blog –

8 A pillow will be required and we advise that you take this on the coach for comfort. The coach must be kept clean and tidy at all times. There will be a toilet on board for emergencies. The coach will be fitted with seat belts.

9 Refreshments There will be frequent refreshment stops en route but please be aware that motorway services can be expensive. We recommend pupils carry some snacks and drinks with them.

10 They will need some sterling and euros for the outward journey through Britain. Pocket money will be distributed when we reach La Fosca. At service stations and on the ferry the pupils will be informed where to find staff but will generally be unsupervised.

11 Luggage Luggage should be kept to a minimum. Please ensure that all luggage is clearly labelled. You should label clothing as well. Pupils should be able to lift their own luggage.

12 One suitcase or holdall should be used for main luggage and a small rucksack for the journey and for use during the activities. Please remember there will be no access to main luggage on the journey. Sleeping Bags should be placed in the luggage area of the coach and should not be taken inside. They should be clearly labelled.

13 Sleeping Bag Pillow SmallRucksack Waterproof jacket Fleece/warm jumper Shorts T-shirts Socks Underwear Comfortable clothes for travel /evening Sun hat

14 Toiletries High factor waterproof sunblock Water shoes/old trainers Flip flops/sandals Practical shoes/sandals for walking Swimming Costumes Bath Towels Beach Towel Sun Glasses Water bottle

15 Insect repellent Suntan Lotion Factor 35 Cameras Black bags String and pegs Small torch

16 Equipment All specialist equipment will be provided. New and expensive clothing is not recommended. Try to encourage your children to recognise their own belongings in case they become mixed with other pupils.

17 Pupils are advised not to take any items of value unless necessary. Being outside for long periods can cause dehydration so, a water bottle of some description is useful.

18 While hot weather cannot be guaranteed it is anticipated. The use of high factor sun cream is essential. Pupils will be reminded to re-apply frequently. Sun cream is often expensive abroad. Bank Pocket money will be kept in the site safe. Staff will open bank normally once a day.

19 Daily Programme 0730Wake up call 0815 – 0915Breakfast and bank 0930 – 1230Activity session 1230 – 1400Lunch 1400 – 1700Activity session

20 1700 – 1730Free time 1800 – 1900Dinner 1900 – 2000Early Ents 2000 – 2230 Late Ents 2230 – 2300Ready for bed 2300 – 0700 Sleep

21 Activities Catamaran Topper Sailing Kayak Canoeing Canadian canoeing Windsurfing Ocean Rider Snorkelling Excursion to local town

22 Quizzes Disco Talent Show Scavenger Hunt Camp Olympics Waterworld Spain

23 Prohibition Mobile Phones External Speakers Cigarettes Alcohol Drugs Knives Bangers Lasers

24 Behaviour & Discipline We expect the highest standard of behaviour from pupils at all times. The trip will be much more enjoyable if pupils enter the spirit of the trip from the start. Bus Behaviour must be mature and respectful to all.

25 Party members should; Act in a responsible manner and not behave in a way likely to cause offence to other people or damage to property. Not smoke. It is a school trip and usual school rules apply. Not consume alcohol.

26 Not use drugs Not drop litter, spit, and use offensive or insulting language or threatening behaviour. Theft or illegal activities will be reported to the authorities. Not purchase cigarettes, lighters, knives for presents.

27 Sanctions will be imposed if rules are breached. These may include exclusion from daytime or evening activities. In extreme circumstances pupils will be sent home. The Rector will decide if sending home is required. A member of staff will accompany the pupil and both airfares will be borne by the parents. The member of staff would then fly back at the parents expense to rejoin the group.

28 Medication All medication should be handed to staff before departure on the coach. It should be clearly labelled with name, dosage, timing of dosage and time of last dose. Include as much information as possible. (E.g. Penicillin – one tablet three times daily before food) Please try to pack any medication as small as possible by decanting into small clearly labelled plastic bags.

29 Staff will carry a stock of paracetamol and Ibuprofen. You are advised to consult your doctor before indicating which you will allow your child to be given. Asthmatics should carry their own inhaler. An additional one should be supplied for staff to carry.

30 Any amendments to this information should be provided in writing at time of departure. Please ensure pupils take travel sickness medication well before they travel.

31 We insist that staff dispense all medication being taken by your child during the trip. This applies to paracetamol for headaches, travel sickness pills or other medication.

32 Check List Passport / EHIC Additional Medical Information Sterling and Euros for outward journey DVDs


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