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Did You Know! Ever Changing World.

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2 Did You Know! Ever Changing World

3 What does this mean as educators in Ludlow? How do we help our students compete? What shift in thinking do we need to make to move our instruction into the 21 st century? Changes are coming fast, education historically takes a while to make changes…How can education make the changes needed faster but in the best interest of the students?

4 Start after minute 1.

5 See handout – grades K-6

6 Skills taught using real world software Word Excel Power Point Publisher Windows Movie Maker Outlook Internet Explorer

7 Information Literacy - The National Forum on Information Literacy defines information literacy as...the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.

8 Widely accepted model for information literacy instruction.

9 Teachers – Teachers guide the students through the process by providing increasing freedom as skills are developed. The main goal is to develop independent researchers by the end of junior high years. Students in high school should be perfecting and applying their skills. Media Specialist – Media specialists are resources in the process to assist with material selection and guidance in the Big 6 model. Direct instruction related to the location of resources on the internet and the library is necessary in the early stages of the process. Students – Students are expected to be active participants. Students move from being given high quality resources to selecting and evaluating their own. This is a big challenge today due to the large amount of information available to them in various forms.

10 Why do we need to provide instruction on using the Internet for research?

11 Progression of skills – challenge because student equate the Internet with instantaneous answers. K-1: utilize Internet for a purpose – skills games, guided early research led by teacher, literacy exposure 2-3: guided early research directed by teacher, navigating specific websites for research 4-5: navigating specific websites for more complex research, information literacy skill development (selecting valid, usable and reliable sources), independent research, copyright instruction (beginning of proper citation of sources) 6: independent research utilizing skills developed in grades K-5

12 That is the question our students need help to answer. The school setting should provide students with guidance and modeling of quality resource selection. Independence is gained as students become proficient in information literacy skills and have exposure to a large variety of resource – online & print.

13 Google is a commercially driven search engine It does not rate, filter or prioritize websites with young people in mind. Google Scholar available to help limit hits to scholarly websites but most not appropriate for elementary.

14 How many hits? Where is Wikipedia? How do you identify the URLs What skills are needed from just this search to locate information that is needed for a middle school biography project?

15 Online research options (non Google) for students: Links placed on teachers websites. Links from Elementary Library site Kenton County Library Requires a log in with current library card

16 Cost of $500 Provides educationally organized and age appropriate search engine. Locates websites for use by school age students for research. Only available through KYVL Encyclopedia – Grolier Is it worth it? Or should we have all students in grades 4 – 6 get a library card?

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