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Using Display and Affiliates Successfully Tony Winders Vice President, Marketing ValueClick Media

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1 Using Display and Affiliates Successfully Tony Winders Vice President, Marketing ValueClick Media

2 AWARENESS LEADS SALES CRM CPL/CPA Programs Display/Rich Media/Video Behavioral Marketing Technology (Ad Serving, Email, Attribution, Analytics) Search Marketing Affiliate Marketing ValueClick, Inc. Overview by Objective Comparison Shopping

3 Our Proprietary DataOur ScaleOur Quality The Only Network of Its Kind 69 million purchases/mo. 155 million product searches/mo. Ad interaction across 31 billion impressions/mo. Browsing behavior across 8,000 sites Quality people, service and expertise Direct site relationships and access to top comScore sites Network monitoring team and technology 83.0% reach 500 Million Anonymous Profiles 162 million unique visitors/mo. Source: comScore, July 2009 Third largest ad supported property online

4 Display AdvertisingAffiliate Marketing Pricing ModelCPC, CPM, CPACPA, CPL ObjectiveBrand/awareness,Leads and sales BudgetIO with set budgetPay as you go TermShort termLong term Publisher FocusContentSearch, Deal/Coupon, Loyalty, Comparison Publisher BaseRelationships highly vettedEntry relatively open RiskShared risk, backend ROILow risk, guaranteed ROI Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Distinctions

5 Overcoming Common Misperceptions About Networks Misperception #1 Networks are comprised of low quality sites where I wouldnt want to advertise. Misperception #2 Networks dont provide the control and transparency I require to protect my brand. Misperception #3 All display ad networks are created equal.

6 Branding/Awareness 1 2 3 4 5Direct response Acquisition 1 2 3 4 5 Retention Online response 1 2 3 4 5 Offline response Time to Goal: Now 1 2 3 4 5 A year from now Heavy reliance on ROI 1 2 3 4 5 No ROI tracking US Only 1 2 3 4 5 International Questions to Ask Yourself

7 What makes you different from other ad networks? How do you acquire your inventory? Do you offer site transparency? What brand protection do you offer clients? What reporting capabilities do you offer? What ad serving, targeting and optimization do you offer? What behavioral targeting capabilities do you offer? Can you provide a list of client references? Questions to Ask Network Partners

8 In Summary Main Considerations about Display and Affiliate Lines between affiliate and display channels are blurred Separate perception from reality regarding use of networks Ask yourself questions about your true objectives Ask tough questions of your network partners Test continually, find complementary channels and realize integration is a long term process with infinite options

9 9 Using Display, Email and Affiliates Effectively Integrated Marketing Summit October 8, 2009

10 10 Mike Fitzgerald Adknowledge COO; former GM Email Former CTO of Email Dynamics, a division of SearchLogic Former Software Engineer at Groove Networks, and Synopsys Expertise in: –Email Marketing –Online Advertising –Technology and Software Development –Data Analytics Lived and worked in Boston, Mountain View, Boulder, and Kansas City

11 11 Company Snapshot Advertisers/ Publishers Advertisers/ Publishers Locations Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Satellite offices in Chicago, Ft. Myers, London, Vancouver, and Sydney. 230 (110 in technology) Employees

12 12 Single Destination to buy six channels: Social Email Web Content Affiliate Virtual Currency Domain Pay-per-click marketplace Familiar User-Interface Category-based bidding Single Destination Expand Your Reach Beyond Google and Yahoo Uniques (Billions/Month)

13 13 Targeting system performs billions of calculations per day to predict which ads to show to individual consumers. Targets users, not content. Ads are matched to users based on behaviors and demographics. Technology predicts future behaviors based on past, recorded responses. Adknowledge does not track or store any PII. Targeting enables advertisers to reach qualified consumers across multiple channels. Targeting Right Ad. Right Time. Right Customer.

14 14 American Family Insurance Find an Auto Policy that Fits Your Needs. Get a Quote Today American Family Insurance Find an Auto Policy that Fits Your Needs. Get a Quote Today Consumer receives email from Adknowledge Consumer clicks to advertisers site Find the car insurance you need at affordable rates! Email Ad Example

15 15 U.S. Market Facts In 2009, $488 million is projected total email spending 71% of consumers remember email communications when making purchases at the sending companys web site 45% of landing pages dont repeat the strong promotional copy found in the email 66% of email marketers agree email is the most cost- efficient marketing tool at their company Behavioral targeted ad spending continues to increase Behaviorally Targeted Online Advertising Spending (Millions)

16 16 Source: Online Publishers Association, September 2009 Opportunity Consumers Spend 95% of Time Online Outside of Search CATEGORY20082009CHANGE Content43%42%-2.3% Communications29%27%-6.9% Commerce16%13%-18.7% Community8%13%62.5% Search5% 0.0% -2% -7% -19% 63% 0% Consumer Time 2009 Change from 2008

17 17 Funnel Awareness Understand Your Position in the Purchase Funnel

18 18 Funnel Awareness Push Marketing Reaches Consumers Earlier in the Process Awareness Interest Research Action PUSH PULL Consumer clicks an Email for Laptops Consumer searches For Dell Latitude Deals

19 19 Customer acquisition from push marketing requires more selling on the landing page. Align your site hierarchy with the purchase funnel. Small changes can make a big difference. Test, Test, Test. Funnel Awareness Tailor the Landing Experience to the Consumers Context

20 20 Email Awareness

21 21 Landing Pages From email offer or ad, managing different user experience Page eliminates distraction. Focus on product features Page creates upsell opportunities. Page has higher engagement. Opportunities to increase conversion rate: –Using Flash vs. non-Flash –Simple text changes such as Choose, Buy, Build or Shop Now impact conversation rates.

22 22 Summary 1.Targeting drives relevancy and customer engagement 2.Non-search channels fill the funnel 3.Landing page optimized for entry channel and user context 4.ROI from email is 4x higher than search


24 5.3 Billion Impressions

25 7-Step Proven Campaign Launch

26 More Traffic than some of the biggest fortune 500 companies!

27 Merchant Accounts Inventory Customer Service Step 1: Set up/ Infrastructure


29 Crushing the Competition

30 Test Competitor Proven Traffic Sources


32 Split Testing on Steroids!

33 Creative Optimization


35 Image (5%) Headline (5%) Sub-headline (5%) Body copy (5%) Call to action (5%) 1 St Goal: Double Conversion Rates

36 Example Landing Page Optimization

37 What is the Ultimate Goal? To Get the eCPM as high as possible to get more traffic To be able to get a ton of traffic from high volume publishers To keep the campaign fresh to keep growing volume

38 Up-sells Optimize Abandons Optimize Autoresponders Add Audio Optimize Exit Surveys Personalization Price Testing Optimize Exit Traffic 30% Increase in conversions resulted in an extra $900k per Month!

39 Split Testing & Optimization is KEY

40 The Most Powerful Force for ANY Online Business… Compound Conversions!

41 Questions?

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