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Garvey School District District Accomplishments 2011.

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1 Garvey School District District Accomplishments 2011

2 Bring Back Staff Rescind 7 elementary layoffs prior to June 30. Rescind the layoff of 1 intermediate school physical education teacher. Lower class size in grades 4-6 by the transfer of several teachers into those grade levels within the District, thus preventing layoffs.

3 Bring Back Staff Fill three elementary positions with laid off teachers from the 09-10 and 08-09 school year. Rescind layoffs for 1 custodian, 1 senior secretary and 5 part-time office assistants due to retirements, resignations or employees who chose to be laid off.

4 Hire Teachers Add seven ELL interventionists to improve the achievement of our ELL students using Title I dollars. We hope to finalize these hires next week.

5 Goals 2011-12 –Increase Reading and Math achievement on CST to meet State targets (Reading 78.4% P/A; Math 79% P/A) –Continue to increase the number of students completing Algebra and Geometry successfully –Close the achievement gap between Asian and Hispanic students.

6 Goals 2011-12 Implement Balanced Literacy with pilot teachers Implement K-6 ELA Pacing Guides Revise K-6 Benchmark assessments Promote positive relationships with all stakeholders Increase Communication with all groups Publicize more of our successes

7 Goals 2011-12 Improve Student Behavior (drugs & violence) Promote more Community and Family Partnerships Develop and implement a year-long Professional Development Plan

8 Goals 2011-12 Continue facility improvements Continue to be fiscally responsible –Conserve energy (doors & windows.)

9 District API From 804 in 2010 to 815 in 2011

10 GSD Gains In ELA on the CST, we moved up from 55.2% to 57.9%, a gain of 2.7% overall. In Mathematics, we increased from 61.9% proficient and advanced to 64.5%, a gain of 2.6%.

11 Closing the Gap We began to see a closing of the achievement gap. In ELA, our Hispanic students districtwide gained 3.5%, and our Asian students gained 3.0%. On the Mathematics CST, our Hispanic students gained 4.5%, and our Asian students gained 1.8%.

12 ELL Results Our R-FEP students passing rates were higher than the State averages of R-FEP students: –ELA 87.2% - State 70.1% –Mathematics 87.2% - State 68.2%

13 Eight Schools Above 800 API Bitely 817 Dewey 822 Hillcrest 845 Monterey Vista 849 Sanchez 826 Willard 819 Garvey Intermediate 838 Temple 813

14 5 Schools Double Digit API Gains for Hispanic Students Bitely – 47 points Hillcrest – 60 points Marshall – 34 points Sanchez – 24 points Garvey Intermediate – 58 points

15 7 Schools Double Digit API Gains for Asian Students Bitely – 39 points Dewey – 35 points Hillcrest – 34 points Marshall – 17 points Rice – 11 points Sanchez – 23 points Garvey Intermediate – 11 points

16 6 Schools Double Digit API Gains for ELL Students Bitely – 36 points Dewey – 32 points Hillcrest – 31 points Marshall – 17 points Sanchez – 22 points Willard – 12 points

17 6 Schools Met All of Their API Targets for All Subgroups Bitely Dewey Hillcrest Marshall Sanchez Garvey Intermediate

18 Growth in API Since 2006 Bitely 761-817 (+56) Dewey 749-822 (+73) Emerson 762- 784 (+22) Hillcrest 793-845 (+54) Marshall 756-799 (+43) Monterey Vista 825-849 (+24) Rice 761-779 (+18) Sanchez 769-826 (+57) Willard 783-819 (+35)

19 Growth in API Since 2006 Garvey Intermediate 729-834 (+105) Temple Intermediate 737-813 (+76) District 751-815 (+64)

20 Summer Improvements Bitely –Paint Exterior –Re-glaze windows Dewey –Add four portables and a library –Replace carpet in two portables –Add new 12 space parking lot –Add concrete ramps to new portables –Paint all portables to match site

21 Summer Improvements Emerson –Add new irrigation system in front of school Garvey Intermediate –Convert Room 401 to Science Lab –Add new irrigation system in front of school Hillcrest –Add new irrigation system in front of school

22 Summer Improvements Marshall –Close school and move staff materials, furniture and supplies Monterey Vista –Repair fascias, siding and plaster exterior –Paint exterior –Re-glaze windows –Add wooden blinds on windows

23 Summer Improvements Rice –Paint exterior –Re-glaze windows –Add new irrigation system in front of school –Resurface 2 nd floor walkway Sanchez –Paint exterior –Replace carpet in office –Install recycled irrigation water system to field

24 Summer Improvements Temple –Paint exterior of school –Add new irrigation system in front of school –Install recycled irrigation system to field Willard –Add new irrigation system in front of school –Replace carpet in office –Install recycled irrigation system to field District Office –Replace windows around courtyard (Sept. 15)

25 Summer Improvements All sites –Thoroughly cleaned by maintenance –Remove old staff lounge appliances and deliver new ones by September 6 –Deliver K-6 California Treasures to all schools. –Deliver K-6 ELA Pacing Guides to all schools by September 1.

26 Summer Improvements Technology Additions –Purchase 125 Starboards (interactive white boards), 23 interactive projectors, and 10classroom response systems. –Train all teachers who get these in their classrooms.

27 Summer Improvements Continued summer professional development training with 353 (duplicated count) participants What an indicator of the dedication of our teachers!

28 Appreciation for Work Thanks to Maintenance Staff, Instructional Services, IT, Human Resources, and all other staff who made this happen.

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