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Session 81 Comparative Emergency Management Session 8 Slide Deck.

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1 Session 81 Comparative Emergency Management Session 8 Slide Deck

2 Session 82 Session Objectives 1.Discuss the hazard identification process and strategies 2.Discuss the Hazard Analysis Process 3.Detail International Examples of Hazard Profiles

3 Session 83 Hazard Identification Factors Geologic Meteorological Hydrologic Biological Economic Technological Political Social

4 Session 84 Hazard-Specific Approach Resources may be limited to only those hazards that present an actual threat Mitigation methods, which actually do address hazards individually, can be more easily identified and subsequently prioritized Hazard specific expertise and equipment may be acquired to address the unique response needs of certain hazards Hazard risk can be mapped out to better delineate the geographic limits of risk, and thus allow for the prioritization of resources and effective land use planning.

5 Session 85 Hazard Identification Must be exhaustive and inclusive Product: a detailed list of all hazards that have caused disasters in the past or that have the potential to result in future disaster events, becomes the basis of the hazards risk management process

6 Session 86 Hazard Profiling Hazard profiling is a process of describing the hazard in its local context –A general description of the hazard –A local historical background of the hazard –Local vulnerability –Possible consequences –Estimated likelihood

7 Session 87 Hazard Identification Methods Prescriptive or Creative Brainstorming Research on the disaster / emergency history Review of existing plans Similar hazard identification efforts Mapping / GIS Interviews Site visits SMEs Hazard Mitigation Officer Hazard Maps Checklists

8 Session 88 Event Tree 1

9 Session 89 Event Tree 2

10 Session 810 Fault Tree 1

11 Session 811 Fault Tree 2

12 Session 812 Community Profile Geography Property Infrastructure Demographics Response Agencies

13 Session 813 Risk Statement Components Name of the Hazard General Description of the Hazard Frequency of Occurrence of the Hazard –Historical Incidence –Predicted Frequency Magnitude and Potential Intensity Location(s) of the Hazard Estimated Spatial Extent of Hazard Impact Duration of Hazard Event, Emergency, or Disaster Seasonal Pattern / Time-Based Pattern Speed on Onset Availability of Warning

14 Session 814 Hazard Profiles Slovenia Kazakhstan United Arab Emirates

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