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1 TurboCare Sp. z o.o. TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
April, 2007

2 TurboCare sp. z o.o. – structure
SIEMENS AG WIBREM Sp. z o.o 80% shares 20% shares PRUFTECHNIK WIBREM TurboCare Sp. z o.o TurboCare Group, with 17 businesses around the world and over 2,500 highly skilled employees covering industrial and power generation market in more than 100 countries, is the world's largest Independent Service Provider offering maintenance support to owners and operators of rotating equipment manufactured by major industry OEMs.

3 TurboCare sp. z o.o. - employment

4 TurboCare – locations map
Turbine Services Limited TurboCare International Kadon Electro Mechanical Service Ltd TurboCare Inc TC Poland TurboCare Spa TurboCare Gas Turbine Services TurboCare Ltd Thailand Masaood John Brown MJB International SerWestca TurboCare Sericos em Turbomaquinas Ltd TurboCare Pty Ltd

5 TurboCare International, GmbH
TurboCare companies TurboCare Inc TurboCare International, GmbH

6 TurboCare sp. z o.o. activities:
Field installation service Steam & gas turbines overhaul Fact finding of turbine condition NDT (incl. Replica & microscopy analysis) Machining services: on-site and in workshop Repair and retrofit of turbine components Blades replacement Rotors straightening Vibration measurement and rotors balancing Laser alignment service Oil service

7 TurboCare sp. z o.o. turbine overhaul workshop
1998 2300 m2 Overhead crane 50 t Tool store Social and office area Electrical supply system 1,2 MW Heating system 800 kW Roads for heavy transport 2006

8 inside of workshop

9 LP rotor – 36t ready for sandblasting

10 Horizontal boring machine
machines in workshop – 1 Horizontal boring machine Heavy horizontal boring machine – to 65 t.

11 LP rotor of 120 MW turbine machining
machines in workshop – 2 LP rotor of 120 MW turbine machining Heavy lathe L = 8 m D = 2850 mm Load – 30 t

12 machines in workshop – 3 Horizontal lathe D = 3500 mm, Load = 65 t
Heavy boring machine

13 Field for turbine assembly
turbines in workshop Field for turbine assembly

14 work in situ at power plant
BBC 300 MW turbine

15 work in situ TurboCare uses own containers for site preparation.
Container city in Power Plant

16 work in situ Tool storage near turbine
Mobile lathe and mobile mill near turbine.

17 installation TurboCare is ready for:
assembling of old or new turbines on new foundation precision leveling of machine frames transport of heavy units to plants

18 instalation TurboCare installed in 2002 for Alstom – 3 skids with gas compressors system in Poland.

19 Major overhaul of 200 MW turbo – generator of LMZ design
steam turbine overhaul Major overhaul of 200 MW turbo – generator of LMZ design

20 gas turbine overhaul VANTA PP – Finland Gas turbine 80 MW

21 Diaphragm blade assembling New blades of turbine rotor
Compressor & turbine New blades of turbine rotor

22 hydro turbine overhaul

23 kaplan turbine overhaul
TurboCare is prepared for major and medium overhaul of hydro – turbines. Kaplan turbine rotor is dismantled for cleaning, measurement, NDT and overhaul. TurboCare can perform services of all types of hydro turbines.

24 fact finding Machine diagnose beforee overhaul
Measurement of alignment Clearances measurement Non destructive testing Destructive material testing Material testing with replica Oil purity testing Photo documentation Video endoscopy Fact finding protocol Machine diagnose after overhaul

25 vibration diagnostic Vibration measurement Vibration analyze
Balancing at site Analyze of blades vibration

26 Grit blasting with cooper slag sand, aluminum oxide and glass pearls

27 non-destructive testing
Flaw detection and metallographic tests: Vibration measurement Vibration analyze Cracks test in turbine casings and rotors; Magnetic particle test in UV rays of turbine blades; Ultrasonic test of shafts, couplings, casing joint surfaces, bolts and bearings; Endoscope test of hard to reach spaces; Visual examination of pipeline interiors with micro TV system (length up to 11m); Flaw examination of rotor central bores; Metallographic replicas for assessment of technical degradation of materials working in highest temperatures; Hardness measurement for assessment of material condition;

28 non-destructive testing
Work in high temperature with high stresses is the source of cracks of turbine parts.

29 endoscope test OLIMPUS - F7mm, 1,5 m long (photo registration);
SONY – F6mm, 3 m long with video registration and dimensions measuring system; TV camera – F30mm, 11 m long

30 turbine casings overhaul
Cleaning, NDT, cracks removing; Welding repair; Dimensions control; Machining; Bolts replacement; Assembling.

31 After overhaul turbine casings are ready for assembly.
turbine casings overhaul After overhaul turbine casings are ready for assembly.

32 turbine casings material structure rectify
After hours of work, high temperature and stresses destroyed material structure of turbine casing. Heat treatment is the best way to rectify the material structure. Crystal grain before and after normalization of turbine casing material.

33 turbine rotors straightening
Run-out before straightening – to 5,40 mm Run out after straightening – max 0,12 mm

34 turbine rotors straightening

35 blades replacement Blades assembly

36 TurboCare assemblies all kind of turbine blades.
blades replacement TurboCare assemblies all kind of turbine blades.

37 Siemens design blades assembly
blades replacement Siemens design blades assembly

38 Mobile boring machine WK-1
mobile machines Mobile boring machine WK-1 Bore diameter – to 2600 mm Radial feed – to 200 mm Axial feed – to 200 mm Max. Length of inner part of casing – 4600 mm Machining the bore of IP 200 MW turbine casing

39 Mobile boring machine WK-2
mobile machines Mobile boring machine WK-2 Bore diameter – from 1300 to 4000 mm Bearings distance – 5030 mm Weight – kg

40 LP casing of 200 MW turbine machining at site
mobile machines LP casing of 200 MW turbine machining at site

41 Mobile boring machine for turbine casings
The biggest in the world D = 6000 mm, L = mm TurboCare Sp. z o.o. design and manufacturing

42 mobile machines Diffusers boring machine WD -1
Bore diameter 50 – 1000 mm Depth of machining to 1300 mm Machining of the cylindrical and axial surfaces

43 mobile machines

44 mobile machines Pipes external work.
Inlet of steam pipes, with piston rings type sealing, need external surface machining for bushes replacement. After machining

45 Milling machine for surface and grooves machining
mobile machines Milling machine for surface and grooves machining

46 mobile machines Machine for couple bores turning
Overhaul of coupling needs machining of bolt holes with knife when bushes are installed.

47 Drilling machine with swivel head.
mobile machines Drilling machine with swivel head.

48 mobile machines

49 laser alignment of turbines

50 AEG turbine modernization

51 oil purity control and flushing
Oil filtering and flusing mobile system

52 turbine rotors balancing
Low speed balancing at site with mobile machine High speed balancing with Schenck machine in Brno

53 turbine overhaul in workshop

54 turbine overhaul in workshop

55 turbine overhaul in workshop
Preliminary assembling in TurboCare workshop

56 WROCLAW – CITY OF TurboCare Sp. z o.o. LOCATION
Thank you for your attention WROCLAW – CITY OF TurboCare Sp. z o.o. LOCATION

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