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Smart Metering,AMI & Meter Data Management – Components of a Smart Grid by Tony Ithier SIEMENS.

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1 Smart Metering,AMI & Meter Data Management – Components of a Smart Grid by Tony Ithier SIEMENS

2 Smart Planet- IBM Smart Diplomacy- Sec of State Smart Power – Central Vermont Smart Connect - SCE

3 Smart Grid – Definition?? Distributed/Renewable Generation Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Self-Healing Grid & Feeder Automation Demand Response, Time of Use Rates Peak Demand Reduction Carbon Emission Reduction Customer Choice

4 This Presentation Describes How Smart Meters, AMI, & Meter Data Management Implement the Last 4 Items Demand Response, Time of Use Rates Reduction of Peak Demand Reduce Carbon Emission Customer Choice

5 Smart Grid Projects Driven by Federal, State & Local Initiatives Examples Central Vermont Power TVA State of Pennsylvania

6 Central Vermont Public Svc, 158,000 Customers Smart Power Program ….designed to reduce customer energy use, costs and environmental impacts while improving storm management …

7 Tennessee Valley Authority, 3.5M Customers …. the TVA Board formed Customer Resources' (CR) Energy Efficiency/Demand Reduction (EE/DR) organization with the responsibility of achieving a 1400 MW reduction in peak power demand by 2012. …

8 State of Pennsylvania, PSC, Oct 2008 …. targets of a minimum reduction in consumption of 1 percent by May 31, 2011 and of 3 percent by May 31, 2013….There also must be a minimum peak demand reduction of 4.5 percent over the 100 highest use hours by May 31, 2013.. …

9 Smart Meters & Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

10 Smart Meters Digital, not a rotary dial Hourly & sub-hourly, not monthly Provides status points & voltage readings Tamper flag Loss of power flag

11 AMI Networks Can be wired or wireless and include: Wireless - Satellite, RF Wired - Broadband over Power Lines, Cable, Telephone Dedicated 2 way communications

12 Automated Meter Reading Vs. Automated Metering Infrastructure AMR AMI MobileFixed Walk ByDrive By KeyedRadio WirelessWired PLC/BPL Fiber CATV Telephone Satellite Radio Licensed Unlicensed Supports: Electronic Meter Reading Remote Meter Reading Supports: Off Site Meter Reading

13 Smart Meters & AMI Vendors

14 Meter Data Management System

15 MDM, 3 Core Functions Reads AMI meter data Verifies data accuracy Provides data interfaces to many other computer systems

16 Cleans up erroneous data Estimates missing data

17 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 16 17 18 19 20 21 2223 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 00 Peak Shoulder Off Peak March 6thMarch 5th March 4th Time Of Use Rates Data Framing

18 Data Storage & Management for Several Years One monthly reading, 12 values per year Hourly reading, 8760 values per year 15 minute reading, 35,000 values per year RAID 1 <2 Yr RAID 7 >2 Yr Tape > 5 Yr Weekly Monthly Yearly Daily

19 System Architecture Scalable, Extensible Real-time processing Oracle database Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Virtual Machine Java & web services

20 Integration with Other Computer Systems Integrates meter data with back office CIS billing systems Provides plan/eng/operations with hourly data for load models Provides OMS with customer outage information

21 Additional Functions Supported On demand meter reading Remote connect/disconnect Tamper detection

22 Dominion Power Voltage Reduction Program 15 minute voltage reading via MDM Operate voltage at end of circuit at lowest voltage level, closer to 120V Voltage drop of 5%, customer bill reduced 8%

23 Influencing Customer Decisions & Providing Customer Choices Consumer Data Portal

24 Residential Customer Demand Response Time of Use Rates Critical Peak Pricing

25 Providence of Ontario Average peak, 25,000 MW Critical peak, 27,000 MW, 36 hours during year Over two month period, price of power Max - $318/MWh Min – minus $3/MWh

26 eMeter, Energy Engage Prototype - HomePage

27 eMeter Prototype - Energy Usage by Hour

28 MDM Implementations & Pilot Programs

29 Jacksonville Electric Authority Implemented in 2003 360K electric & 300K water meters Three AMI systems – Primarily CellNet Used for: CIS billing Enhanced outage detection/management Enhanced connect/disconnect Load data for planning & engineer

30 FPL Pilot s and Implementation 3 pilot programs: 5K, then 50K, then 100K meters SilverSpring AMI networks 275K smart meters to be installed by end of 2009 4.3M smart meters by end of 2013

31 California Implementations City of Anaheim 160K water & electric meters, 5 AMI systems Project started in 2007, complete 2008 Southern Cal 5.3 million meters Project started in 2008

32 Home Area Network (HAN)

33 ZigBee Alliance Defining protocols for the Home Area Network Low-cost, low-power, wireless mesh networks Price signals are broadcast from utility via smart meters Appliances in the home will react to pricing signals Function to reduce peak demand or shift demand to off peak schedules

34 Thank You Questions or comments?

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