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CellVisor Boztek Solutions Pty Ltd Next G Packet-based & SMS

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1 CellVisor Boztek Solutions Pty Ltd Next G Packet-based & SMS
Remote Monitoring and Control System.

2 CV3000 Next G

3 Case Study - Oil-flow Monitoring Agricultural Group
Agricultural property located 70 km out of Griffith Monitoring bore pump failure/supervision. Previous cost = 1 man + 1 truck, 4 hours/day, every day. Cost of one bearing failure > $30,000 235,000 Acres (~1000 km2 ). 11 irrigation bore pumps. Primary need: Pump bearing “oil-drip” fail detection

4 - Low-flow Monitoring (cont’d)
Optical Solution (E State design) Optical-fibre switch - non-invasive. Count “drops”; Logged as “mL” total per day. SMS Alarm sent on flow failure. Auto-shutdown after delay, or immediate SMS shutdown.

5 Case Study – Soil Moisture Monitoring AquaSpy Group
Approx 600 client sites around Australia and the Americas. Sites are all solar-powered. Originally CDMA; converted to Next G. Interface to AquaSpy soil-moisture probe. Data is logged and transferred as packet data once every 15 minutes to AquaSpy server.

6 Case Study – Weather Station (for NSW RTA)
Weather Monitoring at major road-works sites around NSW. Direct interface to Davis Weather Station. Packet-data transfer to Web-based application. SMS alarming on specific weather warnings “Pass-thru” mode supported on circuit-switched dial-up for direct access by Davis proprietary software. Solar-powered sites. Current trial is with 20 sites.

7 Case Study – Sports Playing Fields Parramatta Council
Field lighting and irrigation control for 34 park sites. Remote scheduling of lighting & irrigation. SMS override by club members if training is cancelled – significant energy savings. Access control to amenities buildings.

8 Case Study – Water Quality Monitoring Sentinel Pty Ltd
Stream water-quality monitoring at mine sites around Australia (Next G) and in Asia (GSM/GPRS). Next G packet-based data transfer to Sentinel’s server. Direct interface to Hydrolab MS5 probe. (Depth, pH, turbidity, dissolved Oxygen, conductivity) All sites are solar-powered.

9 Case Study – Channel Irrigation
On-farm automated irrigation channel gate control system. CV3000 Next G hub, plus radio-node at each gate. Automated sequencing of gate opening and closing. Bay level detection. Significant improvement to water management A trial farm site with 80 gates is due for installation.

10 Case Study – Railway-Crossings A.R.T.C.
Monitoring of rail-crossing fault-detection equipment. Measurement/Logging of rail and ambient temperatures. Next G packet-data log/fault transfer to central server. SMS Alarms

11 Case Study – Reservoir Control Gunning Shire Council
CDMA to Next G conversion. Pump monitoring. Reservoir level monitoring. Pump control based on reservoir levels. Mix of solar and mains-powered sites.

12 Other Applications CellVisor has been applied to a range of applications: Bore Pump, Lateral/Pivot Irrigator monitoring. Radio Tower monitoring. Fire-fighting Pump controller - stand-alone. Frost detector - Temp/RH/Dewpoint Temp/RH/Dewpoint (Solar-shield removed)

13 Solar/Low-Power In “Standby” mode, the CV3000 draws around 50 mA (Modem inactive) On change of any input, the CV3000 will wake immediately and will SMS an alarm or start logging pulses. SMS Control achieved by “checking mailbox” on wake.

14 CellVisor Screen Shots
Typical Trend Screen Main Configuration Dialog Ethernet Configuration Site Selection can be map or list based

15 End of Presentation

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