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Integrated Fuel Management POS-Console System

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1 Integrated Fuel Management POS-Console System
ParaFUEL - Fleet Integrated Fuel Management POS-Console System

2 What is ParaFUEL - Fleet
ParaFUEL-Fleet is a comprehensive fuel management system, which can be used as either a private fleet fuel management system, or as a General retail fuel sales management and control system Developed over 6 years, and validate in private fuel network applications, ParaFUEL is the most capable and flexible system for the price on the market, designed specifically with the needs and variety of sales applications of the US Propane marketer and fleet operator in mind

3 What is ParaFUEL - Fleet
ParaFUEL is NOT just a Fleet fuel management system It is capable of multiple applications Autogas, Private or Fleet Retail cylinders Forklift / lawn equipment cylinders RV’s and food trucks Other typical ‘Dock Sales” applications

4 What is ParaFUEL - Fleet
Retail Fleets Vehicle identification Gallons used Fuel economy Driver ID Mileage tracking Customer reporting Qualified operator validation Transaction sales reporting Autogas Applications: Private Fleets Vehicle identification Gallons used Fuel economy Driver ID Mileage tracking Department sorting

5 How does it work? The ParaFUEL system consists of 2 main subsystems
The “User Interface System” mounted in the dispenser for convenience and interfacing with dispenser computer, through the “Site Controller”. The “Site Controller”, which communicates with, and controls both the User Interface Module” and the dispenser calculating computer, with the ParaFUEL software and database. The system is activated by an RFID device, registered to the ParaFUEL database, by simply waving in from of the RFID icon on the main display. Options for vehicle/driver ID include: RFID Card (Similar in size and shape to a credit card RFID keychain FOB or tag, similar to a memory stick Both can be labeled or marked for ID by the user

6 What does the system consist of?

7 How is the system installed?
The system can be installed into nearly all P4 Series dispensers, either ordered for factory installation when the dispenser is assembled, or as a field upgrade for existing dispensers. Naturally, the field upgrade is more complicated, and labor intensive, but not very difficult with instructions The system DOES require a data cable connection between each dispenser and the Site Controller, installed in the facility building. This MUST be a minimum of 18 gage, shielded and insulated data cable, with 2 twisted pair of conductors (typical for convenience store POS to PUMP communication)

8 What does the Console show?
Can be manually operated, or automatic Shows each dispenser sales display, before, during and at end of transaction…And User Interface display messages Automatically sets the price per gallon on the dispenser, based on the card/FOB configuration Can accommodate both “Self Serve” customers and attended sales Records each transaction Optional inside receipt Real time communication, does not require “polling” like traditional third party fuel management systems

9 How does it work? Once the database is set up for each department, company, or customer and each vehicle and/or driver, the card or FOB is encoded with unique data for access The system is then ready to use The driver parks the vehicle for refueling and holds the card or FOB in front of the RFID ICON on the main sales display to activate the system The site controller inside the building verifies the data and the card ID against the database If the options are turned on, the system can also ask the driver to input additional data, such as Pin Code User ID Vehicle Mileage Vehicle ID Validate operator certification

10 How does it work? Operator Interface Easy operation
The driver (in the case of a self serve autogas operation), or the attendant in the case of an attended operation (such as RV’s or recreational, Forklift or landscaping cylinders) will use the keypad to input the required information, based on the prompts turned on in the system, as directed by the ParaFUEL user interface display Once this information is sent to the site controller database, the site controller will verify the type of filling operation, the authorized use of the dispenser, and then send an authorize signal back to the dispenser, refreshing the main sales display, to include the specific price per gallon indicated for that customer or account.

11 How is the system setup? The first process in system setup and configuration is to set up the administrative rights to the software, which controls who has access to which information. Simple easy to fill out data fields Not all fields are required You can select to not use some of the capabilities The next step is to set up the products to be dispensed. In the case of propane, it is generally a single tank of the same actual product, but is often sold and tracked as different products, depending on the customer type. You can create a virtually unlimited number of product types, such as: Autogas – Fleet customers Autogas – Internal use Employee price 20# cylinders RV price

12 How is the system setup? Each product type, can be defined for both volume tracking (ie gallons, liters) and unit price These can be updated and changed regularly based on any factor such as Wholesale cost Delivered cost % or $ over posted price Contractual price Seasonal adjustments Etc. Ne product types can be added at any time to increase the flexibility of the system, and accommodate new customers or special uses

13 How is the system setup? Next, the site must be set up, to identify the specific equipment the site controller will be controlling This includes unique information such as: Site address Contact information Security of access Number of dispensers Each dispenser or hose id in the system

14 Inventory management Next, You have the option to set up inventory tracking by tank or product. If the administrator enters the delivered volume each time the tank is filled (easy process) the system will track inventory, based on the amounts delivered through the system, with great accuracy, and without the need for installing expensive gauging devices You can set the system to send messages for: Reorder point Minimum level Current level

15 Price levels Each product type can be assigned product levels based on the different uses or customers Each card or FOB, used to authorize the dispenser for a transaction, can be tied to a unique price level, based on: Individual customer Contracted prices Dock sales by attendant card Other Options

16 Daily Operations Each transaction authorization, dispensing and transaction prompts, indicated on the dispenser screen, appear real time on the site controller console screen Each transaction is captured for all dispensing and customer data, for future reporting There is no need for “polling” or periodic connection to the dispenser or the fuel management system, like most third party systems All information is displayed and captured real time by the system

17 Shift Operations Each transaction period can be operated as a “Shift”
A shift can be closed periodically as desired By number of hours Daily Weekly Monthly All transactions for a SHIFT are captured at the bottom of the Console screen

18 Reporting All data captured, can be reported in the administrative software, with sorting by any selected field(s) Product Customer Date range Reports can be exported as EXCEL files or other formats such as HTML, CSV, etc. These files can be imported to some accounting systems The reporting can be used to create the “Batch” for invoicing a customer, by any period Reports can be printed for mailing or ed to a customer

19 Summary ParaFUEL - Fleet
ParaFUEL is a versatile system, adaptable to the needs of many customer types such as: Single entity private or government fleets Multi department fleets Propane Marketers for self-service Autogas only Propane Marketers with multiple customer and sales types Convenience stores, resellers, RV centers, Camp grounds National account resellers like Flying J, Northern Tools, tractor supply, U-haul, Camping world, etc. ParaFUEL has all the basic functions of a traditional third part fleet fuel management, with the additional benefits of: Real time transaction tracking Convenient Console Store-Front POS functions No polling

20 OPTIONS ParaFUEL - Fleet
ParaFUEL offers several options Current options include Site controller of up to 4 hoses Choice of RFID cards, or Keychain FOB’s Optional inside console receipt printer Future options coming soon: Stand alone user interface terminal, for connecting multiple dispenser hoses to a single site controller Reduces over all cost, by eliminating the need for a UIM to be installed in each dispenser, for each hose Can be connected to CFT/CFUSA brand dispensers Ability to interface with some third party flue level gauging systems Ability to control Gasoline, diesel, and other fleet type dispensers, such as Gasboy, Benett, Wayne, etc.

21 Summary ParaFUEL - Fleet
ParaFUEL offers features, ease of use and flexibility that no other system can match Fleet management system price, with retail POS console capabilities The most versatile system available today Future capabilities will include: Credit-card processing options Multi-site networking Hosted networking of multiple sites, at a low monthly rate Eliminates the need for t large network server investment Direct import to some accounting systems (depending on the individual system and export/import complexities, there may be a software customization charge

22 Parafour Innovations, LLC
ParaFUEL - Fleet For more information, contact Parafour Innovations, LLC: Parafour Innovations, LLC 2534-A Shell Road Georgetown, TX 78628

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