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1 © ACGI Software. All Rights Reserved.
AAUG Meeting March Agenda © ACGI Software. All Rights Reserved.

2 Agenda for March 12, 2013 AAUG Community Site Updates
Webinar Materials Latest Discussion Threads 6.5.3 Release Highlights (Second Look at Some V7 Components) Online Expo Copy Alternate Contact Standard Secret Questions Address Confirmation and Validation Developing a Distribution List Using BOXI Demonstration Developing a Distribution List (to be published to the AAUG Community Site)

3 AAUG Community Site Updates
Webinar Materials have been posted on the Webinars. This includes the December (Navigating the AAUG Site), January (Advanced ECM) and February (ASSET) recorded materials The ACGI open enrollment training schedule has been posted on the AAUG Community Site and ACGI’s web site. Please contact ACGI if you have any questions. INFORMS is looking for input regarding student status verification and your experience with new student membership applications.

4 V6.5.3 Release Highlights – Online Expo
Designed for Exhibitors to register, confirm their company information, select booths and premiums, and submit payment online Promotes self-service and reduces the amount of administrative overhead previously required by organizations to support booth management Provides greater opportunity for revenue generation in your organization

5 V6.5.3 Release Highlights – Copy Alternate Contact
Allows each SSA customer to specify an address to be copied on AA correspondence Provides the option to copy correspondence at the category and global level Integrates with both SSA and AA back office user E-contact preferences Maintains opt-out functionality even if alternate contact initiates the preference

6 V6.5.3 Release Highlights – Standard Secret questions
Designed to provide a more standard approach to increased security measures Assists with password retrieval / reset

7 V6.5.3 Release Highlights – Email Confirmation
Implemented with New Customer creation Validates address against a defined regular expression (e.g., includes Designed to improve data quality (i.e., minimize invalid entry of s) Customizable via an AA system parameter - CENSSA_ENABLE_ _CONFIRM_FIELD Includes inline validation to improve user experience

8 Distribution Lists – Creating with BOXI
Distribution lists are used to define the target audience of your . Distribution lists have two formats: Static – same set of recipients Dynamic – recipients may change based on when is sent (i.e. current members may change)

9 5 Steps to create a new distribution list
Create report in BOXI that defines your target group Add ‘Build Staging List’ field to result objects Define the name and other parameters Make the list permanent within Association Anywhere Define the security parameters (who can use the list and when) LIST IS READY!

10 Walkthrough – Step 1 and 2 – Add email object
Step 1 - Create a report in BOXI Step 2 - Add ‘Build Staging List’ field to result objects Located within the class/folder The address is NOT needed as part of the report. The appropriate will automatically be selected by the ECM module.

11 Walkthrough – Step 3 Define email parameters
Define the name and other parameters Because BOXI and Association Anywhere integration, you will be prompted for essential information prior to creating the list. Category/Subcategory are used to filter on the customer communication preferences, so you do not need to add these to your BOXI report.

12 Walkthrough – Step 4 Make the list permanent
Your results will show a hyperlink, lets adjust that: right click on the ‘Build Staging List’ column and edit the format to read the cell contents as a Hyperlink

13 Walkthrough – Step 4 continued
Your list will now have an ID number. Click the ‘Make List Permanent’ link This will take you to the admin screen in Association Anywhere.

14 Walkthrough – Step 5 Define security parameters
In Association Anywhere, the ECM module will now ask for security settings. Start/End date for the list Identify the users by name, role or Public

15 Walkthrough – Step 5 continued
Within the define privileges link, identify the users by name, role or Public List is now ready to use!

16 List is created and ready for use
You will now see the list as a static list in Association Anywhere

17 same boxi report for another distribution?
What if you want to use the same report again? Issue: BOXI continues to use the same list ID Solution: Make BOXI think it is a new report Save your report, if you had not already done so. Remove the ‘Build Staging List’ from the EDIT QUERY area and re-run the report. (basically getting you back to STEP 1 – Creating your report) Repeat STEP 2 - Add ‘Build Staging List’ back and a new id number will be created. Continue with Steps 3-5 to create the new mailing list. Note: combined queries do not work for static lists

18 Create a dynamic list from boxi?
This is more advanced, but actually, quite simple. Specific rules: Only select the customer ID as the result object On the edit query tab, there is a SQL button. Select this and copy the SQL.

19 Create a dynamic list from boxi (continued)?
Within Admin>Mktg/Comm>E- Communications>Distribution Lists Create New Lists Paste the SQL into the SQL Text area. NOTE: sometimes a blank line appears, take this out

20 Create a dynamic list from boxi (continued)?
After saving, set your privileges for the list. You may then ‘TEST’ your list . Remember, only need the customer id selected in the query.

21 Distribution Lists – Creating One Using BOXI
OnDemand Segment within the AAUG Community Site Webinars Discussion

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