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© 2002 Systems Approach LLC 1 Easy Audit Online is changing its name brought to you by Systems Approach LLC Environment, Health and Safety Management Consultants.

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1 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 1 Easy Audit Online is changing its name brought to you by Systems Approach LLC Environment, Health and Safety Management Consultants Telephone: (860) 217-0280

2 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 2 u Description –Web-based Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) knowledge management tool –Gathers and stores user-defined data –Provides the ability to assess, analyze and track issues

3 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 3 u Description (continued) –Creates environment to share effective practices –Simple to use F Access via the Internet F Nothing to download

4 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 4 u Features –Uses your existing questionnaire(s) as basis for data gathering –Fields and labels can be customized –Ability to assign rights to different users for certain activities –Users with highest rights can review responses from other sites

5 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 5 u Features (continued) –Application enables users to: F Document & track corrective actions F Remotely review and approve planned corrective actions F Review and validate that corrective action has been completed F Upload & attach related documents: –Company requirements/guidance, program templates, photo illustrations, etc.

6 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 6 u Features (continued) –Application also enables Client Administrators to: F Conduct routine administrative functions (add users & sites, upload questionnaires & documents) using a separate Admin Console

7 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 7 u Features (continued) –Protected data F Data resides on our secure server F Bypasses intranet accessibility issue F SSL (Secure Socket Layer) available –Additional enhancements available F Standard questionnaires for most topics F Multi-lingual F Notifications via email

8 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 8 u Benefits –Accessible from any Internet connection 24/7 year-round –No need for onsite IS support –Reduce costs F Travel, staff time, scheduling, logistics –Recognize/share effective practices

9 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 9 u Benefits (continued) –Improve Assurance F Monitor program implementation (new operations, department, sites) F Remote surveillance between on-site visits (mature operations) F Ongoing compliance/conformance checking F Uniform self-assessment process

10 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 10 u Benefits (continued) –Associated with an extensive technical support network F Application designed & managed by seasoned EH&S professionals F In-country EH&S content experts F Information management expertise

11 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 11 u Cost-effective options –Basic Option F Standard set of data entry fields F Administrative console (add sites & users, upload/modify checklists) F Fees (program, set-up, usage, storage) F Technical support (extra $)

12 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 12 u Cost-effective options (continued) –Enhanced Option F Assigned account manager F Develop new and/or customize existing checklist(s) and questionnaires F Review completed questionnaires F Conduct on-site assessment F Input/track data/status reporting F Fees based on services

13 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 13 u Pricing –Based on initial consultation –Cleary understand/define your needs F How you intend on using the application F What you hope to achieve F Number and location of sites F Extent of in-house materials/expertise F Use of other associated services

14 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 14 u Pricing (continued) –Typical application costs F Fees (program, users/storage, set-up) F Modify reports, or create new reports F Off-site technical support –Other potential costs F Management consulting fees

15 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 15 The Application

16 Login screen

17 Welcome Screen Your logo can be added (at 1 & 2) to make the application specific to your company/organization. Client Administrators can toggle between sites (3). User info displayed in left margin (4). Navigation buttons (5) 1 3 4 2 5

18 Answer Questionnaires Button The button takes you to a screen where you can select the questionnaire you would like to complete. Questionnaires can be uploaded by Client Administrators from the Administrative Console.

19 Select Questionnaires Here you will find the list of questionnaires, etc. for your company. If instructions, notes, or company documents related to a particular questionnaire have been uploaded, then you will see Available under More Files (1). Event Info (2) identifies the who and what related to a particular questionnaire. Highlight the appropriate questionnaire (3) then click Fill Out Questionnaire (4). 3 21 4

20 More Files When you click on More Files, you will see all of the files that have been uploaded for that particular questionnaire. Double click on the file (1), and it can be opened and/or saved. Most common document types (word, spreadsheet, PDF, jpeg, etc.) can be attached the questionnaire. 1

21 Answer Questionnaire This is one of the data input forms. Fields can be removed, or field names can be changed to meet the needs of the client. Instructions can be added to aid the user in responding to questions.

22 Browse Questionnaires Button The button enables you to find a specific question without having to go through the entire questionnaire.

23 Browse The button displays all of the questions in a given questionnaire. This function enables you to find a specific question quickly. You may need to do this if you want to update a questionnaire you completed, or pick up where you left off on a questionnaire you previously started but did not finish.

24 Report Button The button enables you to print a report for the questionnaire you select.

25 Report There is a standard report format that can be customized. Reports can be printed, or exported into Excel for additional analysis.

26 My Info Button Data about the user is stored under the button.

27 My Site Button Data about the users site is stored under the button. If you are the Client Administrator, you can also add new sites (1). If you are a Site Administrator, you will be able to access the Facility Profile (2). 12

28 Facility Profile The Facility Profile is a way to document general information about the site. The profile can be customized to gather the type of EHS information you think is important in characterizing the site. The profile can help in deciding what topic/media questionnaires would be appropriate.

29 © 2002 Systems Approach LLC 29 How Can You Use The EH&S Knowledgebank in a Global World?


31 Our Approach Screen All Sites F Identify common problems F Implement a risk ranking F Identify Significant risks F Develop solutions Understand Program F What is expected of Facilities F Develop assistance packages –Model Programs –Guidance Documents On-Line Questionnaire & Phone Interview Representative Sampling F On-site audits –Select locations –Significant risks F Confirm assumptions

32 A Perspective on Why We Have Succeeded in the Past Auditing All Sites F Expensive F Identifies the Same Problems F Not Solution Based F Doesnt Change Risks F Limited Value –Manufacturing Operations –Office/Warehouse/Distribution –Real Estate Companies Experience with Similar Programs Limitations:

33 Brad Russell at Systems Approach LLC Telephone: (860) 217-0280 Email: Stuart Sleeman at Sleeman Hanley & DiNitto, Inc. Telephone: (617) 330-2800 Email: To discuss how the EHS Knowledgebank can improve the effectiveness of your EH&S program, please contact: Partnering Opportunities Also Available

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