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An IT consultancy for todays reality Canadian Association of Movers Annual Conference Generating Customer Value Online December 4 th, 2007.

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1 an IT consultancy for todays reality Canadian Association of Movers Annual Conference Generating Customer Value Online December 4 th, 2007

2 Agenda 1. Market Demographics; Achieving Success Online 2. Customer Relationship Interaction Model 3. Search Engines: SEO vs. SEM 4. Moving Industry Today: Site Functions to Actions 5. New Ideas 6. Understanding Visitors 7. Moving Industry Online Trends 8. Summary, Q & A

3 Does the Web matter to Moving biz? Internet Demographics Today Two thirds of all Canadians are online 1. Residential: Higher income families more likely online, (90% of $75K+) 2 Corporate: 85% of Businesses are connected via high speed 1 90% of users aged 18-54 surveyed would use internet 1st to research products, (2005) 3 Residential and Corporate Moving Customers highly likely to research Movers online 4 Bottom Line – Your customers will find you and judge you online.

4 Achieving Success Online Purpose of the Movers/Van Lines Website: Marketing Facilitate Sales Customer Care Ultimately, to drive Lead Generation & Provide Customer Service… Objectives Today to Answer: What is the Moving industry doing today? Trends? How a mover can distinguish itself Online? What can the Mover do Online (Corp website or elsewhere) to drive sales?

5 Customer Relationship Model In the Moving Industry today, how are online capabilities used to support these activities? How can these capabilities be leveraged to increase sales and customer satisfaction?

6 How Will They Find You Online? Internet Search Intentional name search or generic search (SE) Independent Service Directories Public Service/Paid, Printed or Online Banners (PPC) or 3rd Party Hosted Links Direct Marketing Mining the MLS, directing customer to website Conventional Marketing/Traditional Channels Drive prospects to website by broadcasting URL

7 A Little About Search Engines Search Engines Market Share How Do They Rank Results? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Improving Placement/Click-throughs Free vs. Paid Traffic: All About Control Bottom Line: Just because they can find you, doesnt mean theyll stay…

8 SE Market Share Search Engine Marketwatch 6 (Sept, 2007)

9 Site Functions: Locate SEO / SEM Other Paid Online Marketing Generalist Directories (eg: Professional Service Directories (eg: Geo Directories (eg: Links on related 3rd party sites eg: Special Offers on Real Estate site Online Redeemable Coupons at 3rd Party Website Increases SE traffic, as well…

10 Site Functions: Navigate Clear Presentation of Offerings Layout/Structure Sitemap Prominent Gadgets/Helpers Bilingual Content Local Search Bottom Line: All web 1.0 functions, but focus here, first…

11 Site Functions: Trust About Us/Executive Message/Mission Statement Branding Consistency Blog (Web Log)/Company News Testimonials Know Your Rights Co-branding Professional Associations: Membership/links Electronic Seal of Approval Privacy Policy (PIPEDA) Arbitration/Claims Process Reputation online = on-the-line Bottom Line: Build respect and credibility online with visitor.

12 Site Functions: Educate Content-Based Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Glossary of Industry Terms Moving Tips How-to Videos Room Packing Guides Move Planning Moving Options Special, LD, or Intl Move Considerations Static Online Forms (PDF/HTML)

13 Site Functions: Facilitate Dynamic/Interactive Tools Dynamic Content Moving Planner/Calendar/Scheduler Interactive Forms Calculators Packing Materials Calculator, Weight/Volume Calculator e-Cards "We're Moving... Bottom Line: Make the customers life easier…

14 Industry Site Functions: Motivate Value-Added Functions Freebees: Free Moving Starter Kit Related 3rd Party Service Coupons Links to Affiliates & Programs Cross-sell Company-owned Associated Services Add value by improving proposition ! Bottom Line: Educate+Facilitate+Motivate= Added Value (~trust, gratitude )

15 Industry Site Functions: Connect Find a Branch/Local Agent function Pick an Agent, or let us suggest... Map Links to Agent/Branch Locations Email Links Phone #s Free Quote Request Functions Bottom Line: Key Motivating Factor for Contact = Trust.

16 Site Functions: Interact Promote: Payment options Credit Card relationships Financing/delayed payment options Post Sales Service: Login to account; move details; some interactions Bottom Line: Interaction opportunities remain in this area.

17 3 rd Party Quote Request Facilities Who Are they? Partnered with AMSA to provide a Quote Facility Compare or request quote from any/all; 6 featured, but pick your own… Other US:, incl. online estimate (go-pro; generic contractor req form) (IMF) & (Netherlands) 6 movers per geo, $6 / lead (via fax or email)

18 Site Functions: Recommend Post-Move Service: Online Claims Form Satisfaction Survey/Follow-up Mine for Testimonials Importance of Customer Service Bottom Line: Just because there isnt a damage claim, doesnt mean a satisfied customer…

19 Site Functions: Ideas Locate/Motivate 3 rd Party Linking Opportunities/Relationships/Programs eg: Real Estate Sites – few offer Mover/CAM links Connect Call Me Know, Chat Now No Association-certified Quote Request Facility in Canada Trust Publishing Approval Metrics, (corp or association-published) Online Calendar/Scheduler (alerts, notices, links to relevant content) 3rd Party Studies: Hidden Costs of a Cheap Move? No Secured Online Seal for Moving Industry in Canada

20 Site Functions: Ideas Educate/Facilitate/Motivate Site Moving Wizards, (interactive survey) Provide a MyMove Facility, (online profiling) Promotions/Contests: Win your move for free… Articles stressing damages due to self-packed goods, (a major trouble area) Recommend Refer a friend function - Free gift? Bottom Line: Many opportunities remain in this area.

21 Understand your Visitor: Hidden Gold Evaluate: Site Traffic One-page hits Visitor duration Referring URLs Track contact conversions Quote requests Email (form-based) Online Ref# for a discount, gift Search Log Look at what users are searching for… and provide it! Bottom Line: Need to close the loop on Online successes.

22 Online Trends in the Moving Industry Evolution of Moving Portals (Value-Aggregators) 360 O coverage on the move event – one stop shopping Affiliations real estate, insurance, mortgage companies, credit reports, school reports, salary reports, city reports, movers (via others… Coupons and discounts for 3 rd party services, (redeem online=direct links) Fast moving quotes, in partnership with AMSA Moving quiz, move type comparisons, many resources Quick quote links to paid subscribers Part of Go Pro Network (services portals) Real Estate to Cleaning to Plumbing to Moving

23 Summary, Q & A

24 About rational eyes Inc. rational eyes is a value-driven IT consulting firm specializing in online consulting and development services, headquartered in Markham, Ontario. rational eyes delivers strategy, project management, analysis, and development to optimize customers investments in IT and Online solutions across the entire solution lifecycle. Through its four key value propositions: Application Development, Strategic Services, Risk Mitigation, and Content Services rational eyes has assisted medium and large customers in financial services, retail, and information technology, and other industries. Carl Visentin is a founding partner and President of rational eyes Inc. rational eyes: "It's what we do, and how we do it"

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