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Content Management Systems By Mindscape Computing (P) Ltd Bangalore.

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1 Content Management Systems By Mindscape Computing (P) Ltd Bangalore.

2 To consistently exceed client expectations in design, development and delivery of software solutions Mindscape Computing (P) Ltd

3 Mindscape profile Been in existence from 1990. Focused exclusively on offshore development model. 25 engineers. Large projects, full lifecycle, offshore development experience. Developed and market Voyager - Supply Chain mgmt product. Domain Experience Supply Chain Management system Finance and accounting systems Retail Systems Web Content Management Systems Website design and development

4 Client List Jursa Consulting, Germany., Austria. New Millennium Technology Solutions, USA. Data-Soft Technologies, USA Phoenix of East Africa Assurance, Kenya. Motorola India Electronics Ltd, Bangalore. Philips Software India Ltd, Bangalore. Citizen Watches India Limited, Bangalore Indus League Clothing, Bangalore. Mitoken Systems Ltd., Bangalore. Wipro GE Medical Systems, Bangalore. Arvind Garments & Mills, Bangalore.

5 Highlights of a good website ? Good Visual design User friendly navigation Easy to move between pages. Search for content. Content New content everyday – rapidly changing. Interesting features, Useful information. Site performance.

6 What constitutes website content ? Static HTML web pages Pages that do not change often / ever Eg : About us pages, Privacy policy Dynamic run time generated web pages Pages that have content subject to regular changes Eg : News item, Daily Horoscope, cricket score Database stored content derived from ERP systems Pages that rely on transaction data stored in database Eg: Pricing of services, schemes etc

7 Challenges in maintaining website content Keep content current All content should be retrievable – ie Search Function Archive all content for future reference Ability to add content quickly, easily CNN.COM Content changes practically every hour All content is search friendly Content is useful, fun. High site Traffic – because of above reasons

8 Typical Website Content Publishing process Design Page layout. Prepare content. Contact HTML programmer, wait for him to make time for you HTML programmer prepares content as web page. Review the HTML page by Author, make corrections. HTML programmer updates correction. Author approves. Web Master is called and the new page is linked to the site. +++ To replace the page Go through the previous above cycle. Old pages are consigned to recycle bin, never available for subsequent reference. PAINFUL, TIME CONSUMING, REQUIRES HIGH MOTIVATION AND ENERGY !

9 Content Management system ? A software Infrastructure system that will allow you to keep your website up to date. No need for involvement of tech people in subsequent publishing web pages on the site. Seamless transfer of content from idea to web pages You think, You publish – no wait state !! Examples of such products Microsoft Commerce / Site server Vignette Documentum Zope Content Management Framework

10 CMS - Expectations Content Quality and Timeliness specific target audience Fresh, up to date, can be delivered to specific target audience Efficient self service authoring for non technical providers Non technical authors should be empowered to keep content up to date. Use of pre designed corporate branding & page design templates Support for World wide authoring Browser based authoring permits contributors to work from anywhere Automated scheduling for content publishing and archiving Calendaring determines when content will be published and when it will be removed & archived Workflow to process content approval Prevent un authorized publishing of content without supervisor approvals. – content approvals, password access. Archive Content and full search Function All content, including archived content should be searchable by keyword.

11 Mindscapes Content Mgmt system Publish content without knowing HTML or web publishing tools. Web based product – deployment, content creation Role based access to content creation and site page views Integrate 3 rd party RDBMS applications. Workflow based approval of content. Configure your own site menus. Multi Language operations – Content creation, Publishing Install as Intranet, Internet. Windows / Linux deployment. Predefined Content creation templates. Built in MS Word type HTML page editor (if you want to be a geek). Upload pre created HTML pages. Built with ZOPE Content Management Framework engine.

12 Sample - Text Image Template

13 Sample – Structured Data Capture form

14 Mindscape Consulting services Requirement Analysis (Arriving at a feature list ) Web Site design (Site navigation, page look and feel etc) Graphics design and development (develop images, GIFS etc) Website development (Programming and testing) Installation (deployment at ISP server) Post installation support and maintenance (Site maintenance, upkeep, changes to pages etc)

15 Conclusions Total publishing freedom. Short Implementation Lead time No software license fee. No recurring publishing expense. Works on Windows / Linux. Comprehensive Consulting services. Technical Team experienced with German ISP operations, setup, requirements.

16 Contact Us We welcome your telephone call or email Tel: +91 80 5268467 +91 80 5210161 Email:

17 Thank You

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