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PayPal Phishing Example. Can you tell which is real? 1. 2.

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1 PayPal Phishing Example

2 Can you tell which is real? 1. 2.

3 Both appear to be from 1. 2.

4 Both have the same logo

5 Both want you to verify your account

6 Both want to thank you

7 Both tell you not to reply, and have a log in link

8 Both tell you how to update your preferences

9 ...and both have an official ID

10 Did you guess which one is real? 1.2.

11 Lets take a closer look... 1.

12 ...message

13 More of message

14 More of message

15 Now do you know which is real? 1. 2.

16 Lets look at the links. Right-click on the message. Select View Source The source code will open in Notepad. Edit -> Find Search for http Message 1 SourceMessage 1 Source Message 2 SourceMessage 2 Source

17 Link Examples The URL may or may not have quotes around it. It may have other code between

18 If you are using web based ... You may see something like href=/exchweb/bin/redir.asp? before the actual URL. Just ignore that part and look for whats after http. Source code for web-based will have added code.

19 Results for Message 1 bin/webscrcmd_login.php (Obviously not the PayPal site.) NOTI (Actually DOES go to the PayPal site.)

20 Results for Message 2 bin/webscr?cmd=_login-run NOTI

21 Message 1 is Fake. Click for close up.

22 Message 2 is Real. Click for close up.

23 Things to remember... Never click on a link in a suspicious . Instead, type the link into your browser manually.

24 Other observations... Now you know why spam filters may have a hard time figuring out if a message is spam or not. Many fake messages look just like real messages.

25 Thank you for listening!

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