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The regeneration of Hafod Copperworks

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1 The regeneration of Hafod Copperworks
The regeneration of Hafod Copperworks Prof Huw Bowen-Swansea University Huw Mowbray – City & County of Swansea


3 The Swansea Copper Industry
Copperopolis: economy and society Copperopolis: the built environment The first globally integrated heavy industry The Lower Swansea Valley Project, 173 copper-related sites of international significance The Hafod Copperworks,





8 The Perceptions 1850 “It came to pass in the days of yore,
the devil chanced upon Landore quoths he – by all this fume and stink I can’t be far from home, I think”

9 The Perceptions 2011 However - People value heritage.
Heritage is a barrier to regenerating the site. Heritage is a constraint on development. Listed buildings are difficult to deal with. We will have to demolish the buildings as any scheme is not economically viable with them. However - People value heritage.

10 The Challenge The challenge is:-
to be able to see beyond the sites constraints and bring vision and innovation to the project. to find solutions to ensure that the project delivers what developers, occupiers, owners and the local community want. to ensure that not only quantative outputs is considered but also demonstrate that the more subjective qualitative evidence that mind sets as well as markets have been changed. to identify the right mix of uses and key tenants. to make the economic case sustainable to create sufficient value to meet the cost of refurbishment, a return to the owner/developer and provide an income to maintain the buildings and public realm. Mainstreaming Heritage projects

11 The Benefits of Heritage Regeneration
The Heritage Lottery Fund published visitor spend for each English Regional Development agency following major HLF investments – Visitor spend doubled. Regeneration of local buildings reinforces a sense of community, contributes to the economy and is a catalyst for development of the wider area. Distinctiveness - buildings are one of the most tangible manifestations of local history, a key determinant of character and identity. Creates Inward Investment and Tourism spend. Embedded Carbon – re use of buildings

12 Heritage Regeneration Good Practice
Create the right partnership Establish a clear set of objectives and realistic business financial and heritage expectations through a Project Plan. Establish Planning Policy Position Reflecting both Regeneration and heritage objectives Characterisation - Cadw at cutting edge. Prepare master plan. Explore deliver vehicles –Public sector, Community Trusts Private sector. Funding Strategy. Events/Branding – Copper Day, Time Team

13 Hafod Copper Works 12.75 acres 14 listed structures
Waterfront location. Adjacent to Liberty Stadium. Immediately adjacent to Landore Park & Ride.

14 Hafod Copper Works Developers Dream?

15 The Hafod Copper Works Lime Kiln Laboratory Building Engine House

16 Hafod Copper Works – The challenge
14 listed features. Buildings close to collapse. Musgrave engine house. Unknown level of underground archaeology Highly contaminated. All significant risks.

17 The Hafod Copper Works- The Challenge
Opportunity marketed - No private sector interest. Issue : Cost of dealing with Heritage sites Adjacent site cost developer £3.5m Hafod has potentially more! Therefore:- The risks are currently too great for private sector!

18 Hafod Copper Works – Approach
The private sector will not rise to the challenge of this site with this level of risk. If the buildings are to be saved then the public sector must take the lead and initially take the site forward and de-risk the project to a point where private sector interest can be stimulated. An element of grant funding is critical.

19 Hafod Copper Works – Delivery Where are we now
CCS/Swansea University Partnership in place. Project Team in Place with representation from CCS/Uni/WAG/Cadw/RCAMW. A Project Brief and action plan has been prepared. Press - Copper Day 5th March A long way to go but sound foundations have been laid.

20 Hafod Copper works provides a real opportunity to achieve this.
Making it all Happen Heritage regeneration wont happen by accident. Need for an organised and realistic partnership which will properly plan delivery. Grant funding an essential early pump primer. University. We need to respect and use our heritage as a driver for inward investment, tourism & communities. Hafod Copper works provides a real opportunity to achieve this.

21 Swansea Castle - Opportunity
Scheduled ancient monument. Three storey building A significant regeneration opportunity. Potential for a high impact project. Partnership working. CCS/Cadw Neighbouring future development sites. Park Tawe City Centre Castle Lane.

22 Swansea Castle Unlock. Interpret. Engage people.
Enable new activities. Potential for a mix of outdoor and indoor uses and events. Provide visitor facilities. Improve economic sustainability. Integrate with the City Centre

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