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History of the Company Services Provided Quotes from Satisfied Customers How to Contact Us.

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3 History of the Company Services Provided Quotes from Satisfied Customers How to Contact Us

4 Founded in 1991, PJ Grafx has been providing exceptional computer design, custom training and technical support services to both businesses and private individuals. Covering the Western Region of the United States, PJ Grafx is able to develop tailor-made services to suit your personal and professional needs. Visit us on the web at:

5 Web Site Design/Maintenance Graphic Design Desktop Publishing Custom Database Design/Management Technical Support Computer Training

6 Professionally designed web sites can be a valuable asset to any company. Let PJ Grafx assist in developing and maintaining a web site that will enhance your marketing strategy.

7 Enhance any advertisement with custom graphics or logo design. Eye-catching designs can make your business stand out from the crowd. Let PJ Grafx create those designs for you.

8 Newsletters, flyers and brochures, all impact a businesss image. Make your businesss initial and continual impression to be that of delivering the highest quality goods and services. PJ Grafx will professionally design materials for your every need.

9 Success in any business is based upon the compilation and analysis of data and information. PJ Grafx will create custom databases specifically designed to simplify data entry and generate reports to suit the needs of your organization.

10 Keep current on computer hardware. PJ Grafx will research and recommend the best hardware solutions for your organization based on cost, usage and performance.

11 Specific software ideally selected for a businesss exacting needs can enhance productivity. PJ Grafx will work with your organization to determine application software requirements.

12 Networking is the backbone on which a businesss support services are based. Maximizing resources through the development of a strong network can streamline work production and lead to fiscal savings. PJ Grafx will provide an analysis of a companys current system, recommending products and solutions.

13 Daily support services for software and hardware concerns can keep a business up and running. PJ Grafx will provide management assistance for your companys short and long-term technology goals.

14 On-Site Losing valuable work time transporting employees for technology training can be a drain on a businesss resources. Save by having PJ Grafx come directly to your site to provide your software training services.

15 Online No time for a structured class? Learn online at your own pace. PJ Grafx provides online classes that may be taken from any location and at any time.

16 Pre-Designed Courses for office software applications that are currently designed and paced are available through PJ Grafx.

17 Tailor-Made Custom trainings are available that directly coordinate into a businesss software usage. PJ Grafx will design courses and teach to your specific needs.

18 Off-Site Classroom Dont have the facilities for on-site training? No problem, PJ Grafx offers a training facility with up to 8 students per class.

19 PJ Grafx was an excellent resource for our special database design needs. PJ Grafx experience and analytical ability minimized the development time and generated a product that we have not only used at our corporate headquarters, but expanded into our regional human resource operations as well. The products user friendliness and positive acceptance has generated additional projects that we continue to use today. Nancy Belton, Director of Human Resources – Fresh Express For more than four years, PJ Grafx has provided Monterey Mushrooms with computer consulting services including software training and assistance with the design of our Intranet web site. PJ Grafx also provided our company assistance with technical support relating to our hardware and software needs at our Corporate facility and at some of our farm facilities. Ray Selle, Chief Financial Officer – Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. PJ Grafx designed and is currently maintaining a database to track our numerous products as they come across our scale. Because of the design and layout of this database, our data entry has been simplified and we are able to generate reports whenever the information is needed. Seth Kent, Plant Manager – Taylor Farms of California, Inc.

20 Paula J Matelli P.O. Box 10354 Salinas, CA 93912 831.443.0250

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