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11 Serving the World. United Nations Outreach Mission Spain 07-13 April 2013.

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1 11 Serving the World

2 United Nations Outreach Mission Spain 07-13 April 2013

3 3

4 44 What are the career options?

5 55 Starting Points Internationally-Recruited o Individual /Generic Vacancies o Language Competitive Examination (UN Secretariat) o Young Professional Programmes (UN, UNDP, UNICEF) o Associate Expert Programme/JPO Locally-Recruited Temporary Staff Individual/Institutional Consultants/Contractors Other o Internship Programmes o United Nations Volunteers (UNV) ( o International UN Volunteers o On-line Volunteers o Global Youth Programme

6 66 Who we are

7 We are international civil servants. Established in 1945 Our work o touches lives in every corner of the globe o is complex and multifaceted o extends directly and indirectly to our 193 Member States. In the last decade, the United Nations has increased its field- based operations Over 50 per cent of our 44,000 staff work in field locations all over the world Over 100,000 personnel in 16 peacekeeping and 11 political missions 77

8 88 What we do

9 9

10 10 Where we are

11 11 Geneva UNOG, UNCTAD, OHCHR, ECE, OCHA Nairobi UNON,UNEP, UN-Habitat New York UN Headquarters Vienna UNOV, UNODC The Hague ICTY Addis Ababa ECA Bangkok ESCAP Beirut ESCWA Santiago ECLAC Arusha ICTR

12 12 What can you do at the United Nations?

13 Profiles UN Secretariat is looking for? Audit Administrators Aviation Cartography Conference and Language Staff Drug Control & Crime Prevention Demographics Economic Affairs Electoral Affairs Engineering Information and Communications Technology Information Management Library Science Logistics Procurement Medical Programme/Project Management Security Humanitarian Affairs Human Rights Legal Affairs Political Affairs Public Administration Public Information, Radio & TV Rule of Law Social Affairs Statistics 13

14 14 Language examinations

15 15 Language examination Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish Editors, Interpreters, Proofreaders, Translators, Verbatim Based on the needs of the United Nations All language staff must pass the applicable examination Language staff hired from the roster at the entry level (P-2) [average number of candidates placed on the roster in last 10 years: 100] Eligibility and requirements o Hold at least a first-level university degree [For the Interpreters: First University degree plus 200 days of experience in language field or degree in interpretation] o Interpret or translate from two official languages into main language o No more than 55 years old as of 31 December of exam year For more information:

16 16 Young Professionals

17 Young Professional Programme (YPP) Recruitment Examination Entry level (P-2): filled through competitive examinations Held annually based on a countrys representation among staff YPP applicants must be: o National of participating Member State o No more than 32 years old as of 31 December of exam year o Hold at least a first-level university degree relevant to an occupational group offered o Proficient in either English or French For more information: 17

18 Associate expert programme

19 Offers graduates opportunity to acquire professional experience Bilateral agreements between the UN and donor countries Duration: 2 years For more information contact your Ministry of Foreign Affairs -> Associate expert programme

20 20 Pay and benefits

21 21 Competitive Salaries Annual & Sick Leave Home Leave Maternity & Paternity Leave Education Grant & Travel Rental Subsidy Defined-benefits Pension at age 62 Health Insurance Installation & Shipment & Repatriation Pay for Additional Official Language Mobility and Hardship Pay Rest and Recuperation Mentoring Programme for New Staff Development & Learning opportunities Pay and Benefits

22 22 Consultants and Contractors

23 23 Consultants and Contractors Individual Consultants individual who is a recognized authority or specialist in a specific field, engaged in an advisory or consultative capacity Individual Contractors individual engaged from time to time to provide expertise, skills or knowledge for the performance of a specific task or piece of work against payment of an all-inclusive fee Institutional Contracts Potential Vendor Must register on line with the United Nations Procurement Division at: Registered Vendors are informed of possibilities to bid on contracts Offers opportunity to familiarize yourself with the United Nations Institutional contractors may later apply to become staff or consultants

24 24 Internship programme

25 25 Internship programme Offers opportunity to familiarize yourself with the United Nations Unpaid Requirements: o Enrolled in graduate school or equivalent

26 inspiration in action UN Volunteers is administered by the United Nations Development Programme 26 Administered by UNDP The focal point for volunteerism within the UN, UN General Assembly resolutions have expanded UNVs mandate: 1. ADVOCATE for volunteerism as essential for peace & development, 2. INTEGRATE volunteerism into development plans of UN partners, governments, civil society & private sector, 3. MOBILIZE volunteers (directly & indirectly) for peace & development. 1. International UN Volunteers 2. On-line Volunteers 3. Global Youth Programme

27 inspiration in action Distribution in UN System 27 7,708 UN Volunteers in 2011 3,205 UNVs in UN Secretariat 127 countries of assignment 159 nationalities 39% women, 61% men Average age 38 years International UN Volunteers Where do they work?

28 inspiration in action 28 Profiles SUBSTANTIVE AREAS Development Cooperation/Project Development/Management focusing on: Volunteerism Gender Youth Environment (focus on climate change) HIV Aids Early recovery and disaster preparedness Legal background focusing on: Human Rights Child Protection Rule of Law Protection Law Enforcement Political Science background focusing on: Civil Affairs Political Affairs Elections Demobilization and Reintegration Public Information background focusing on: Journalism Media/communication TECHNICAL AREAS Information Technology Engineering Civil Engineering Water and Sanitation Electrical and Electronic (for communications) Geographical Information Systems Logistics Transport (Air and road) ADMINISTRATIVE AREAS Human Resources Procurement and Supply Financial Management Training MEDICAL AREAS General Medicine (doctors with clinical experience) Cardiology, Anaesthesiology, Gynaecology, Epidemiology, Public Health, Dentistry, Surgery Nutrition Clinical Psychology - counselling Midwifery and medical nursing HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS AND PEACE KEEPING (Crosscutting) International UN Volunteers

29 inspiration in action International UN Volunteers Basic requirements: At least 25 years old; University degree or higher technical diplomas; At least two years of relevant working experience; Good working knowledge in at least one of the three UN languages: English, French or Spanish. Entitlements: International Travel incl. pre- departure allowance and shipment allowance Settling-in Grant Volunteer Living Allowance Insurance: Life/Health and permanent disability Annual Leave (2.5 days/month / Family Visit) Resettlement Allowance 29

30 inspiration in action On-line Volunteers Global UN Youth Volunteer Programme 2012: SG announces Five-Year Action Agenda: Youth and volunteering as a theme and priority; Calls on UNV to create a youth volunteer programme. Tentative programme launch: end of April 2013 Age: 18-29 Duration: 6 months – 2 years 30 At least 18 years of age Unpaid Certificate 2011: 10,910 On-line Volunteers

31 31 We are looking for people with integrity, who are fair and impartial. We need dynamic and adaptable professionals who think creatively and are proactive, flexible and responsive. If you embody these values, the United Nations is the place for you. What do we all value?

32 32 Gracias Merci Thank You Спасибо

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