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Monster: Technology and Todays Recruitment Denis Gaynor Product Development Director

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1 Monster: Technology and Todays Recruitment Denis Gaynor Product Development Director

2 Contents The Beginning Monster Today Extending the Brand How the Internet Changed Recruitment What Our Clients Are Buying Future of Online Recruitment

3 The Beginning

4 The Idea 1994 Jeff Taylor of Adion Advertising founds The Monster Board Originally a bulletin board (BBS) for jobs (mostly tech) 454 th Web site registered $25 a posting 1995 Jeff sells MonsterBoard to TMP Worldwide



7 Growth 1998 TMP merges MonsterBoard (#1 job site) with Online Career Center, Student Center and About Work to create January 1999 becomes first Internet site to advertise during the SuperBowl at beginning of online growth When I grow up…

8 SuperBowl Ad

9 The Brand Like Amazon or eBay, Monster is a pure, differentiated online brand Empowering the job seeker – Never Settle Initially a job seeker marketing strategy (employers will go where the workers are) Intern to CEO

10 Extending the Brand

11 Its a Byers Market

12 Following the departure of Adam Crozier from the FA The Times, 02 Nov 02The Independent, 02 Nov 02


14 Alliances – where your jobs also appear

15 Industry Specific Alliances CIMA, Janes Defence, Institute of Petroleum

16 Search Engine Optimisation

17 Monster Today

18 Monster An International Brand Belgium France Germany United Sates of America United Sates of America Canada Canada Hong Kong Singapore Australia India NewZealand United Kingdom Ireland Spain Sweden Denmark Norway Finland

19 Today 22 countries, 14 languages with Jobline acquisition Over 20 million CVs worldwide Over 1 million jobs live worldwide Over 130,000 employers 26 th Most visited website in the World

20 Profile of a Typical Monster UK Job Seeker* Salary: £29,160 Age: 33 Years experience: 10.7 40% Manager level and above IT, Admin, Marketing, Sales, Finance Found site through recommendation or search engine *Red Sheriff Survey, October 2002

21 Our UK Clients

22 How the Internet Changed Recruitment

23 Recruitment on the web Statistics Two thirds of internet users (aged 25-34) use the web for job seeking* Over 1,000,000 CVs are on top 5 UK sites 600,000 people a month look online for a job** More than 100,000 jobs posted on careers hubs in the UK * NOP study (UK), June 02. ** NNR Pivot Report Oct 02

24 Average Cycle Time: Internet vs. Traditional Assessment / Closing 1 week : closing 1 week : interviewing Source: Kennedy Information Days Interviewing Candidate ID 1 week : candidate ID

25 Top 20 IT Job Searches 1.Project Manager 2.Java 3.Support 4.C 5.SAP 6.Web 7.IT 8.Security 9.Oracle 10.CAD 11. Network 12. Cisco 13. Unix 14. Vb 15. MCSE 16. IT Manager 17. Visual Basic 18. Technician 19. SQL 20. ASP

26 Job Searches by Category (monthly) CategorySearches Information Technology347,075 Administrative323,769 Sales245,336 Advertising/Marketing/PR226,138 Computers, Software214,081 Engineering201,269 Internet/E-Commerce161,894 Customer Service/Call Centre159,244 Manufacturing155,445 Telecoms143,726

27 Jobs Posted per Month Information Technology Sales Administrative and Support Services Accounting/Auditing Legal Customer Service and Call Center Engineering Employment Placement Agencies Human Resources Manufacturing and Production

28 Why online recruitment works Easier for the job seeker… Works infinitely more quickly and more targeted online than offline, with potential for a much broader scope of jobs geographically …and much more cost efficient for the employer! Guardian – 400,000 per issue Monster – 150,000 specific job searches per day Guardian – £17,000 full page, run of press, one off Monster – £250 (60 day life)

29 What Our Clients are Buying

30 How Monster Makes Money Profitable globally and in the UK Charge employers to post jobs on site or search CV db (500,000+) Banners, profiles, Webcasts Power companies career sites, ATS

31 Job Posting

32 Company Profiles

33 Webcast Streaming Video

34 Corporate Career Sites

35 Applicant Tracking Systems

36 Opportunities for the Future

37 Job ads moving from newspaper to Internet Companies need to be cost efficient in hiring, particularly during a down economy 25% of FTSE 250 companies have no jobs area on their corporate web site; another 25% only rudimentary job postings with no apply online/db NHS and local government need to address hiring needs locally and globally Online Recruitment – The Future

38 HR and Technology Applicant Tracking Systems, either as ERP add-ons, stand alone software or integrated job boards HR Managers move from paper and Excel to sophisticated recruitment management systems HR uses technology to track and onboard candidates, with reporting to display effectiveness Use of XML for job postings and CVs opens up more fluid connection of HR systems

39 Better Matching - Understanding Monster Users The Future is in the Data – better matching to get more targeted, quicker short lists Capture job seekers hard data (CVs) and soft data (ideal company, corporate structure, type of job, comp structure, etc. Automate the matching process intelligently


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