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Iron Age central and northern Europe: Hallstatt, La Tène and the Celts.

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1 Iron Age central and northern Europe: Hallstatt, La Tène and the Celts

2 Sites Some sites are: La Tène, Marin-Epagnier Bern, Engehalbinsel: oppidumpidu Jolimontmont Manching: oppidumManching Mormont Münsingen, burial fieldngen, bud PetinescaPetine Basel oppidum Bibracte, oppidum of the Aedui at Mont Beuvray in BurgundyBibractum of then Burgund Erstfeld hoard hoard Hochdorf Chieftain's GraveHochdo Grave Bopfingen: Viereckschanze, a characteristic rectangular enclosureB a ch Fellbach-Schmiden, near Stuttgart: Viereckschanze; ritual objects recovered from a wellFellbach-Schmtgart: Viereckschanze; rita well Kleinaspergle: elite graves of La Tène IKl Waldalgesheim: an elite chariot burial, 4th centuryriot burial, 4th Glauberg, oppidum and elite graves Dürrnberg near Hallein: Burial field and earthworks of late Hallstatt–early La Tènehworks of lat Donnersberg: oppidumpidum Vill near Innsbruck: remains of dwellingsVill ne Sandberg Celtic city near Platt and Roseldorf in Lower Austriaity nearia Vix/Mont Lassois: oppidum and elaborate gravesVix/Moidum an Titelberg: oppidum in Luxembourg Reinheim: Tomb of a princess/priestess with burial gifts a princess [edit]dit]

3 ArtiArtifacts Vix krater Some outstanding La Tène artifacts are:ing La Tène artifact "Strettweg Cart" (7th century BCE), found in southeast Austria, a four-wheeled cart with a goddess, riders with axes and shields, attendants and stags. (Landesmuseum Johanneum, Graz, Austria)th ce, found iustria, a fou with a goddess,tags. (LaGraz, Aust A woman in Vix (Châtillon-sur-Seine, Burgundy) buried with a 1100 litre (290 gallon) bronze Greek vase, the largest ever found.n in Vix(290vase, The silver "Gundestrup cauldron" (3rd or 2nd century BCE), found ritually broken in a peat bog near Gundestrup, Denmark, but probably made near the Black Sea, perhaps in Thrace. (National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen)en in aonal Museum of Denmark "Battersea Shield" (350-50 BCE), found in the Thames, made of bronze with red enamel. (British Museum, London) Shin tames, made of bronzritish M "Witham Shield" (4th century BCE). (British Museum, London) [1] [2]ish Museum "Chertsey Shield (400-200 BCE). (British Museum, London) [3]. (British Museum, "Turoe stone" in Galway, Ireland Chariot burial found at Waldalgesheim, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, late 4th century BCE. (Bonn: Rheinisches Landesmuseum)ermany,sches Lan Chariot burial found at La Gorge Meillet (St-Germain-en-Laye: Musée des Antiquités Nationales).ial fo Gorge Meillet (St-Germainés Nationa A life-sized sculpture of a warrior that accompanied the Glauberg burials.sized sculpture rials. A gold-and-bronze model of an oak tree (3rd century BCE) found at the Oppidum of Manching.ak trentury BCE) foum of M Noric steel [[edit] Notes

4 Halstatt Culture

5 Lake Hallstattätter_See.JPG

6 Drawing of Hallstatt grave goods

7 Hallstatt bronze tool

8 Hallstatt amber necklace

9 Hallstatt and La Tene cultures

10 Hallstatt (yellow) and later La Tène (green) cultures

11 Glauberg Archaeological site of Glauberg

12 Reconstructed mound 1 at Glauberg

13 The site and associated burials

14 Approach to the mound

15 Processional route (10m wide)

16 Reconstruction of the mound and route

17 Offerings in grave 1

18 Cremation in grave 2

19 Celtic prince of Glaubergürst_Glauberg.jpg

20 Glauberg Prince (186cm)

21 Sites with rich burials Hochdorf

22 Hochdorf mound

23 The burial mound

24 How it looked before the burial with workshops

25 The timber and log chamber

26 Reconstruction of the grave and its contents

27 The wagon

28 Reconstruction of grave of Hochdorf chieftan drinking horns hang on the wall

29 Gold decoration of his shoes

30 His dagger with gold foil sheath File:Hochdorf dagger with gold foil.jpg

31 Drinking horn with gold decoration

32 Sites of rich burials Vix/Vix_main.html

33 Copy of Hirschlanden warrior

34 Glauberg Archaeological sites around Stuttgart Stuttgart

35 Lindele stele (123cm)

36 Statue (162cm) from Stammheim


38 Lake Neuchatel

39 The archaeological site

40 Hallstatt (yellow) and Celtic (green)

41 Sites with rich burials

42 Mont Lassois where Vix Crater was found

43 Trade routes by land, sea and river

44 Sites near Vix with rich burials

45 Plan of the site with a large building palace

46 Vix craterère_de_Vix_0023.jpg

47 Reconstruction of the princess tomb

48 Vix chariot

49 Her gold torque

50 Detail of the torque: winged Pegasus

51 Gold fibulae

52 Cup made in Athens found in the grave

53 Celts

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