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Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm

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1 Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm

2 Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm, Sheung Shui
Project Scope The Project involves the demolition of a vacant single storey structure and a construction of a two-storey laboratory within the Tai Lung Experimental Farm to provide the following accommodations: 10 (nos.) laboratories for conducting a wide range of veterinary experiments office accommodations supporting facilities for staff and technicians Project Scope

3 SITE Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm, Sheung Shui The Site
Site Location The hilltop located at the southern corner entrance of the Tai Lung Farm, Shueng Shui was identified as the proposed site for the construction of the New Veterinary Laboratory. It is so close to well serve for the sampling of imported poultries at the northern borders adjoining the Mainland. The Site

4 SITE SITE Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm, Sheung Shui The Site
Site Location Existing ground was built with an abandoned single storey Mushroom Laboratory and covered by the dense vegetations of shrubs and trees. The Site

5 Design Proposal Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm, Sheung Shui
Project Data Commencement date: 16/10/ Site area: 2,800 sq.m. Completion date: 31/12/ GFA: 1,107m2 Contract Sum: HK $39.33million Overall height: 11.40m No. of storeys: 3 storeys Design Proposal

6 Design Proposal Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm, Sheung Shui

7 The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Prevailing Wind Topographical
View to Hong Kong Golf Club View to Tai Lung Farm Tai Lung Farm Prevailing Wind Topographical Resources Building Forms are laid in accordance to the site profile and orientation to allow access of solar exposure in terms of the sunpath and prevailing wind. Layering of building blocks allows unobstructed views opened to the greenery of the Tai Lung Farm and Hong Kong Golf Club. The Design

8 The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Minimal Land-take Impact
Building footprint was spread with necessary area for adequate provisions only Profile of original terrain was best maintained with minimal disturbance The Design

9 The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Preservation of Existing Site
Building Shape is developed with respect to the topographical contours Preservation of Existing Site Soil Balance of the Cut & Fill to minimize the dumping The Design

10 Ecological Impact The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN
Preserved trees are well-protected during the construction period. Building bulks are positioned to achieve minimal cutting of existing well-grown trees. Preservation of Existing Trees & Landscape The Design

11 Ecological Impact The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN
Harmony to Existing Environment Use of native species in compensatory landscaping design Maximize the provisions of roof garden and landscaped terrace Ecological Impact The Design

12 The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Orientation Linear Block
Linear block with least openings is deliberately shielding off all accommodation from the west-sided solar exposure. The Design

13 The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Natural Ventilation
Openable windows allowed the natural ventilation to reduce the operation period of A/C System during the mild season The Design

14 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN The Design Natural Lighting
- Balcony approach allows natural lighting for major circulations to minimize the general lightings - Linear shape with depth of maximum 9m for all accommodation to enhance daylight penetration The Design

15 The Design ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Building Envelope Design
Application of Low-E laminated glass and incorporation of Sunshades & Canopy for glazing to minimize the solar exposure OTTV Calculation (with selected insulation and low-E glazing) = W/sq.m. The Design

16 The Design BUILDING SERVICES DESIGN Air Conditioning System
DDC control system with plant optimization programme control to maximize operation efficiency VAV design in air handling system to cope with fluctuating thermal load. Pre-fabricated CFCfree equipment to be used R134a refrigerant with ODP and GWP The Design

17 The Design BUILDING SERVICES DESIGN Lighting System
Separate control of lighting circuit between perimeter and interior zones Energy saving fluorescent tubes with electronic ballast and compact tubes to be used Capacitor bank installed to improve electrical system power over 0.85 The Design

18 The Design SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Compatibility with Surrounding
Concealed Exhaust Fans Compatibility with Surrounding External wall finishes in rustic texture to match with natural surrounding Major building height in single storey to minimize visual impact to environment Concealed exhaust system for Safety Cabinets and Fume Cupboard equipped with HEPA filters The Design

19 The Design SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Minimization of Material Resources
Fairface concrete was constructed as the major portion of external walls and internal ceiling as the architectural features to minimize the finishes application. Concrete carriageway was stained with Lithochrome Chemstain as final finishes to waive the floor finishing works. The Design

20 The Design SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Environmental Friendly Materials
Foamglas made of recycled glass to be one of the lowest embodied energy insulation material for roofing was installed. Linoleum is a chemical-free and biodegradable flooring made from natural materials were widely applied as the laboratory floor finishes. The Design

21 THE END Veterinary Laboratory at Tai Lung Farm

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