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Introducing Presented by The New Directions Group, Inc.

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1 Introducing Presented by The New Directions Group, Inc.

2 Home Page Page Customized to Organization Customer Owns the Home Page with Domain Registration Additional Customer Pages can be added Example is for Insurance Broker but is Customized to Client


4 Sign In Pages Must accept disclaimer before entering site. Site requires User ID and Password. Licensee can distribute their ID and Password to whoever they want to have it.


6 Safety Site Directory Site lists all materials by a directory leading to sub-directories. Materials are easy to locate within the site. Each level in the directory may lead to other directories.


8 Safety Newsletter The Safety Newsletter is published twice a month. NDG constantly searches for revisions to the laws, fines & penalties levied and safety tips to provide to readers. Safety Newsletter is archived for readers to look at prior issues.


10 Safety Manuals NDG provides many safety manuals in generic format. Licensees customers can print the manuals and scan them to customize to their own needs. License grants right to change materials to suit user.



13 Safety Forms Site has many forms that are useful for safety programs. NDG is constantly adding new forms. Forms can be printed and used for documenting most safety efforts required by law. NDG solicits input from its Licensees for their needs and wants.


15 Resources Users need equipment to meet their safety needs. Site has lists of equipment providers for safety/loss control. Extensive list of providers.


17 Tailgate Topics Usable Training Materials. 5 minute safety talks or presentations. 500 + Tailgate Topics. Many in Spanish as well as English. New added each month.



20 Feedback Form Feedback provides user with opportunity to make comments or ask questions. All responses go to both NDG and the Client instantaneously. Provide answers on FAQ page weekly.


22 Frequently Asked Questions NDG provides answers to questions regarding safety. Weekly updating with new questions added. Questions are grouped by category for easy access. As volume grows search function will be available.


24 Benefits LICENSEE Competitive Edge Value Added Service Reduces time on safety issues Longer customer retention Internet Presence Advertising Platform Prospect Differentiation LICENSEES PROSPECTS & CLIENTS Assist in developing a safety program Assist in statutory compliance Answers to safety questions Resources for safety Training programs & topics. Updates on latest safety news Guidance in implementing a safety program

25 Annual Cost* 1 st Office w/o Web 1 st Office w/Web Additional Offices (each) Annual License $750.00 $125.00 Web Site Setup Fee $600.00$300.000 1 st Year Cost$1,350.00$1,150.00$125.00 2 nd Year Web Maintenance $350.0000 2 nd Year Cost$1,100.00$750.00$125.00 * Limited Time Offer based on $275.00 set up fee, no annual fees thereafter with existing web site. Savings more than $775.00

26 Select from 5 different basic designs Web Site Customizable to fit licensees needs Text on the Home Page is tailored to licensee Add additional web pages at a nominal cost Safety information is transparent because of use of frames that make it appear that the licensee is the owner of the site

27 Safety Web Features 1 Year license to use safety- web site Announcement Package u PowerPoint Presentation u Announcement Flyer 1 Web Page 2 Year Domain Registration 3 mos. Web Site Hosting service

28 The New Directions Group, Inc. Serving the Commercial Insurance Broker

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