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IAEA Training in Emergency Preparedness and Response Exercise Objectives Lecture Module L-053.

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1 IAEA Training in Emergency Preparedness and Response Exercise Objectives Lecture Module L-053

2 L-053: Exercise Objectives2 Objectives Understand what exercise objectives are Understand how they affect the scenario Be familiar with planning and response objectives Understand the concept of exercise program Know how to select exercise objectives Know how to develop exercise evaluation criteria

3 L-053: Exercise Objectives3 Why Response Objectives Exercises measure performance, i.e. do the plans and procedures actually work? To measure performance, one must define performance objectives How performance is measured Performance is measured by results!

4 L-053: Exercise Objectives4 What are Response Objectives? Actions that the overall emergency response organization must be able to accomplish Timings: how quickly must these actions be accomplished Extent: how much must be accomplished

5 L-053: Exercise Objectives5 Response Objectives - References There are a number of references for emergency response objectives, including: NUREG 0654 INPO guidelines EPR-METHOD 2003 EPR-METHOD 2003 is a practical consolidation of current guidelines and practices: It is the basis for this course It must be adapted to the national context

6 L-053: Exercise Objectives6 Criteria Support each emergency response objective Allow a breakdown of the function for the purpose of: Procedures development Evaluation

7 L-053: Exercise Objectives7 Emergency Response Objectives The following list of on-site and off-site response objectives is based on EPR-METHOD 2003 Refer to EPR-METHOD 2003 for suggested timing and details Keep in mind that the following is an overview: Several details can be added Levels and timings are suggested in EPR-METHOD 2003 but need to be approved by the appropriate national authorities

8 L-053: Exercise Objectives8 On-site Response Objectives: Examples

9 L-053: Exercise Objectives9 1.Establishing Emergency Management and Operations Execute on-site emergency response promptly without impairing performance of the normal operational safety functions Make functional Operational Support Centre Activate Emergency Operations Facility / Incident Command Post Make Emergency Operations Facility / Incident Command Post fully functional

10 L-053: Exercise Objectives10 2.Identifying, Notifying and Activating Promptly determine the appropriate emergency class or the level of the response, initiate on-site actions Detect the emergency Classify the emergency

11 L-053: Exercise Objectives11 2.Identifying, Notifying and Activating (contd) Notify and provide updated information to the off-site notification point Notify with appropriate message Provide the right initial information Initiate actions based on the event classification Activate the on-site and off-site organizations

12 L-053: Exercise Objectives12 3.Taking Mitigatory Actions Take all appropriate actions to minimize consequences of radiation emergency Confine the hazard Dispatch emergency response teams Prevent or reduce releases

13 L-053: Exercise Objectives13 4.Protecting Emergency Workers Keep the dose to personnel and emergency personnel below established limits Assess the on-site hazard Broadcast appropriate messages Keep non-essential personnel out of harms way Implement dose control procedures for emergency workers, including off-site assistance services (e.g. fire fighters) Provide medical first aid

14 L-053: Exercise Objectives14 5.Protection of the Public Promptly assess the potential off-site impact and communicate it effectively to the off-site authorities Update the emergency classification as required Recommend protective actions Project dose off-site Carry out survey around the station Communicate the results in a timely manner

15 L-053: Exercise Objectives15 Off-site Response Objectives: Example

16 L-053: Exercise Objectives16 1.Notification and Activation Promptly and effectively inform, activate and coordinate all organizations, groups and agencies that perform emergency response tasks Notify all response organizations Activate sufficient personnel to be able to perform critical functions in a timely manner Notify and inform the IAEA and neighbouring countries

17 L-053: Exercise Objectives17 2.Urgent Protective Actions Promptly implement urgent protective actions to prevent deterministic health effects and to avert doses consistent with national guidance Properly assess required protective actions Based on emergency classification Based on surveys Instruct the public in a timely manner Evacuate the precautionary action zone in a timely manner Evacuate affected zones outside the PAZ in a timely manner

18 L-053: Exercise Objectives18 2.Urgent Protective Actions (Contd) Implement sheltering in a timely manner Implement stable iodine distribution in a timely manner Evacuee support services available in a timely manner Contamination control Reception centres Evacuee centres Traffic control Implement measures to prevent or control spontaneous evacuation

19 L-053: Exercise Objectives19 2.Urgent Protective Actions (Contd) Continue surveys of affected areas Update gamma surveys regularly Get isotopic data in a timely manner

20 L-053: Exercise Objectives20 3.Emergency Worker Protection Keep the dose to emergency workers below established limits Implement dose control procedures for emergency workers in the urgent protective action planning zone Make appropriate decisions regarding radiation protection measures Implement contamination control for emergency workers and equipment leaving the affected area

21 L-053: Exercise Objectives21 4.Medical and Other Emergency Services Provide adequate medical, police, and fire support services Medical care of evacuees, including conventional care and care for overexposed individuals Maintain security and other essential services in the evacuated zone

22 L-053: Exercise Objectives22 5.Public Information The public is kept accurately informed of the hazard and of measures in place to protect the population The Public Information Centre is operational in timely manner Information provided to the media is clear and timely Information by various organizations is coordinated Rumours are controlled

23 L-053: Exercise Objectives23 6.Longer-term Protective Actions Effectively implement longer term protective actions and interventions related to food in a manner consistent with national guidance Identify affected areas Implement food control measures in accordance with established levels Relocate or resettle populations in accordance with established levels

24 L-053: Exercise Objectives24 7.Non-radiological Impacts The psychological impact on the affected population, emergency workers and relatives is minimized Keep evacuees informed Time of return Health impacts Keep populations in the affected areas informed Health impacts Planned measures Keep emergency workers and their families informed Health impacts Measures taken to minimize them

25 L-053: Exercise Objectives25 Response Objectives - Summary The previous examples provide an overview of response objectives Response objectives are results-oriented For each objective, criteria can be defined based on the national context, plans and procedures Timing must be defined based on a reasonable assessment of the risk and on practical considerations

26 L-053: Exercise Objectives26 Exercise Objectives Exercise objectives are related BUT are not the same as response objectives Example: Response objective: evacuate the precautionary action zone in four hours: not necessarily practical during an exercise Exercise objective: evacuate a representative sample of the precautionary action zone (say one tenth) in 30 minutes

27 L-053: Exercise Objectives27 Exercise Objectives (Contd) It is not necessary to verify all response objectives in each exercise Some objectives cannot be simultaneously verified e.g. activation during the day and activation at night It is usually not practical or overly costly to verify all response objectives in one exercise Verification of all response objectives should be part of a well planned exercise program

28 L-053: Exercise Objectives28 Exercise Program It is a plan to conduct a series of exercises at a pre-established frequency, covering all response objectives over a set cycle A five-year cycle is common, with one exercise per year for each major facility Over five years, all response objectives should be tested Some response objectives may be tested every exercise, while others may not e.g. test assessment every time, but not evacuation

29 L-053: Exercise Objectives29 Selection of Exercise Objectives Be practical; over-ambitious exercises are not necessarily better exercises Select key response objectives and those that have not been tested for some time Adapt the response objective to the scope of the exercise. This then becomes a specific exercise objective Keep track of objectives tested Exercise matrix

30 L-053: Exercise Objectives30 Factors Affecting the Selection Restrictions on exercise start time Exercise duration Participating organizations Scope Political context Resources available (human and financial) Equipment available (e.g. reactor simulator) Preparation time available

31 L-053: Exercise Objectives31 Objectives and Scenario The exercise objectives must be selected first Then, the scenario is developed to meet the objectives Sometimes, it is difficult to meet all objectives and adjustments must be made

32 L-053: Exercise Objectives32 Standard Scenario Objectives On-scene control Medical response Radiological response Media relations Public Health International assistance Post-exercise critique

33 L-053: Exercise Objectives33 On-scene Control Emergency response services arrive promptly at the scene On-scene command and control is promptly established The medical response at the scene is well coordinated with other response organizations, particularly radiological response, in terms of cooperation, command and control and communication links The radiological response at the scene is well coordinated with other response organizations, particularly medical response, in terms of cooperation, command and control and communication links The capability to direct and control emergency operations is demonstrated and maintained The transfer of responsibility at the site, if it occurs, is carried out seamlessly and effectively Immediate conventional hazards are promptly mitigated Notification of public health and governmental authorities is demonstrated

34 L-053: Exercise Objectives34 Medical Response The medical responders at the emergency scene promptly address the immediate medical consequences (critical first aid) Life-saving medical first aid is given priority over decontamination Field triage is performed appropriately based on medical needs, contamination and potential overexposure Critical patients are promptly transferred to the appropriate hospitals while minimizing, to the extent possible, the spread of contamination Patient transport is performed safely using appropriate equipment Patient care during transport is adequate Effective initial and subsequent medical management of symptomatic, asymptomatic, externally contaminated, and internally contaminated patients is provided Medical authorities correctly assess the current and potential public health issues

35 L-053: Exercise Objectives35 Radiological Response Qualified radiological specialists promptly notify medical authorities of the presence of high radiation A safe perimeter is promptly established and confirmed safe by scene survey and measurements of contamination Capability of continuous monitoring, dose evaluation, and radiation protection of emergency workers, patients, and the public is demonstrated Measures to prevent the spread of contamination are taken Procedures for the monitoring and decontamination of emergency workers, equipment, and vehicles are adequate Hazardous sources are recovered or made safe in a timely manner

36 L-053: Exercise Objectives36 Media Relations The media at the scene is properly managed including rumour control Media liaison is coordinated between the various response organizations Factual media statements are formulated and issued to the public Medical information is promptly provided to relatives and the media; and is coordinated with other response organizations

37 L-053: Exercise Objectives37 Public Health The principal short-term risks to the population are identified and characterized Decisions are taken and actions are outlined to allay fear and panic An action plan that conforms to governmental guidelines is developed to control potential exposure from food production, sales, and consumption A program of long-term medical follow-up is established

38 L-053: Exercise Objectives38 International Assistance The need for additional specialized assistance or medical referral is identified and assessed If required, international assistance is requested Appropriate coordination is established with international experts

39 L-053: Exercise Objectives39 Post Emergency Critique The capability of the emergency responding organization to conduct a post-exercise self- assessment and responders' exit interviews is demonstrated

40 L-053: Exercise Objectives40 Summary First define response objectives that apply to your situation Then establish an exercise program for each facility, region or level of government concerned Define: exercise start time, exercise duration, participating organizations, scope, resources available, equipment available, and time available Select practical and feasible exercise objectives based on the response objectives

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