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GC144 Website Plan and Comps Project 3 Produced by Martha MaherOctober 24, 2005.

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1 GC144 Website Plan and Comps Project 3 Produced by Martha MaherOctober 24, 2005

2 Initial Plan and Analysis Name of site: Davis Farms ( Purpose of site: Primarily informational. Davis Farms raises worms and sells the products for use in gardens, as well as providing garden services. This is a very personal one-on-one group of people, so eCommerce is not desirable. The goal here is to educate people about natural alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and to make is easier for potential customers to get in touch with Davis Farms by email, phone, or in person at one of the Farmers Markets they participate in. Audience: Green gardeners and anyone who wants a healthy, beautiful garden.

3 Research and Design Notes Name of site: Ambrose Worm Products (http://homepage.third- Notes: Very busy site with animated gifs. Page is too tall and you have to scroll to see the links. Name of site: The Green Gardener ( Notes: Very clean site with good use of photos. Gives a lot of information without cluttering the page. Interesting positioning of the link buttonsI like it, but not sure how to incorporate that into my site. Name of site: Taranaki Wonder Worms ( Notes: Simple with clear navigation. A bit clip-artish with the worm logo, but at least its not animated.

4 Davis Farms Site Map Tentative Site Map pending further discussion with client.

5 Initial Sketch Reviewed in Class

6 Class Input Celestino suggested that I might want make the small images in the center of the page act as links, not just be roll-over images. I originally planned to have a full background image of a field of flowers with a screened back area in the middle to avoid problems viewing the site. After talking it through in class, I decided that might still be too busy, so I decided a subtle background pattern would be more effective. Im not happy with the buttons, but havent decided what will look better, so for the moment they will stay.

7 Comp 1

8 Additional Notes The images that I have received so far are not as focused as I would like in terms of composition, so I either have to get some new images, or work at cropping/adjusting the images I have. Unless/until I have better images, my idea of second images on mouse-over is not feasible. I can, however, use the images as a link that relates to the buttons on the left and have the link info show up on mouse-over. Their pre-existing logo of the worm and cart was created by a member of the family, so I will probably have to retain it even though it is reminiscent of clip art. The background color is supposed to be more lavender, but it has not translated well. Im not certain how the deal with that yet.

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