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Rankin Inlet | Kangiqliniq

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1 Rankin Inlet | Kangiqliniq
The Business Development Gateway

2 Presentation Outline:
Overview of Rankin Inlet Current Infrastructure New Developments Deep Sea Port Project Meliadine Mine Project

3 Rankin Inlet – Nickel Mine
Almost all communities in Nunavut were established from traditional and cultural ties Rankin Inlet was established as a result of the North Rankin Nickel Mine in 1957 Community has a strong history and culture of mining Some of the original minors of the Rankin Inlet Nickel Mine are still living in the community

4 Rankin Inlet Facts Hub community connecting the North, South, East and West. Population: 2,358 (Statistics Canada Consensus of Population) Approx. 150 Registered Businesses

5 Main Sources of Employment
Government of Nunavut: Approximately 250 jobs M&T Enterprises Ltd: Approximately depending on the season Hope to change this with opening of Meliadine Mine: creating increase in Private Sector Growth

6 What we Have to Offer Large potential for new business
Strong existing workforce with a growing number of entrepreneurs Up-to-date Infrastructure: Cellphone Coverage, Cable, Internet, Utilidor with running sewage and water

7 Developments in Rankin Inlet
Rankin Inlet Airport Expansion Men’s Correctional Facility Itivia Site Upgrades to Fuel Storage All Weather Road from Rankin Inlet to Meliadine Lake Nunavut Manitoba All Weather Highway Deep Sea Port Facility Meliadine Mine Project

8 Rankin Inlet Airport Expansion
$27 Million Expansion will include the Runway and Staging Area for the Aircrafts This will add an additional access point to the runway from the Airport Creation of Construction Jobs

9 Men’s Correctional Facility
Opening late October 2012 48 beds (in-mate capacity) 45 staff 15 casual staff

10 Itivia Site Industrial Area of Rankin Inlet
Transport Canada/Airport Lands have designated a staging area for Agnico Eagle Hamlet expanding Itivia site to upgrade staging area for other mineral exploration companies, local businesses, and for hamlet use Main Objective: to increase efficiency in loading and offloading sea lift materials Changes in Community Land Use Plan in the past 12 months have shown some of these new developments for the Itivia Site.

11 Upgrades to Fuel Storage (Information Provided my Petroleum Products Division)
Rankin Inlet: 13 Fuel Tanks Diesel Fuel Storage (8 tanks): 17 million litres Gasoline Fuel (2 Tanks): 3 million litres Aircraft Fuel (3 Tanks): 9 million litres 6 additional tanks completed in the last 2 years. Reason: Community Growth. Significant Increase in Airport Movement. Spin off from Agnico Eagle Mine

12 All Weather Road – Rankin Inlet to Meliadine Lake
All-weather, $21 million, 24-kilometre road that will link Agnico-Eagle Mining’s Meliadine Gold Mine Project to Rankin Inlet This will bring workers, fuel, drilling supplies and food to the camp from the community The road will allow year-round exploration work to continue at the Agnico Eagle Mine Site. Expected to be completed late Summer – early Fall 2012

13 Nunavut-Manitoba All Weather Road System
Connecting Manitoba Highway System in Sundance (MB) to Churchill, Rankin Inlet, and four other communities in the Kivalliq Region Total Length: 1,475 km Tremendous amount of construction and engineering to be done providing large amount of employment opportunity for Nunavummiut Annual Maintenance Cost estimated between $7-10 million Need for more services will increase including gas stations, restaurants, service stations, etc.

14 Nunavut-Manitoba All Weather Road System
Business Case Reviewed by the Government in Nunavut in March 2012 MB and NU will present finding to Federal Government in an effort to secure further funding for the project. Proposed to be built in 3 phases over 14 years. Phase 1 – Arviat to Rankin Inlet Phase 2 – Chester Field Inlet to Baker Lake Phase 3 – Arviat through to Churchill

15 Nunavut-Manitoba All Weather Road System

16 Deep Sea Port Project

17 Deep Sea Port Facility Ships tend to anchor about half-mile off shore outside the barrier islands and use a barge system to and from ship because Rankin Inlet doesn’t have adequate marine facilities. Ships have tugs and flat barges which they use to transport goods back and forth costing companies between $60-80,000/day. All freight comes through Itivia Site with Fuel coming through Johnsons Cove

18 Port Location Options

19 Deep Sea Port Facility New Marine Facilities will have ships coming in shown as Survey Point Site is well protected and offers an easier access for ship arrival and departure. In case of emergency, this site is closer from the exit point This is also the preferred site for the shipping companies There is a lot of cargo landing spaces and potential tank farm area Finally, the Survey Point is a secure place for the community.

20 Deep Sea Port Facility The floating wharf has been designed to receive a ship about 140 meters long, which corresponds to the biggest sealift ship of NSSI and NEAS going into the Kivalliq Region The savings for the sealift companies can be transferred into the financing of the port for the Hamlet through harboring fees

21 Deep Sea Port Facility Logistic Savings
Decrease in unload time for sealift boats from approximately 8 days to 3 days) Sealift companies will not require staff to be flown in to unload the boat (estimated to 5 men @1000$/day + flight tickets) Easier and Safer fuel transfer from boat to shore decreasing overall environmental risk

22 Deep Sea Port Facility Outcomes
Provide safer, cheaper and faster sealift/stevedoring services. Create new and welcome infrastructure for industrial and non-industrial usage Local social and economic development (Employment opportunities and building local expertise) Create an opportunity for increased fishing in the area (larger vessels) Strengthening Long Term Business Relationships with other communities in the Kivalliq Region and Nunavut Undertake public investments establishing Nunavummiut as self-sustaining Greater Establishment of Canada’s Presence in the Arctic

23 Deep Sea Port Facility P3 Partnership – Partnership between the Public and Private Sectors. Port Cost: approximately $20 million Jobs Created (Port Specific): Anticipated Completion Date: August 2013

24 Deep Sea Port Facility: Agnico Eagle
Port should be ready for beginning of Agnico Eagle’s Construction phase in 2013. During the construction phase of the mine, over the next 3 years, Agnico Eagle will be able to receive 3-5 dedicated sealifts approximately 55,000 tons per year During the operation phase of the mine, they will receive 2-3 dedicated sealifts of approximately 45,000 tons per year

25 Meliadine Mine Project

26 Meliadine Mine Project (Info provided by Agnico Eagle)
Meliadine exploration and development project is 22 km northwest of Rankin Inlet $30 million spent on exploration studies this year Capital Investment: $1 billion for the Meliadine Project Tentative Timeline: – Exploration and Permitting – Completion of Feasibility Study – Construction Full Mine Operations will begin in 2017, Mine will be operational for years.

27 Meliadine Mine – JOBS (Info provided by Agnico Eagle)
Approximately: jobs will be created during construction jobs will be created once mine goes into operation Annual operations spending will be between $350-$450 million per year

28 Meliadine Mine Effect on Local Businesses
Job Creation (Over 500 people) Private Sector companies expanding accommodation capacity in Rankin Inlet Increased Income and Revenues for the entire community resulting in: Greater Need for Secondary Services Increased variety of consumer products More housing to be built More services will be in demand

29 Rankin Inlet Community Economic Development Plan
Ensuring our new developments move forward prioritizing the values and goals of the people in our community

30 Thank You Mutna Email additional questions to: Evan Morrison

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