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X plore Online Food Site Prepared by Chong Chern Dong On 18 Nov 2012.

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1 x plore Online Food Site Prepared by Chong Chern Dong On 18 Nov 2012

2 Overview This research gets statistic records from various reliable sources that provide glance on online food marketing and its potential in Singapore. Throughout the slides, you will have better ideas on Singapores online markets and its potential

3 Agenda Singapore Online Statistics Singapore Annual GDP at Current Market Prices Singapore Food & Beverage Industry Innovative Food Recommendation Whats Next

4 Singapore Online Statistics and Telecommunications 77.8% of population online Internet World Stats

5 85% own an internet capable mobile phone Nielsen Report, July % internet users have a tablet computer at home Nielsen Report, July % iPhone OS users Ad Mob % Andriod OS users Ad Mob 2011 Weekly 25 hours per digital users Nielsen Report, July 2011 Internet usage is surpassing time spent on traditional media such as television, radio and print Nielsen Report, November 2011 Singapore Digital Consumers and Online Trends

6 Singapore Average Hours Spent Online ComScore MediaMetrix December 2010

7 Singapore Composition of Internet Audiences

8 Singapore Leading Search Engines in Singapore Hitwise April 2011

9 Singapore Key Categories Reach in Singapore ComScore MediaMetrix December 2010

10 Singapore Top Websites by Alexa and Hitwise Reports Hitwise, April 2011 Alexa, April 2011

11 82% internet users on social networks ComScore Media Metrix December ,483,640 people on Facebook who live in Singapore Facebook April % digital users in Singapore maintain an active Facebook profile Nielsen November % Singapore internet users visited Twitter in January 2011 ComScore Media Metrix January % Singapore internet users share photo online ComScore Media Metrix December % Singapore internet users have connected with brands on social networking sites Nielsen July 2011 Singapore Social Networking Trends

12 World statistics: 266,000,000 total videos ComScore Media Metrix January ,000,000 total hours of video ComScore Media Metrix January 2011 Statistics focus on Singapore: 45% digital consumers in Singapore having an active Youtube profile Nielsen November videos per viewer in Singapore ComScore Media Metrix January hours per viewer in Singapore ComScore Media Metrix January 2011 Singapore Online Video Trends

13 Singapore Online Video Unique Viewers Composition ComScore Media Metrix December 2010

14 Singapore Annual GDP at Current Market Prices Department of Statistics Singapore

15 Accounting for 3% of GDP and food consumption reach USD 7.4 bn in 2011 Singapore is a relatively wealthy nation with 68% of households have an annual income over USD 50,000 Consumer demands is growing more complex over time, some of the key industry trends are highlighted below: o Product demand and offering o Going green and sustaining it o More emphasize on innovation o Varying pricing strategies Singapore Food & Beverage Industry CRI Report

16 Accounting for 8% advertisement in Singapore Breakthrough USD 100,000,000 of total revenue in 2011 Growing significantly even though GDP is shrinking for most sectors Singapore Online Advertising Market CRI Report

17 Singapore Online Advertising Revenue IAB Singapore

18 Singapore Comparison With Other Markets IAB Singapore

19 Why Food Recommendation Food and beverage are fundamental of living, we need food and drink to generate energy and supplementary. Most people eat at least twice a day, this is especially at urban city. People hunt for nice food but we haven't seen any better idea on food recommendations. Some food recommendation sites are built in common CMS and some are in blog platform, this restrict the way they grow because out of the box software package may not be able to fulfill the complex demands. However, there are successful websites with good spell lately, such as HungryGoWhere. HungryGoWhere is designed for food recommendations and public ratings but the innovation doesn't seem attractive enough to hold their users. Their improvements are not obvious especially in this social networking rich era. To summarize, food recommendation is still a potential market that worth invest due to its shortfall in Asia Pacific Region.

20 Innovative Food Recommendation Food sharing platform that enables posting, rating and location services that do not limit to web but smartphone and tablet. The idea is to provide convenience service to attract people from around the world. When the platform is mature, the team can focus more on profit, say advertisement, selling voucher and running campaign

21 Whats Next Partnership Decision o What do you want to achieve setting goals o What can you offer time and material o How best can you work together with the team time and material o How soon can you kickoff the project date, time & venue o How frequent can you meet for the progress update date, time & venue Ideas Sharing o Domain Name & Logo o Slogans o Any Ideas to improve the current state

22 Q&A Name: Chong Chern Dong Website: Address: Contact Number:

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