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C.N Juan Carlos San Martín Naya Madrid, 10 JUN 13

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1 C.N Juan Carlos San Martín Naya Madrid, 10 JUN 13
II High Defence Studies Course for Asian-Pacific Senior Officers (30 SEP-25 OCT 2013) Attachés’ Briefing C.N Juan Carlos San Martín Naya Madrid, 10 JUN 13

2 Points of Contact CN Juan C. San Martin (Course Coordinator)
(00.34) Mr. José M. Olivo Lucas (SEGENPOL PoC) (00.34)

3 Background (I) The Spanish MoD gives a big importance to this course.
Sponsored by SEGENPOL the course will be carried out in English at the Spanish Higher Defence Studies College (EALEDE), institution pertaining to the CESEDEN, from 30 SEP until 25 OCT 2013 (4 week-course)

4 Background (II) 14 nations have been invited by SEGENPOL: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam Lessons learned from the previous pilot course have been taken into consideration and most of them applied to the program

5 Goals of the course To contribute to the establishment and consolidation of a peaceful and secure community in the region To consolidade institutional relations and integration bonds between participant countries and Spain.

6 Students Up to 35 in total 28 representing 14 nations +7 spaniards
Participation is the key to be successful, EALEDE College will learn a lot from all of the students and the students will gain good benefits from this course Good level of English Nominations NLT 15 of July NON-smoking regulations applied. Smokers can do it open air in break-time

7 Students

8 Students

9 Timetable (I) Labor days - MON/TUE/WED (08:30/13:45)
- TH U (08.30/16:00) - FRI (08:30/12:30) SATURDAYs (Two devoted to cultural visits) SUNDAYs (FREE) BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER at MR “Alcazar” Depending on academic ativities some luncheons at CESEDEN 30 SEP Inauguration ceremony 12 OCT National day (Military parade) 25 OCT Closing Ceremony

10 Trips &Visits (I) Trips (Two alternatives TBD) - Alternative 1

11 Trips & Visits (II) - Alternative 2 GALICIA (Santiago-Ferrol)/ALBACETE
Professional visits (TBC) - URO - F-100/ Navy schools Professional visits around Madrid (TBC) - BRIAC or BRIPAC - UME & MACOM - EADS- Airbus Military - INDRA

12 Cultural visits Cultural Visits (TBD) - EL ESCORIAL MONASTERY

13 Attire Military students Civilian students
Formal uniform for opening & closing ceremonies, visits to military units: Jacket & tie/ribbons / Working uniform for conferences Pull over/ short jacket/ tie (IAW national regulations) Visits to enterprises: Civilian suit/ jacket and tie Civilian students Jacket & tie Casual (NO jeans) for Cultural visits, all participans

14 Academic Considerations
Daily conferences delivered by high ranked military & official lecturers 50 min lecture +10 min break + Q&A National presentations - 30 min (presentation + Q&A) Communication - Lecture + Forum (students) Round tables (3 Services main programs & Defence Industies) Professional & cultural visits are mandatory

15 Curriculum 4 Thematic Modules
I.- International Relations & Strategic Panorama II.- Defence Planning III.- Defence Culture & Sociology IV.- Defence Industry & Economy

16 Modules’ objective (I)
M-I) Familiarize students with current world scenario, international problems and events, as well as the most relevant organisations IRT security & defence M-II) Familiaraze with the Spanish MoD organization, general outlines on S&D policy, Armed Forces (AF) and planning system

17 Modules’ objective (II)
M-III) Devoted to defence culture & defence awareness analyzing the relationship between the AF and the citizens, society’s perception about S&D problems and the the support that society may demand from its own AF M-IV) Putting forward the impact of national economy problems on the strategic and defence domains

18 Hosted by MoD Boarding, lodging, lunch and laundry at the MR “ALCAZAR”
Multicultural meals will be provided Tuition Professional and cultural visits as well as informative trips Air flight tickets to/from Madrid IAW MoD restrictive regulations No special program for spouses and/or accompanying persons

19 Administrative aspects (I)
Passport & visa for the whole stay in Spain Registration form filled in due time (Kick-off) Direct contact student-coordinator recommended (avoid unnecessary delays) Non-smoking regulations in acordance with national law CWL travel agency will deal with fights. Students travel plans need to be known well in advance IOT make flight & MR reservations

20 Administrative aspects (II)
Pending welfare reforms at MR “ALCAZAR” could make uncomfortable a 4 week-stay for families Health care under the same conditions as other foreign students attending other courses in Spain. Medical certificate confirming NO contagious disease, allergies & vaccinations is mandatory Spouses & family members need a private medical insurance

21 Questions?

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