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REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use Rod & Nicole 10:50 – 11:30.

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1 REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use Rod & Nicole 10:50 – 11:30

2 Discovery Project. Define standardised practises for logo sizes and error pages / messages used by Service Providers. Design a toolkit for publishers that clearly lays out the business model for embedded discovery and supporting materials for the current technical implementations available. Establish an editorial board for the toolkit.

3 MDUI recommendations. At Arlington it was decided that it is too soon to develop a standard. Rather we are to develop guidance for federations: – Explicitly check & defend against inter federation clashes. – Careful use of normative language. – Some statements of the obvious So obvious that it took us some time to notice!

4 MDUI recommendations: Normative and other language. Distinguish between: – Absolutely required to function. – Aesthetics. – Functional but ignorable. Section 6 of RFC2119 Imperatives of the type defined in this memo must be used with care and sparingly. In particular, they MUST only be used where it is actually required for interoperation

5 MDUI recommendations: The obvious... Doing the work yourself is often easier than getting others to do it. Do what the specifications (particularly MDUI) say. Do not serve images from a Java Container.

6 Discovery: The toolkit for publishers. Commissioned the toolkit for publisher. Easy way to use the ESPRESSO standard. Non threatening, but descriptive. One website, multiple audiences, carefully & simply presented. Supporting material (references). Demo site[s?].

7 Toolkit: Progress. This had been planned for completion this month. – Delayed but aiming for June. We get a chance to close on some issue which are still open.

8 Toolkit: The five steps 1.Locate the login button top right. 2.Manage local login. 3.Chose and install a DS. 4.Configure for your site & users. 5.Done.





13 Toolkit: Demo site(s). The motivation here is similar to A site done properly: – Suggestions for content type? – Offers of a site we can borrow? Do we need a site done wrong?

14 To Summarise: MDUI Recommendations. – Toolkit: – Watch this space. Editorial board: – We are still seeking volunteers.

15 Barriers for SPs

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