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1 2Mar12 VDJS HR Migration Status V1.1 JNTC SUPPORT ELEMENTS CAPT Ed Special Galvin.

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1 1 2Mar12 VDJS HR Migration Status V1.1 JNTC SUPPORT ELEMENTS CAPT Ed Special Galvin

2 Provided by JCW to help support training programs Provide direct, on-site, and regional joint operational and technical support to the Service training programs JCW Field Staff, provide the joint interface across the Enterprise Enable training programs to obtain required joint context Provide reach back to JCW, worldwide network of JNTC personnel Assist in program certification process Assist planning, execution, assessment of joint training events SUPPORT ELEMENTS WHO ARE THEY


4 SUPPORT ELEMENTS THE SOLUTION JCW Hohenfels, GE JMRC Butch Cade (Ops) 314-520-5996 Grafenwoehr, Germany JMTC Ensiedlerhof, GE USAFE JTP (WPC) Vacant (Ops) MCTP Bob Melanson (Ops) 552-5767 Dan Griffin (Ops) 552-5726 Ft. Leavenworth KS JETI (Blue Flag) Hurlburt Field, FL AFSOC (EMERALD WARRIOR) Greg Brown (Ops) 579-7199 FST West Ray Boucree (Ops) 553-4787 San Diego, CA MAWTS-1 George Cuevas (T) 269-7162 Yuma, AZ AWF Fallon, NV Arlington, VA Nat. Guard. Bureau Ernst Holzhausen (Ops) 327-3269 Eielson AFB, Alaska RED FLAG - ALASKA Steve Brewer (Ops) 317-377-1710 Green Flag West RED FLAG-NELLIS Lynn Bowler (Ops) 682-5761 NTC Nick Sisneros (T) 470-9346 Nellis AFB, NV Ft Irwin, CA Ft. Irwin, CA Nellis AFB, NV Green Flag East Joel Cummings (Ops) 331-2108 JRTC Shall Wallis (T) 863-0536 Barksdale AFB, LA Ft. Polk, LA Little Rock AFB, AR Ft. Polk, LA Green Flag East Green Flag East- Little Rock Steven Lister (T) 731-7156 Ft. Bliss, TX Virtuall Flag Erik Stryker (Ops) 246-8791 Kirtland AFB, NM Angel Thunder Davis Monthan, AZ Joint Kill Chain MSTP (Vacant Tech) FST East (Vacant Ops) Quantico, VA Camp Lejuene, NC MARSOC Ted Mija (Ops) 758-0047 Norfolk, VA Red Text = Vacant Slot

5 Identify a single point of contact (POC) who will coordinate with JCW Provide site/installation, building, and facilities access Provide workspaces for the SE which will afford easy access to the training program and preserve the integrity of SE support Provide office space, furniture, office supplies, and secure storage Provide basic information technology services Provide the SE SCIF access as required Site specific training required to support the Service program Identify a coordination chain for comment and approval of required JCW SE generated reports for the expeditious processing and delivery of reports SUPPORT ELEMENTS TRAINING PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES

6 Provide administrative and operational control over the JNTC SE Provide the agreed upon staffing Provide summary of the qualifications/attributes of JNTC SE personnel Conduct two week orientation / training sessions to ensure SE is sufficiently trained to support the duties Conduct a monthly telephone conference with Service SE personnel for coordination, interface, and training Conduct an annual SE Conference for annual update and training Establish and Maintain SE SharePoint portal on the JCW to facilitate continuous communication among SE community Designate JCW Service Program Coordinator as single POC for flow of program information between JCW and supported program Provide program funding through the Joint Staff J7 Deputy Director JCW Establish a feedback mechanism for supported programs to provide an assessment of SE effectiveness to JCW SUPPORT ELEMENTS JCW RESPONSBILITIES

7 The SE will support the planning, development, execution, and assessment of joint training conducted by the supported program Work w/JCW Certification review teams and supported program to: Review joint context capabilities Identify joint training environment recommendations Share lessons learned Collect best practices Capture issues Identify shortfalls affecting the ability to perform or support joint training. Monitor the progress of the mitigation plan Advise JCW Program Coordinator when the plan requires updating SUPPORT ELEMENTS SUPPORT ELEMENT DUTIES

8 The Support Elements are a contracted capability. They should not be handling work that is: Inherently Governmental NOT within the scope of the contract As an example, the SE cannot: Be the custodian for network equipment, COMSEC Lead/manage the supported training program Lead/direct exercise planning for the supported program Provide daily O&M support of installed JTEN equipment Prepare and submit budget briefings, POM submissions, etc Provide anything that would constitute personal services Provide non-JNTC training for staff (e.g. newcomer orientation) SUPPORT ELEMENTS CONSTRAINTS

9 Regionalization is a major change to the SE program Follow-on course corrections may be necessary to optimize the SE support given to Service training programs Imperative that we receive feedback from the Services Includes any issues/recommendations Monthly feedback on SE performance by Service POC is extremely important SUPPORT ELEMENTS A TEAM EFFORT

10 SUPPORT ELEMENTS THE FUTURE Near-Future Discussion Topic How do we provide SE support to those Programs and Sites that are Accredited/Certified in the future?


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