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PASS Community News October/November 2013. SQLSaturday Events – Oct/Nov/Dec Upcoming North America Events Upcoming International Events Dec 7#233Washington.

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1 PASS Community News October/November 2013

2 SQLSaturday Events – Oct/Nov/Dec Upcoming North America Events Upcoming International Events Dec 7#233Washington DC Jan 18 #272Nashville Nov 30#261Moscow Dec 7#259Kharkov Dec 7#266Lima Dec 13#264Ancona Dec 21#274Slovenia Visit to register for an event near you!

3 Virtual Chapter Meetings – Nov/Dec VIRTUAL CHAPTERMEETINGTOPIC Business IntelligenceNov 19 – 5:00pm (UTC-06:00)Data Vault Data Warehouse Architecture – presented by Jeff Renz Book ReadersNov 20 – 12:00pm (UTC – 08:00)Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL 2012 – by Brian Larson Global RussianNov 20 – 3:00pm (UTC +3:00)Конкуренция за ресурсы в многоядерных системах. Поиск и устранение причин конкуренции – presented by Евгений Хабаров (Eugene Khabarov Business AnalyticsNov 25 – 12:00pm (GMT-05:00)Integrating SSRS with SharePoint – presented by Kevin Goff Application DevelopmentDec 6 – 12:00pm (GMT-07:00)Isnt That Spatial: Spatial Data for the App Dev – presented by Jason Horner VirtualizationDec 11 – 10:00am (GMT – 07:00)Virtualization Q&A with Brent Ozar

4 PASS Virtual Chapters Listing 4 Check out the for more information on all the Virtual Chapters including: Application Development Azure Big Data Book Readers Business Analytics Business Intelligence Data Architecture DBA DBA Fundamentals Healthcare Master Data\Data Quality Performance Oracle Powershell Professional Development Security Virtualization Women in Technology Virtual PASS Portuguese Global Chinese Global Spanish Global Russian

5 JOIN US for our second annual event to get the best learning for analyzing, managing, and sharing business information and insights through the Microsoft Data Platform of technologies.

6 Stay Involved! Sign up for a free membership today at Linked In: Professional Association for SQL Server Facebook: Professional Association for SQL Server Group Twitter: @SQLPASS The PASS Blog: Evansville PASS:

7 What is Power BI? Self Service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud A BI portal for sharing workbooks and reports with colleagues. 7

8 What is self-service BI? End users designing and deploying their own reports and analysis inside a tool that is familiar (Excel). 8

9 Power Q & A Demo Note: Q&A works with sample data only at this time 9

10 Power Q&A Uses natural language query technology to provide you with immediate answers in the form of interactive charts and graphs based on the questions you type into the speech bubble. Cloud only feature for now but if successful will make it into On Prem versions of the software. 10

11 Power BI for Office 365 Insights and visualizations are better when shared. Power BI excels at making insights available to everyone who should see them, securing those reports, and enabling them to be seen from anywhere in the world: Data ManagementData Management – when you create a great query in Excel, you can share it with others, manage its availability, and see how much it gets used. With the data management features of Power BI, not only can you share your own query-creating genius, you can find other queries easily, too. Youre collaborating from within Excel, and sharing your efforts online. Its powerful. Power BI for MobilePower BI for Mobile – See the latest reports posted to your Power BI site from a rich, immersive app on your mobile device. Power BI SitesPower BI Sites – this is the heart of your collaborative Power BI experience. Quickly create collaborative Power BI sites for your team to share and view reports. Larger workbook viewing is also supported (up to 250MB) so that users can view and interact with larger workbooks through the browser. 11

12 Power BI sites for Office 365 Power BI for Office 365 offers the Power BI sites application, which transforms a SharePoint Online site into a more robust, dynamic location to share and find Excel workbooks and provides a visual, interactive view tailored to BI. It also gives you easy access to other BI features available in Power BI for Office 365. The Power BI sites app is available when you subscribe to Power BI for Office 365 Preview. You can apply it to a new or an existing site in SharePoint Online Enterprise. 12

13 Power BI Sites for Office 365 You can see the same workbooks in your standard SharePoint Documents library and in the Power BI site – the Power BI site is just another, richer view of those workbooks. If you delete a workbook from the Power BI site, youre deleting it from the SharePoint Documents library, too. The Power BI site currently only shows Excel workbooks stored on the site. If you have other files on the site, you can see them in the SharePoint Documents library, but not in the Power BI site view. 13

14 Setup Register for the Power BI trial at or add the app from the office app store if you are a current office 365 user. Setup can be a bit frustrating. 14

15 Tools used for Power BI Power Pivot: For creating and customizing flexible data models within Excel. Power View: For creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data. Power Query: Enables customers to easily search and access public data and their organization's data, all within Excel (formerly known as "Data Explorer"). Power Map: A 3D data visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic and temporal data (formerly known as product codename "Geoflow"). 15

16 Power Query Demo 16

17 Data Management Gateway Setup a Data Management Gateway for access to on prem data. Manually refresh data for report. Schedule refresh for report Data refresh of Power Query connections is not supported in the preview. 17

18 Mobile Power BI Reports are viewable on tablets and smart phones. Uses HTML5 instead of Silverlight so the reports will work cross-platform Power BI app is available for Windows 8 in the Windows App Store. Not supported by Windows 8.1 * 18

19 Sharing Data With Power BI sites, sharing is built in from the beginning. Any users with permission to access the site can see workbooks as theyre displayed on the site, unless permissions are further restricted for a particular workbook or folder. 19

20 View Query Usage Get information on what queries are being used the most 20

21 Power Map Demo 21

22 Licensing and Cost Should be available soon for general release. Pricing model will be per user, per month. Currently available as an app in the store available with the trial. Rumors are it will be available as a stand alone product. 22

23 Resources – sign up Getting Started with Power BI - us/excel/power-bi-download-add-in-FX104087144.aspx us/excel/power-bi-download-add-in-FX104087144.aspx PowerBI Blog - Power Pivot Blog - Power BI Forum - US/home?category=powerbi US/home?category=powerbi Power BI Contest – chance to win an Xbox One console, a Surface Pro 2 or a PASS BAC 2014 VIP experience 23

24 Questions? Jason Burton Burton IT Consulting, LLC Evansville PASS President Twitter - @jasonburton@jasonburton Email - Jason@burtonitconsulting.comJason@burtonitconsulting.com24

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