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UCSD Site Report to the IAB Sheldon Brown Site Director May 29, 2012 NIST, MD.

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1 UCSD Site Report to the IAB Sheldon Brown Site Director May 29, 2012 NIST, MD

2 Overview 2 Next Generation Digital Media Existing Projects Growth Tracker - Heap Growth Detection in C++ Visual Analytics of User Behavior Combining Incremental and Parallel Methods for Large-scale Physics Simulation Client Server Systems for Next Gen Media – Future Cinema The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination –New Facility with Structural and Materials Engineering

3 Overview 3 Extending the CHMPR FRP leads to FIRMEE, multiple proposals Clarke Center – Imaginarium, proposed work Virbela – Virtual World Business Education Lab, collaboration with Rady School of Management at UCSD, GMAC grant.

4 Overview 4 Staffing Sheldon Brown, Site Director Erik Hill, Lead Software Engineer Daniel Tracy, Software Engineer Vikki DeVries, Administrator Pardis Miri, Grad Student Joey Ly, Undergrad Gina Chen, Undergrad Affiliated Faculty, David Kirsh, Cog Sci, Erik Viire, Neurosciences, Todd Coleman, Bio-engineering, Brian Keating, Physics, Lev Manovich, Visual Arts Potential Partner Universities: University of Liverpool, Oxford, ASU, UW.

5 Calit2 215,000 gross square feet Clean room including: Circuits laboratory Optical networking laboratory Rooftop "antenna garden" New Media Arts research labs: 200-seat auditorium Gallery, Black Box, High Def production, motion capture, Gamelab, spatialized audio, virtual reality, 3D fabrication

6 UCSD Facilities IBM z10 mainframe with the San Diego Supercomputer Center 4 Blade QS20 Cell Cluster, QS22 Blade 4 Dual Xeon Blades 4 CPU Xeon Server SDSC Storage Array nVidia Fermi Experimental Game Lab - quad core PC's - Nvidia 580 and Quadro 5400 16 sided StarCAVE (immersive VR stereo surround environment) 300 Megapixel tiled display wall 55 screen tiled 3D Varrier screen display. 4K cinema technology - Sony SXRD Projector, JVC 4K projection, Zaxel 4K servers, JPEG2000 encoder/decoder, 10gb network streams, Prototype 4K and stereo display panel prototypes Spatialized Audio Research Lab - 26 Channel 3D sound lab Motion Capture/Computer Vision Research Lab - 24 channel VICON motion capture system, 3D laser scanning, structured light, multi-channel video. VR Development Lab - variety of interfaces and display types Optiputer network environment - Global Lambda Infrastructure 3D Fabrication Lab - rapid prototyping and CNC machining tools

7 Products and Activities 2011/2012: Virtual World Exhibitions Maison d'Allieurs, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland Upcoming: Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow Next Generation Cinema Presentations URBAN RESEARCH AT DIRECTORS LOUNGE, Berlin Video Art in a global Context, Ukraine Conferences Panels Lectures Shanghai University Honorary Professorship lecture Launch events for Clarke Center – SME building opening Lecture Series Drones at Home Symposium -calit2– Co-organizer Goddard Space Center: Wondering and Becoming: Imaging and Imagination as Guides to Discovery IntelSat - Clarke Awards Ceremony Designing Geo-politics symposium, co-sponsor Papers Tracy, D. Hill, E., Brown, S. Diagnosing Unbounded Heap Growth in C++ Software. 2012, IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation. Luxembourg. Book Chapters Brown, Sheldon Being Dazzled: Living in Machinima, in Understanding Machinima, forthcoming 2012, Continuum Press Website:

8 Display output is highly malleable, as demonstrated by ongoing exhibitions of underlying system for the Scalable City. From multi user desktops, to multiscreen immersive displays Zacheta Gallery – Warsaw E3 – Los Angeles Ars Electronica –Austria India International Center – New Delhi Museum of Contemporary Art - Shanghai National Academy of Science, Wash. DC Siggraph 2007 Exploratorium – San Francisco Supercomputing 2007 FILE, Sao Paulo, Brazil Los Angeles Barnsdall Art Gallery Gallery@calit2 Beall Center for Art and Technology Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Keio University 3D Media Film Festival, Belgium SPIE Festival San Jose, CA CES, Las Vegas Supercomputing 2009 LA Freewaves, LA CA Real Fake Exhibit, CSU Sacramento New This Year: Maison dallieurs, Switzerland Dutch Film Festival Moscow Museum of Multimedia, Russia

9 Sponsors Existing Sponsors: IBM provide dues and in-kind Intel stopped this year – re-evaluating their strategy as members of industry consortium projects. Discussions with new members: Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination is cultivating founding corporate sponsors – discussion with several in which CHMPR membership would be a component. Sony –continues to provide $50K of in-kind support per year, reluctant to sign member agreement. 9

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