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Revolution to Evolution of Site Strategic Technologies Manager, Enterprise Cyber Security Operations Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC April 2012 John.

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1 Revolution to Evolution of Site Strategic Technologies Manager, Enterprise Cyber Security Operations Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC April 2012 John Poe 2012 STIP Meeting Revolution to Evolution of Site Strategic Technologies

2 Revolution to Evolution in: –Communications –Applications –Collaboration –Service –Critical Success Factors Agenda

3 Communications More W –Wireless (area and within building) –Wi-Max (more area coverage) –Improved Site-wide Cellular Coverage (Verizon) More Speed –10gig Ethernet Switch

4 Applications Fewer Homegrown Systems and more COTS –BPMP – Oracle/PeopleSoft –BrassRing, Taleo Improve Productivity –Single Sign-on –HSPD-12 implementation Sunset Unproductive Applications –Analyze, Incorporate, Disintegrate Reduce Paper –Online procedures –Electronic Records –Drawings

5 Collaboration Less Travel time –Video Conferencing –Audio Conferencing – via Global Crossing –Lotus Notes Sametime Unfettered Internet Access –Citrix Open Internet –Green Network Drops Knowledge Sharing –Lambda Rail (Lab Collaboration) –Beginnings of Cloud Considerations

6 Services Service Catalog with Preferred Vendor –All IT requests in one place –Services include Hardware, Software, Peripherals, etc. –SHI eCatalog integration with existing PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Customer Focus –Understanding the Customers Needs and Proving IT Value –Integrate Solutions by Thinking Globally

7 SRNS General User Progression TechnologyFY09FY10FY11FY12 CollaborationEmail (Notes 6) +IM, +Presence +Notes 8.5.1 +Virtual Meetings +Videoconferencing +Alfresco Share Areas +Team web sites CommunicationDesk Phone +VOIP +Compete contract +New M&O contract+Improved operations TeleconferencingLimited site system+Additional ports+Commercial services+Expanded use Desktop Windows XP, Office XP, Acrobat 6, FMP 6 +Acrobat 9, +FileMaker Pro 10 +Windows 7, +Office 2010 +Enterprise Content Management IntranetShRINE+InSite +Web Content Mgmt +Publishing templates/standards +Web Apps More Pervasive InternetRequires explicit ID+Limited personal use +URL categories +Open internet +Webinars +Training PortalsNone+CEO, VP Portals+Personal/Project/Team+Executive Analytics Applications IBARS, PCS, TAC, ICTS, CAP, BI*Query – all obsolete +Award BPMP +Taleo, Brass Ring, COBRA +BPMP General Ledger+BPMP Supply Chain Security Many passwords Average 5 logins +Enterprise Single Sign- On +Average 2 logins +HSPD-12 PIV Card Readers for Computer Access

8 8 SRNS Field Worker Progression TechnologyFY09FY10FY11FY12 Communication Pagers + UHF Radios + Cell Phones/BB + VHF Radios Unified Communications: +Minimize devices +Applications +Push-to-talk Cell PhonesPoor Coverage+In-building signal +Improved coverage/higher data speeds Blackberries Cumbersome Network Password +Simplified password, +Longer time outs +Instant messaging +GPS tracking Remote Access +Laptop encryption VPN (govt PC) +Citrix Remote Access (Home PC) +Telecommuting evaluation +Telecommuting (reduce office space) WirelessNone +Wi-max to R Area +Wi-fi in N Warehouses +Wi-fi - expand sites/buildings +Mobile Wireless Towers +Cell phone wireless across the site for data Procedures & FormsMultiple, disparate systems+Single Procedure System +Form Automation & Standardization +Automated Procedures & Forms in the Field Mobile Computing (Laptop/Tablet/PDA) Limited, sync up required+GPS, On-site Wireless +Air Cards, GPS, bar codes +RFID Data Collection Manual walkdowns & data entry +Duplicate data entry Mobile computing Some automated field data entry Automated data entry Integrating mobile/wireless Wireless instrumentation Real-time mobile computing

9 SRNS Researcher Environment Progression TechnologyFY09FY10FY11FY12 Collaboration Limited infrastructure to enable external collaboration +Introduction of Instant Messaging +Host & attend web audio/video conferences with external entities +Internal Sametime meetings +Collaborative work environments configured/ dismantled as needed (virtual cloud) for research Network No open network Significant speed and access limitations +Limited Internet personal use +Open internet access from SRNL desktops +Pilot iPhones, IPads, or Android-based applications +Wireless instrumentation +Telecommuting +GPU Computing High Performance Computing (HPC) HPC Infrastructure needs upgrade/dedicated facility +Ability to utilize HPC at other locations Social NetworkingProhibited +Discussions begin; pilot limited usage +Research-related Portals and Wikis +Pervasive social networking with the DOE & university research communities External Internet Connectivity Filtered, limited, lower speed +Improved internet access +Lambda Rail proposal +High speed Lambda Rail & Internet 2 connectivity funding request +Order of magnitude speed improvement +High speed Lambda Rail & Internet 2 connectivity to other DOE sites, Labs & Universities +Redundant connectivity

10 Home-grown PIN authentication for every app Active Directory authentication for many apps Single sign-on From 28 Passwords to 2 From Many Passwords to Few

11 iDevices: From Basic Phone to iPhone/iPad Basic e-mail and phone services provided on cell phones and BlackBerry devices Powerful handheld device with: camera enabled; GPS; relaxed password rules; open Internet access; modified device locking; text messaging; Bluetooth; BlackBerry maps; on-site peripheral availability iDevices coming into the mainstream

12 From Wired To Wireless Compute power limited to wired solutions Wi-Max prepositioned for future mission Secure Wifi in place Wi-Max technology in selected areas Benefits Improved availability and responsiveness Reduced Travel Time Reduced Fleet Usage Improved worker productivity

13 Ad hoc legacy communication methods: phone, e-mail, in-person Sametime meetings with true collaboration Sametime instant messaging and presence awareness From Isolation to Collaboration

14 Little to no in-building cellular coverage Increased in-building cellular coverage Increased sitewide cellular coverage From No Coverage to Coverage

15 Five Key Focus Areas for IT 1. Run and support IT assets safely, securely, reliably and efficiently 2. Improve reliability, the transparency of IT costs, and our overall project planning, prioritization and execution capabilities 3. Deliver the critical few IT Investment Strategy initiatives with excellence 4. Sustain the value of these investments through effective support and an improved ability to extract the intended value 5. Shape the IT vision and strategy aligned with business, and set priorities for Information Technology at SRS

16 Critical Success Factors of Evolution Senior Executive Ownership & Involvement CIO Stewardship Key Stakeholder Involvement Secure Behavioral Change Management resources Focus the Effort on Business Capability Gaps vs. IT Projects Aligned Business & IT Strategies

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