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Reducing Surgical Site Infection in Patients after Total Knee Replacement.

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2 Reducing Surgical Site Infection in Patients after Total Knee Replacement

3 INITIAL FINDINGS Increase in post operative surgical site infection rate in the patient receiving knee replacement surgery who are 30 or more days post discharge Infections were occuring in the home environment. No inconsistencies identified in infection prevention pre- op routine. All patients received pre-op CHG bath and CHG /Alcohol pre-op surgical skin prep in OR prior to incision. No witnessed inconsistencies with OR room cleaning, room set up, or room climate: temperature and humidity. All patients received similar discharge instructions: may shower and clean incision with soap and water after you get home.

4 EVIDENCE 1. Common denominator identified for a source of wound contamination was the use of the family bar of soap. 2. Evidence supported the commonly held supposition that soap bars harbors bacterial flora and contamination on soap bar is transmitted from family member to family member. 3. For the patient with a healing surgical incision, sharing bar soap increases the risk of bacterial infection via the transmission of organisms to the incision site.

5 PRACTICE CHANGE & IMPLICATIONS Discharge education relative to discharge kits that insures patients with surgical incisions understand to use only the provided antibacterial soap dispensed from a pump container and not share with others in family.


7 EVALUATION OVER TIME After two years post implementation, significant decrease in patients with Total Knee presenting to physician offices or presenting to ED with surgical site infections after discharge to home and requiring surgery to remove device/repeat replacement.

8 LESSONS LEARNED Follow your clinical intuition and then follow-up with research and evidence.

9 Questions? Contact Information Evelyn White BAAS, RN, CIC Infection Preventionist CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System Tel: 903.614.7180

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