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1 Office of Environmental Health and Safety Services Overview Office of the Chief Operating Officer June 27, 2012.

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1 1 Office of Environmental Health and Safety Services Overview Office of the Chief Operating Officer June 27, 2012

2 2 Agenda 1.Overview of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) Core Functions 2.Safety and Industrial Hygiene Programs 3.Environmental Programs 4.Questions

3 3 The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for the students and employees of the Los Angeles Unified School District. This mission is supported through periodic inspections of existing District facilities, and careful evaluation of all school sites to ensure a school environment that is health-protective and conducive to learning. Mission Driving World Class Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions to Support a Safe, Learning, and Working Environment.

4 4 Overview of OEHS Core Functions Organizational Structure As of June 30, 2012

5 5 OEHS administers a wide range of environmental, health, and safety programs including: Indoor environmental quality, odor & other air quality Assessment of new school sites Emergency management/response Workplace injury reduction Training for safe work practices Safe school inspections Waste management (solid waste and recycling) Hazardous waste management Design criteria for healthy and sustainable schools Accident management and loss related data reporting Overview of OEHS Core Functions

6 6 Traffic and pedestrian safety Management of hazards related to industrial facilities near schools Environmental compliance Site assessment and remediation activities Drug and alcohol testing Medical surveillance of employees Coordination of District drinking water flushing program Compliance oversight of asbestos and lead abatement OEHS programs (cont): Overview of OEHS Core Functions

7 7 OEHS has developed a number of reports intended to provide sites and Divisions with data that can be used to assist in prioritizing activity related to minimizing losses. OEHSs outreach efforts include the following standard reports: 1.OEHS Scorecard: Quarterly Performance Report 2.Quarterly Drinking Water Flushing Report 3.OEHS Overall Performance Report (for sites and/or Divisions) 4.Safe School Inspection Report Card 5.Emergency Operation Center % Operability Report OEHS related performance reporting Additional reports are periodically developed and can be developed upon request. Overview of OEHS Core Functions

8 8 OEHS Scorecard: Quarterly Performance Report Sent out to 19 Divisions, including the ESCs

9 9 In an effort to better evaluate the quality of a Division or sites implementation, coordination and ongoing maintenance of required occupational safety, industrial hygiene and environmental compliance activities, OEHS has developed the OEHS Needs Assessment process to evaluate the effectiveness of critical safety, health and environmental programs managed by the Division/sites. The OEHS Needs Assessment process involves the review of relevant health, safety and environmental performance measures and a thorough site physical and documentation audit utilizing the LAUSD Safe School Inspection (SSIP) Process. OEHS Needs Assessment Program Overview of OEHS Core Functions

10 10 OEHS Needs Assessment Report The assessment provides an overall performance scorecard and comprehensive recommendations for improvement.

11 11 The intent of the OEHS webpage is to provide a comprehensive and user friendly location for the public and staff to access information and services provided by OEHS. OEHS Webpage All current OEHS documents are located within the site. Overview of OEHS Core Functions

12 12 OEHS Website: OEHS Documents page Published OEHS related reference guides are available.

13 13 Located at bottom of the web page: On the OEHS main page, there is a link specific for site administrators OEHS Website: Main page

14 14 OEHS Website: Site Administrators Page The page provides useful information for site administrators

15 15 In an effort to better educate District staff with collateral OEHS responsibilities, OEHS has developed the OEHS Academy. The academy includes comprehensive training on specific OEHS topics. OEHS Academy Program The goal of the program is to provide training and supporting materials so that staff can better understand: The complex world of environmental and safety management The services provided by OEHS How to get support when needed. Overview of OEHS Core Functions

16 16 Carlos Torres Environmental Health Manager Safety and Industrial Hygiene Programs

17 17 Safety and Industrial Hygiene Programs Consultative services to schools, divisions and offices Safety auditing, assessment and analysis Emergency and complaint response Manage three District Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) Industrial hygiene services New construction safety reviews and occupancy inspections Asbestos compliance oversight and inspection services Regulatory compliance (Cal/OSHA, DOT, DPH, etc.) Traffic and pedestrian safety services Accident prevention, safety/IH training and technical support Services provided by unit:

18 18 Safety and Industrial Hygiene Support for the ESCs Regulatory Compliance Support: 1.OEHS reviews regulatory requirements and develops programs to ensure District compliance with applicable standards. 2.OEHS provides assistance to schools in the implementation of these programs. OEHS estimates over 30 significant Cal/OSHA required programs that apply to District operations. 3.OEHS manages Cal/OSHA site inspections, coordination of citation/hazard abatement with schools and appeals.

19 19 Industrial Hygiene Services: OEHS industrial hygiene staff monitors and oversees situations that involve: 1.Outdoor air quality (as a result of air pollutants) 2.Indoor air quality (as a result of mold, fire, water damage, etc.) 3.Indoor environment (such as noise pollution, EMF, etc.), 4.Environmental hazards (such as monitoring of methane levels and clean up of mercury spills) 5.Lead in drinking water 6.Asbestos exposure Safety and Industrial Hygiene Support for the ESCs

20 20 Safe School Inspection Program: OEHS staff conducts routine safe school inspections at all school sites. This comprehensive inspection evaluates the extent to which school conditions and operating practices are in compliance with regulatory standards and District policies. Safety and Industrial Hygiene Support for the ESCs

21 21 Back-to-School Safety Program: OEHS has developed a comprehensive process to provide safety services to schools and administrators at the beginning of the new school year. Safety and Industrial Hygiene Support for the ESCs

22 22 Drinking Water Flushing Compliance: OEHS generates and distributes quarterly performance report. Safety and Industrial Hygiene Support for the ESCs

23 23 Pat Schanen Environmental Health Manager Environmental Programs

24 24 Environmental Programs Manage Districts solid waste and recycling programs Coordinate hazardous waste pick-ups from school Prepare and update City or County site specific fire business plans/contingency plans Conduct environmental compliance inspections Conduct various surveys (i.e. air quality, EMF, etc.) at schools Conduct storm water pollution prevention inspections at construction sites and garages Conduct environmental compliance training Provide site assessment and remediation services Services provided by unit:

25 25 Environmental Compliance Support for the ESCs Conducting environmental investigations and remediation (clean-up) at both proposed new-school sites and existing schools/facilities Overseeing design/construction of methane mitigation systems at new and existing school sites. Provide technical oversight of maintenance, operation and monitoring of methane mitigation systems Providing technical oversight of investigations and remediation of leaking underground storage tank sites Site Assessment Program: The District is a nationally recognized leader in the site assessment field. Services provided by OEHS include:

26 26 Solid Waste Management: In December 2011, LAUSD awarded a District-wide rubbish collection and recycling services contract to Consolidated Disposal Service, LLC, which is a subsidiary of Republic Services, Inc. Under the direction of OEHS, this contract will provide support to the District in an effort to divert more of its waste stream from landfills by: 1.Launching a renewed effort to increase recycling throughout the District 2.Developing site specific training and incentive programs 3.Introducing composting programs at select schools Environmental Compliance Support for the ESCs

27 27 Waste Management Awareness Efforts! Waste Management and Recycling

28 28 Hazardous Waste Management: OEHS manages the Districts Hazardous Waste Program, which involves waste stream analysis and classification, packaging waste, manifesting waste, transportation, storage, disposal, reporting, budgeting, and recordkeeping activity. Environmental Compliance Support for the ESCs

29 29 Environmental Compliance Support for the ESCs Chemical Safety Coordinator Program: OEHS manages the Districts site specific Chemical Safety Coordinator program. Identified certificated staff are assigned responsibilities and paid a biannual stipend to perform required regulatory duties related to the handling, storage and disposal of chemicals used in the classroom.

30 30 Industrial Facilities in Proximity to Schools: In 2003, the Board of Education adopted a resolution regarding industrial facilities adjacent to District schools. High risk facilities are defined as an industrial facility whose normal operation presents a risk of explosion, or may potentially expose school occupants to hazardous air emissions. As of May 2012, OEHS staff identified 149 schools with high risk facilities located within 500 feet. OEHS staff is in the process of uploading this information to the OEHS website for use by schools in developing their Safe School Plans. Environmental Compliance Support for the ESCs

31 31 Manage California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements for all new-school and existing-school construction projects Develop procedures to assure environmental reviews of proposed District projects Assure compliance with CEQA Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plans Review and provide input to Planning Agencies regarding proposed off-site projects that could potentially impact school sites Serve as primary District resource regarding electromagnetic field (EMF) issues, including cell-tower antennas and WIFI installations Additional environmental services provided by OEHS: Environmental Compliance Support for the ESCs

32 32 Class Exercise One: Group Discussion Scenario: You get a call at 10:00 a.m. that a CalOSHA inspector has arrived at one of your schools. The inspector states that he is there due to an employee injury compliant and he is requesting copies of site inspection records. The inspection is not going well and the site administrator has called you requesting assistance. Lets brainstorm. What would be the appropriate steps to take?

33 33 Class Exercise Two: Group Discussion Scenario: A B&G worker finds a leaking unlabeled container while cleaning up the basement of a building on the school campus. The chemical smells foul and the worker complains that he is dizzy and the chemical has burned his hand. Lets brainstorm. What would be the appropriate steps to take?

34 34 Class Exercise Three: Group Discussion Scenario: A parent has notified the site administrator that their son has been hospitalized due to something they believe he was exposed to yesterday at school. At the same time, a news reporter calls the Superintendents office inquiring about the hazardous situation that caused the student to be hospitalized. You get a call from the Superintendents office requesting support. Lets brainstorm. What would be the appropriate steps to take?

35 35 Questions? Thank you Office of Environmental Health and Safety 333 South Beaudry Avenue, 28th Floor Los Angeles, CA Phone: (213) Fax: (213)

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