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3/31/2017 SITE REMEDIATION PROGRAM Assistant Commissioner

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0 Site Remediation Program
Site Remediation and the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Program NJDEP/Air & Waste Management Association Regulatory Update Conference October 12, 2012 Ken Kloo, Director Site Remediation Program

1 3/31/2017 SITE REMEDIATION PROGRAM Assistant Commissioner
Division of Remediation Management Division of Enforcement, Technical, and Financial Support Remediation Review Remediation Oversight Publicly Funded Response Enforcement and Information Support Hazardous Site Science Financial Services Inspection and Review Case Management Site Management Case Assignment and Initial Notice Ground Water Pollution Abatement Fiscal Support and Contract Administration Field Operations North Remedial Action Permitting Environmental Measurements and Site Assessment Enforcement and Investigations Environmental Evaluation and Risk Assessment Fund Management Field Operations South Brownfield Reuse Information Systems Data Quality Direct Billing and Cost Recovery UHOT Dredging and Sediment Technology Community Relations

2 Site Remediation Reform Act
May 7, 2012 Full implementation of LSRP program Final rules adopted

3 Final Rules Reflect complete conversion to LSRP program
“Final” rule included: Amendments to ARRCS, ISRA, UST rules to make consistent with LSRP process Complete overhaul of Technical Requirements Completed with upfront stakeholder input Coincides with conversion of all cases within SRP to LSRP process

4 Technical Guidance: Round 1
Technical Guidance topics Attainment (Compliance) Clean Fill/Alternative Fill Conceptual Site Model Ecological Investigation Historic Fill Immediate Environmental Concern Linear Construction LNAPL Monitored Natural Attenuation PA/SI/RI Groundwater PA/SI/RI Soils Presumptive Remedies Receptor Evaluation Vapor Intrusion Analytical Methods * Technical Impracticability * * = Not completed

5 Technical Guidance: Round 2
Kick-off meeting held September 19 Six (6) topics chosen through stakeholder process for document development Committee members chosen Offsite source investigation Co-mingled ground water plumes Historic pesticide use Capping Performance monitoring of in-situ ground water remedial actions Evaluation of contaminated ground water discharge to surface water

6 UHOT Rules Unregulated Heating Oil Tanks Aiming to propose Fall 2012
LSRP not required DEP issues NFA, LSRP does not issue RAO Significant changes: Do not need to analyze for TICs De minimis volume can remain without need for Deed Notice in limited circumstances Deed notice “lite”

7 Stakeholder Input DEP recognizes the importance of continued stakeholder input to help ensure the success of the LSRP program Regulations Technical Guidances Training

8 Compliance Assistance
Current emphasis on compliance assistance Identify responsible entity(ies) Someone needs to step up No one steps up, all go to Enforcement Someone steps up: discuss issues - attempt to bring into compliance Not permanent – offered during transition to LSRP program

9 Enforcement Will pursue enforcement actions against responsible entity(ies) for failure to: Retain LSRP Meet regulatory/mandatory time frames Meet requirements imposed by Direct Oversight AONOCAPAs already sent to responsible entity(ies) LSRPs may be referred to SRPL Board for disciplinary proceedings

10 LSRP Statistics: (as of October 1, 2012)
Total number SRP cases = 14,365 Total number active LSRP cases = 9,491 Total number closed LSRP cases = 1,174 Total number cases that still need to hire LSRP = 2,344 Total number active UHOT cases = 2,116 Total number closed UHOT cases = 33,074 Total number active “other” SRP cases = 2,758

11 LSRP Statistics: (as of October 1, 2012)
Number RAOs filed = 1,812 Number RAOs inspection/review completed = 1,464 Number RAOs invalidated = 0 Average total days DEP processing time = 45.20

12 LSRP Licensing Examinations
1st exam = May 14, 2012 278 took exam 218 passed (78 percent) List of permanent/temporary available through DEP and SRPL websites ( ( 2nd exam = September 24, 2012 235 took exam Results available soon

13 LSRP Licensing Examinations
Two more exams scheduled November 15, 2012 January 17, 2013 (tentative) November Exam Full Credential Review applicants must submit applications by October 12, 2012 Limited Credential Review applicants must submit applications by October 19, 2012 Limited Credential Reviews are available only for individuals who possess a temporary LSRP license and/or individuals who are repeating the exam

14 LSRP Licensing Examinations
January 2013 Exam Tentatively scheduled for January 17, 2013 Application schedule for January 2013 exam will be announced when January examination date finalized SRPL Board anticipates additional examinations will be given May and November 2013 ALL TEMPORARY LICENSES EXPIRE ON FEBRUARY 28, 2013

15 Brownfield Issues HDSRF Current balance = approximately $30M
A2395/S1246 revised HDSRF priorities Conditionally vetoed by Governor Accepts revised priorities Reduces awards to municipalities Eliminates grants for innovative technology and unrestricted/limited restricted remedies Funds remedial action workplan (RAW) preparation at 100%

16 Brownfield Issues Brownfield Development Areas
No plans to designate new BDAs due to limited HDSRF funding

17 Publicly Funded Remediations
Department has amended all contracts to allow use of LSRPs on publicly funded remediations Implementation ongoing Immediate Environmental Concerns Case manager assigned for all IEC cases

18 Contact Information Names and phone numbers of SRP staff by topic area are available at

19 Questions?

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