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Brownfield /practicum

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1 Brownfield /practicum
GSD 6323 Brownfield Practicum: Regeneration and Reuse of Brownfield Lands, Spring Professor Niall Kirkwood

2 The Legal and Regulatory Brownfield Landscape Frank Gardner
GSD MEETING 4: The Legal and Regulatory Brownfield Landscape Frank Gardner Brownfields Coordinator, Brownfields Office, USEPA Region 1, Boston, MA Kerry Bowie Director of Brownfields and Environmental Justice Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Boston, MA

3 \ \ \ Photograph by Niall Kirkwood, 2007


5 Brownfield /practicum
GSD 6323 Brownfield Practicum: Regeneration and Reuse of Brownfield Lands, Spring Professor Niall Kirkwood

6 Practicum “practical application of previously introduced concepts and approaches to Brownfield reuse. Working in teams the class will initiate, plan and document projects that connect knowledge of the legal, environmental, regulatory and financial to a range of formerly or currently occupied industrial sites and that explicitly explore the interplay of these brownfield sites, environmental cleanup and reuse/regeneration.”

7 Working in teams, class members will undertake some or all of the following tasks:
Select one of the brownfield study sites as identified by the City of Somerville. Identify the local community’s concerns, vision, and goals for development Identify existing public and private land uses and infrastructure in the Project Site Area Inventory the brownfield site(s) adjacent to the Project Site and assess the development potential and potential uses for other priority sites Explain land use, environmental and other regulations affecting the redevelopment of the Project Site and adjacent sites Assess critical capacities and resources needed for long-term sustainable development and identify assets and gaps in these capacities Research development policies and practices from other communities that may be applicable to the Project Site Identify financial and technical resources for brownfield projects Recommend a development agenda Choose priority issues and development opportunities within the agenda Carry out specific design and planning strategies for study sites and context as appropriate. Develop models, strategies or approaches as appropriate to establish a brownfields development framework for the larger City environment.

8 PRACTICUM TIMETABLE Introduction January 28, 2014 Field Trip February 4, 2014 Formation of Teams February 11/18, 2014 Practicum Phase 1 Interim Submission March 11, 2014 Practicum Phase 2 In-Class Final Review April 22, 2014 Final Team Report May 13, 2014, Noon LA/UPD Office, 3rd Floor, Gund Hall

9 \ \ \ Photograph by Niall Kirkwood, 2007

10 \ \ \

11 50 Tufts Street (5) Public Service Block (4) Catalina Picon MLA I AP
Catalina Picon MLA I AP Rituparna Simlai MLA I AP Charavee Bunyasiri MArch I Sunggi Park MArch I AP Dongah Cho M Arch II Kiley Barrel (5) Andy Cook MCP/DUSP MIT Kelly Murphy MLA II Chris Donohue MLA II Yao Xiao MLA I AP Craig Woehrle MLA I Public Service Block (4) Cristina Garmendia MPP Vaughn Horn DDes Tim Wei MLA I Michele Richmond MLA I Waste Transfer Site (5) Adam Novack MLA I Dingliang Yang MAUD Hannes Zander MLA II Sang Cho MLA I Jean You MAUD Allen Street (5) Scott Liang MLA I AP Difei Ma MLA I AP Miao Yu MLA I AP Ziyi Zhang MLA I AP Shengyi Yue MLA I AP

12 Interim Report: Due 11 March, 2014 in Class
Activities: Baseline data analysis to clarify goals and identify priority issues for detailed planning of site (and context as necessary). In this first phase, the Teams will collect and analyze data to better understand sustainable development issues and opportunities in Somerville. This will include: (a) conducting interviews and focus groups to understand the community vision, goals and priorities. (b) updating and expanding information on the brownfield site(s) and development potential (including environmental conditions on the site(s), size, address, use history, ownership and tax status, zoning, and DEP Tracking Number (if available)). (c) identifying applicable regulatory and policy regimes pertaining to hazardous waste site cleanup in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (d) identifying regional sustainable development initiatives and regional economic linkages that will inform sustainable economic development opportunities. (e) assessing neighborhood sustainable economic development resources and capacity. (f) visiting the site to survey the physical conditions of the context and surrounding built environment, infrastructure, transportation and community resources.

13 In-Class Final Review: 22 April, 2014
:Activities: Detailed research and planning in priority areas/sites; Formulation of recommendations and preparation of the Final Plan. In this second phase, the Teams will undertake in-depth research, analysis and planning for the brownfield site(s) to better understand the development and reuse opportunities, identify critical needs, obstacles, and resources gaps to address, research applicable policies and financial resources and experience from other communities, and define other factors that shape effective strategies and interventions to achieve sustainable development goals for these sites and the Project Area in general. Based on this research, each team will develop findings and recommendations for their planning domain. The entire class will review the results from each Team, refine its recommendations and prepare the Final Projects. The City of Somerville will receive a copy of the Final Project document due on 13 May 2014 for each study site.

14 Kiley Barrel. 49-51 Allen Street. Public Service Block
Kiley Barrel Allen Street Public Service Block Waste Transfer Station Tufts Street

15 X X X X X

16 Next Week CONTAMINATION TESTING & EVALUATION Environmental Consulting and Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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