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personalization Its everywhere (well, almost…)

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5 personalization

6 Its everywhere (well, almost…)

7 idea

8 Leveraging Student Data To Personalize Your Library Web Site 2011 LITA National Forum Ian Chan Web Development Librarian California State University San Marcos Pearl Ly Access Services & Emerging Technologies Librarian Pasadena City College

9 Personalization Personalization is a process that changes the functionality, interface, information content, or distinctiveness of a system to increase its personal relevance to an individual (Blom, 2000, p. 313)

10 Related but different Personalization is system-tailored System reacts & interacts with user choices & data to suggest layout & relevant content (Sundar and Marathe, 2010) Customization is user-tailored Focus is on user selecting and maintaining layout and relevant content

11 when customization was king

12 2000 - 2008, Startpages & personal aggregators

13 Customization in libraries MyLibrary (2000) Developed at NCSU & Notre Dame Also used by VCU, LeHigh, & others MyLibraryMyLibrary – Univ. of Minn. Libraries, leverages campus CMS National University of SingaporeNational University of Singapore – Nexus (CMS)Nexus Karolinska Institutet University LibraryKarolinska Institutet University Library – Drupal PennPortal – LibrariesPennPortal – Libraries – campus CMS Galter Health Sciences LibraryGalter Health Sciences Library – self-developed? Many of these links found via Aaron Tays 2010-06 blog post titled Customizable library portal pagesAaron Tays 2010-06 blog post titled Customizable library portal pages

14 the move to data-driven personalization (or tributaries of user data)


16 Almost every site asks if I want to connect with Facebook! Users are growing used to data sharing Amazon beta-testing Facebook integration for its recommendations system (Microsoft), Foursquare, Goodreads Yahoo, CNN, Bing

17 what does this mean for libraries?

18 Students want smart systems Student and faculty groups both expressed a desire for systems that know the individual better and that behave more like Amazon in remembering who they are, what they like, and where they left off in their work. (McGee and Carmean, 2006)

19 Assessment of a library portal Galter Health Sciences Library studied the use of their portal from 2003-2008 Registration data indicated that users were receptive to personalized resource selection and that the automated application of specialty-based, personalized HSLs was more frequently adopted than manual customization by users. (Shedlock et al., 2010)

20 personalization & the California State University San Marcos Library web site

21 first, the context

22 What wed like our site to do … Help users get to information effectively Offer interactive feedback and social tools to our users Humanize the library and focus on our people Personalize the research experience Offer personal assistance through multiple channels

23 To do those things, weve … Developed a sustainable, modern design Developed user-friendly information architecture and navigation Set up multiple feedback & assessment tools Integrated Web 2.0 functions – FB, tweet, etc. Implemented modern content management framework Personalize our site

24 Basic implementation criteria Re-use existing user data feed from campus enrollment system Minimize what the user has to do: no account creation no selection of subjects required Integrate login with EZproxy authentication and campus LDAP directory

25 Were using… Drupal Limited amount of PHP custom programming for… cross-referencing subjects with user course selections generating XML feeds to share Library a la Carte data looking-up course reserve listings ILS data export Data is from campus enrollment management system

26 Prepping the data Small PHP script to analyze course data and course reference with subject list Data configuration requires about a half hour of staff time for each load Data load occurs once a week

27 How Drupal answered our needs

28 How do we relate users with resources? CCK [content types] User Profile Views [queries] Database Taxonomy Similar by Terms Guide Panels [layout] Personalized Pages Content Profile Blue = Drupal modules Green = content types




32 After login, users can flag databases as favorites


34 Additional Screenshots …are available by going to:

35 How do we load user data? User Import Batch import basic account info Node Import & Node Import Update Batch import & update user profile data Note: Authorized campus users who are not in the batch loads can still sign-in and system will auto-create their account

36 InterestsAccountsAuthentication How do we load the user data & manage user profiles? User Profile User Import LDAP Integration Campus LDAP User Data Node Import User Account Recommendations Ezproxy Integration Blue = Drupal modules Green = user info objects

37 Assessment Click tracking – CrazyEgg Web Analytics – GA, Piwik Drupal Internal Tracking

38 4 days into test, we inserted the Sign-in to access databases… help bubble and login button clicks jumped significantly…

39 Key issues to resolve Automate additional steps in the transfer of user data from one system to the next Integrate ILS and ILLiad login and item information (maybe XCs NCIP module?)

40 Upcoming developments Integrate course reserves Allow users to see their last-used & most-used resources Provide dynamic, course-specific library widgets to learning management system Integrate saved articles from Zotero, Mendeley, and/or discovery tool? Link users with classmates and faculty?

41 More ideas to think about Perhaps public libraries should make greater use of patron checkout data? Collaborate with Goodreads or LibraryThing to leverage user data for local users

42 Discussion / Q&A Questions & insights from the audience Privacy statement is really important (multiple comments) Or is it? How about integration with LMS? If you screen-scrape, check scraped data for security Try Open Hallway for accessibility testing

43 References S. Shyam Sundar and Sampada Marathe, Personalization versus Customization: The Importance of Agency, Privacy, and Power Usage., Human Communication Research 36, no. 3 (2010): 298- 322. Jan Blom, Personalization: a taxonomy Proceedings of the CHI 2000 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. The Hague, Netherlands, April 1-6, 2000. 313-314. James Shedlock et al., Case Study: the Health SmartLibrary Experiences in Web Personalization and Sustomization at the Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University, Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA 98 (2010): 98-104, Ali Jafari, Patricia McGee, and Colleen Carmean, Managing Courses Defining Learning: What Faculty, Students, and Administrators Want, EDUCAUSE Review 41, no. 4 (2006): 50-70,

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