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Web Site Design Committee VPAST Lecture April 12, 2000.

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1 Web Site Design Committee VPAST Lecture April 12, 2000


3 First Generation Web Site October 1995 Strict navigation Real content is two clicks down 17 useful links What is under each button? Missing information

4 Second Generation Web Site March 1998 Promoted 4 links of each second-level page Much content is one click down 51 links Busy appearance Second-level pages bypassed

5 Third Generation Objectives Cleaner appearance More information intense Stronger external focus Reasonable load time Ready for review by May 1, 2000

6 Design Compromises Clean appearance vs. information intense External focus vs. internal focus Impressive graphics vs. load time Individual vision vs. committee design

7 Dynamic HTML Popups Dynamic popup windows give a clean appearance and more links Popups can overlay other content and have links Loaded as part of the original HTML page Mouseover can activate -- no click needed Not separate browser windows Additional development time and testing Redundant versions needed

8 Evolution of Link Organization Generation 1: Topic menus that lead to departments Generation 2: Additional subject-based menus that cross department boundaries Generation 3: Addition of audience- based menus

9 External Focus Dont know or care about the organizational structure Look by service, topic, or audience Additional directory: majors Additional directory: services

10 Demonstration

11 New Features Clean appearance Increased information intensity Audiences on home page Popup menus Additional external focus Reduced server load

12 Features Carried Over Multiple access methods Directories on home page Search on home page Rotating graphics Event graphics Text link Consistent navigation with second-level pages Fits in small windows (640x480 pixels) Reasonable load time Changing date

13 Features Avoided No plugins No Java (does use JavaScript) Browser version requirements No cover page No animation No sound No frames

14 Feedback Committee web page: Mail to

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