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Physician Practice Risk Management (PPRM): Using the PPRM Members Web Site.

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1 Physician Practice Risk Management (PPRM): Using the PPRM Members Web Site

2 What Does PPRM Membership Include? Guidance Articles Sample policies and tools Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) Training Programs Links to resources and standards Physician Practice E-News, a newsletter sent to you by every other week

3 Guidance Articles Gain a thorough understanding of risk management and patient safety issues specific to the physician office setting. PPRM s evidence-based Guidance Articles review topics in-depth, provide action recommendations, and offer additional help in supplementary articles. Print, , or add the Guidance Article to your saved documents. Read the Guidance Article from the beginning, or use these links to go to a specific section or supplementary article.

4 Sample Policies and Tools See how other practices have addressed challenges, and access expert guidance from regulatory, accrediting, and patient safety agencies. Browse the library of sample policies and procedures, or select a topic heading to narrow your search. Click the + icon to see all the titles in a section, or click Expand/ Collapse All to expand or collapse all sections.

5 Self-Assessment Questionnaires Evaluate current practices and risks, and plan for the future. Physician offices can use SAQs to help assess risks and safety related to particular topics. Note that the version on the Web site is just a summary of the SAQ; open the PDF or Microsoft Word version for the full SAQ. Use PDFs for printer-friendly versions. Microsoft Word versions can be customized.

6 Education and Training Tools Improve the proficiency and knowledge of your practices providers and staff. These ready-to-use training packets include a slide presentation that can be adapted to meet practice needs and include practice- specific information. Additional materials include a training preparation guide, teaching plans, pre- and posttraining quizzes, and sample training memos, attendance sheets, and evaluation forms.

7 Resources and Standards Get instant access to additional expertise and tools. PPRM s list of resources and standards provides links to 80-plus organizations and a wealth of individual tools and resources that physician practices may find useful.

8 Physician Practice E-News Keep abreast of the latest industry news. Physician Practice E-News, ed to you every other week, reviews recent developments in physician office risk management and patient safety.

9 Physician Practice E-News (cont.) Access and search for news anywhere you have an Internet connectionyou can view current or past issues of Physician Practice E-News online.

10 Search the Site Use the search, always located at the top of the Web site, to search PPRM and Physician Practice E-News, your other ECRI Institute subscriptions, or content from other ECRI Institute programs.

11 Your Saved Documents Organize your research. Save up to 20 documents on the Web site for future reference. When viewing an article, add it to your saved documents. Click View All Docs to see your saved documents.

12 Additional Services Many PPRM subscribers also purchase courses eligible for continuing medical education credit through ECRI Institutes e-Learn or physician office risk assessment services. For more information, contact Sharon Murphy, director of national accounts, at (610) , ext. 5145, or

13 Login and Help If you have difficulty logging in or receiving s, contact us at Specify that you are currently a PPRM member, and include the following information: Name Organization name and address address Phone number

14 Contact Us Paul Anderson, Director, Risk Management Publications (610) , ext Sharon Murphy, Director, National Accounts (610) , ext Physician Practice Risk Management Click Contact Us on the Web Site

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