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YOUR WEB SITE REVISITED Appearance, Organization, Tone.

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1 YOUR WEB SITE REVISITED Appearance, Organization, Tone

2 General Web Page Design Should create a sense of unity Should fit the purpose of the site Should be consistent so that its apparent that all pages belong to the same site

3 Consistent Design Create a clear hierarchy on the page Emphasize the most important elements Organize your content for ease in scanning and understanding and for pleasant reading Use the same basic grid for each page to emphasize consistency

4 Purpose What site should accomplish –Sites for 393 should show both personal and professional sides of the site owner, so educational, professional and personal information must be included. These sites are primarily informational. Other reasons for creating sites: service, sales, links, pleasure –Informational sites are usually detailed, but should also focus on speed and efficiency to make site visitors feel comfortable.

5 Your Audience 3 categories: Users: trying to accomplish some task, they want clear and easy navigation Viewers: looking for entertainment, they want to be amused and engaged by the site. Clever design and graphics are important. Readers: occupying the middle ground, they want information and entertainment.

6 Web Writing Page length: 50% less text for an onscreen page than for a print page to accommodate slower reading speeds online –Short paragraphs essential, information presented in small chunks –One length recommendation: a single browser window (640x480 pixels) –Variations often necessary for different audiences, ex. readers are willing to scroll, buyers relish speed

7 Web Writing 2 Anchors: pages longer than one browser window need anchor links to provide an alternative to scrolling –Create a navigation bar listing these links Bar can contain words only, words and icons, or icons only. Placement can be either horizontal or vertical but should be consistent on every page. On a long page, horizontal bars should appear at both top and bottom. The UMBC Styleguide contains anchor links.

8 Organization Cues to interpret the site –Headings: hierarchy important word or phrase should be accurately descriptive Consistency in levels for heading throughout site –Inverted pyramid format: start with conclusion, then present supporting information and background details –Length revisited: revise text for conciseness with shorter text for onscreen reading

9 Writing Style Tone: language should match purpose of site –Ex. Sales site = conversational and informal, information site = formal and serious Person: first and second person preferred in informal writing to convey you attitude Voice: active rather than passive Humor: self-deprecation ok, no jokes at someones expense, nothing mean-spirited

10 Web Examples User site: National Weather Viewer site: The Art Institute of Chicago Reader site: Salon Style guide: UMBC Style

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