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Saya Web Interface Project Edward Rafaelov & Vladimir Postel DEC. 2007 Advisors: Prof. Shlomi Dolev & Michael Orlov.

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1 Saya Web Interface Project Edward Rafaelov & Vladimir Postel DEC Advisors: Prof. Shlomi Dolev & Michael Orlov

2 Introduction The goals of our project are: Remote control some of Sayas features and devices. Remote communication with Saya: Present video and audio captured from the camera that is located inside the left eye and microphone that connected to Saya. Provide possibility to send messages to Saya Increase popularity of Saya project by: Providing information about the Saya project. Make some of the features accessible to everyone.

3 Implementation The site was created by using several development tools: Html / Dhtml and CSS for creation and design of web pages. Javascript PHP was used for ssh2 and socket TCP/IP connections, some of the functions were implemented in PHP. Java – JMF and RTP: audio and video transmission servers, capturing and transferring media streams to users. TCP/IP servers on the computers of Saya that communicate with the web site. RxTx java library - Connection to neck and eyes DC motors via RS232 Java Applet - receiving and presenting video and audio streams from camera and microphone in real time.

4 Architecture of Audio And Video transmission processes. 5) Audio is transmitted to clients IP. 3) Clients IP is sent to the transmitting computers. 6) The applet runs, and presents the streams, (audio and video), from both transmitters. 1) Client enters the site that is on the server. 2) The Applet is downloaded to clients host. RTPRTP RTPRTP server user 4) Gets message with clients IP, creates connection & start transmitting. When client exits closes the connection. Saya1 Saya2 AudioVideo

5 Saya1 Sentry Eyes Compressor Com2 Rx-Tx Architecture of connection to Sentry, Execution of commands and eyes initialization User 2) Commands that client chooses are executed on sentry 1) Client enters the site that is on the server, Opens a page that provides control over Sentry. Site on apache 3) Server that runs on Saya1 gets eyes initialization request, connects to eyes via com2 port and runs initialization commands. status Video

6 Site on apache Architecture of 'Communication' with Saya Answer Message to Saya Saya 2 1) Client enters the site, Opens a page that provide ability to send messages to Saya. 2) Message is received by the server on Saya2 and processed by Saya2 user Audio & speech recognition

7 Conclusion Humanoid robots are very attractive. Most people are excited by communicating with the robots. Making Saya more realistic and practical will receive more attention and interest, so many additional helpful features could be developed. For future development of the project, additional options can be added: Ability to recognize people who have Bluetooth technology cell phones, by managing a database of people with cell phone numbers. When a person with Bluetooth passes near Saya, his name can be found in the data base and he will be greeted by Saya. The site can grow to a portal. Links to other projects about Saya can be added. Control and Configuration of Sayas features can be done via the web.

8 ScreenShots Sentry Sentry – power controller of eyes and compressor. Functions: turning on & off, rebooting, status.

9 Media gallery Media gallery - containing pictures, Press releases and TV videos about Saya.



12 Video & Audio display (applet)

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